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Not only is it durable, but it’s also waterproof, and I love that it can hold its shape even when empty.


  • Looks Excellent
  • Easy to Mount
  • Love the Material
  • Added Reflective Strip for Safety
  • It comes in multiple colors


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Cycling is an amazing sport, and it’s not just about riding. Bikes are part of our personality, and when we buy a bike, it’s important to like the way it looks and accessorize it to suit what we want out of the bike.

There are a lot of cool products that have come out on the market recently, and today we’re going to be speaking about the new Mini Handlebar Bag from Lead Out and why it is definitely worth considering.

Who is Lead Out?

Lead Out is a brand from California that specializes in cycling accessories. They make various products such as handlebar bags, frame bags, cycling wallets, and even functional T-Shirts designed for cyclists.

They believe in ethical manufacturing and are becoming increasingly popular as they grow and become more of a well-known brand.

The Mini Handlebar Bag

As mentioned before today, we’re talking about their Mini Handlebar Bag. Which I think is one of their best products.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the design, the materials used, what you can use it for, and why we think it is an excellent edition to add to your bike.

The Design

The design is beautiful, and I feel like they have kept it simple but made it incredibly functional. It is 8” by 4” and is made in the shape of a circular cylinder. It has two pockets, a large pocket on the front and a small pocket on the side.

It has a 1.3-liter capacity which is, in my opinion, a perfect amount. It can be used on anything such as a mountain bike, a gravel bike, a road bike, and even that TT bike.

One thing I loved about the design of this bag is the fact that they situate the large pocket at the front, and you are able to unzip it while riding to get food and anything you might need.

The pocket on the side is excellent for keeping keys in and stopping them from jingling around and making annoying noises while riding.

Another thing that sets this bag apart from others is the different colors you can get this in and the fact you can buy frame bags that match it perfectly. They even offer spare kits if you lose anything, and there’s something about matching accessories that just make a bike look special.

If you buy them both together in the adventure bundle, you save money too.

What is it made of?

Unlike your typical cloth handlebar bags, you get on the market. The Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag is made of 840D Ballistic Nylon Carbonate. This was originally invented in WW2 and produced to be a light, flexible, and water-resistant material.

We love the fact they have gone for a material that is going to last and something that is going to thrive on all the adventures you have planned with your bike.

It also comes with a small reflective strip on the front to not only make it look great but also to increase your visibility if you are out riding in low light conditions.

Something that I really liked about this bag was the fact even when empty, it holds its round shape, and for me, that’s important because even if I’m not using it to its full capacity, I still want it to look good and it does.

How do you mount the Mini Handlebar Bag?

The Mini Handlebar Bag mounting process is very simple and takes roughly around 30 seconds to get it on your bike. It has two straps at the front, which go around the tops of your handlebars, and then a flexible cord on the rear to stretch around the fork tube.

I think the mounting system is excellent because the bag stays very nice and tight to the bike, it doesn’t damage or scratch the bike in any way, and when riding, it doesn’t even make contact with your knees or irritate you in any way.

What should you keep in the Mini Handlebar Bag?

That’s entirely up to you. When I used the bag, I took my tools, spares, and Garmin. That was two inner tubes, a Garmin 820 edge, a multi-tool, a hand pump, and a spares bag with items such as a dropout in it, and I had loads of room to spare.

It doesn’t just have to be for that though. It would be perfect for food, energy gels, and a mobile phone. You could use it to take an extra small bottle out if you require more water.

Is it cool?

Of course, you have to ask the question, is it cool? Handlebar bags have become the new small saddlebag over the past few years. They are very popular and going on club runs now typically, most riders use them on their bikes.

We really like handlebar bags as a whole, and not only do they look great, it’s nice not to have anything in your pockets.

How much is it?

Surprisingly you’re not paying a premium for this product. It comes in at only $40, and they regularly offer discounts on the site. You can get it even cheaper if bought with the adventure bundle. Its amazing value for money, in my opinion.

What did we think?

As a rider, I am very particular about any bags on my bike. I want them to look excellent, and I also want them to stay on properly and be very functional. The Lead Out Mini Handlebar Bag was ideal.

It not only looked great, but it also worked well and was just so easy to install. I would be proud to ride with this and am already returning to the site because I want to order the frame bag too.

I feel they have done an amazing job, and I can’t fault anything about it. The design is great, and they have done something many companies struggle to do, which is keep something simple and have it working to the best functionality that it can.

The cherry on top for me was the material it’s made of. Not only is it durable, but it’s also waterproof, and I love that it can hold its shape even when empty.

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