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Product Tested: 2017 Wind-Blox Pro provided by the manufacturer Wind-Blox. Two models available

PRO> 80%$17.95
CLASSIC< 80%$14.95

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Features: Stops 80% of wind noise. Lightweight (0.4 o.z.). Nearest competitor is Cat-Ears.


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  • Machine Washable
  • Easy and quick install – no special tool required
  • Reflective
  • Attaches to helmet straps
  • PRO version stops > 80% wind noise
  • Lightweight – 0.4 oz. (11.3 gm)
  • Shop rides, cycling clubs and racing teams can apply for team discounts.


  • Some may not like the look
User Review
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WindBlox Cycling Product Review

WIND-BLOX wind noise reduction wear OVERVIEW

Came home after a training ride and there was an email for me asking if I would like to try a pair of Wind-Blox – an inexpensive wind noise WindBlox Cycling Product Reviewreduction product. This sounded intriguing so I said yes!

A couple of days later, a small box arrived with a pair of Wind-Blox.

I first pulled out the instructions.

Yes, for all products I test, I read the directions. There have been several times that manufacturers have gotten parts of the instructions wrong so I always follow them to the letter and this is part of my feedback to the manufacturers as well.

Very simple assembly. The only piece that you might initially get wrong is which way the Wind-Blox goes on. The correct installation is when the writing is on the outside and the larger of the two pads is on the inside.

WindBlox Cycling Product Review


Wind-Blox’s technical researcher used real wind tunnel results to ensure minimal wind-to-ear contact. These latest product optimizations are in this current product. New ideas, models and designs are tested ensuring that the product is optimized for noise reduction.

When Wind-Blox was developed, it was determined that the wider (i.e., thicker) the product, the greater the decrease in wind noise. But, having a >1.5” ultra-thick wrap not only looks bad, but is not very aerodynamic. So a compromise was made with the Wind-Blox Pro. The sweet-spot between being as aero as possible and maximum wind noise reduction yielded a wrap that is 5/8” thick x 5/8” wide x 4” long.

So, an 80% wind noise reduction is very noticeable and good enough. Any more noise reduction and the wrap would need to be thicker and wider. Again, I believe the Wind-Blox is the perfect compromise between aerodynamic drag and noise reduction.


Yes, there was a great reduction in wind noise. It’s not bad looking and only sticks out 5/8”. It’s black so it blends in well with the standard black helmet straps. The lettering is reflective so it’s a perfect choice for commuting home, especially at dusk and dark. Also, the wind noise reduction makes it easier to hear cars coming up behind you.

Wind-Blox’s closest competitor is Cat-Ears; Classic, Pro and Elite. I have not tested the others, but I like the look and feel and noise-reduction of the Wind-Blox.

WindBlox Cycling Product Review


The Wind-Blox was designed as a safety item. With great wind noise reduction, I strongly recommend this product especially for the commuters. A true 5/5 stars!

WindBlox Cycling Product Review