B Soul Bikepacking Bags Tested & Reviewed
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B Soul isn’t about being the flashiest gear. It’s about simple, functional gear at low prices.

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When it comes to bikepacking equipment, you have a wide range of choices from different brands. Some are excellent and perfect for your adventures, and others could be better. We recently came across the B Soul bikepacking bags and wanted to share our thoughts.

With excellent reviews and a very low cost, we couldn’t resist ordering some for testing. In this article, we will discuss who B Soul is and tell you about a few of the bikepacking products they make. Let’s go!

b soul saddle bag

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Who Are B Soul?

B Soul is a brand that focuses on making budget equipment for bikepacking and cycle touring. They mainly make bags and accessories, and many cyclists turn to them for adventures.

The branding is simple, with just a small logo and everything made is meant to be universal for a wide variety of different bikes. Compared to the bigger brands, they are around 25% of the cost, and that’s making a big statement.

For testing we ordered four of their bags. The B Soul rear saddle bag, the B Soul frame bag, the B Soul Mini Seat Pack, and a B Soul feed pouch. The total came to around $65, yes you read that correctly $65, and here’s what we thought.

b soul bikepacking bags

The Products

Now for the exciting part, let’s discuss some of the B Soul products. After using them for a few weeks, here are our honest thoughts. Btw, you can order these bags from Bikepackist.

The B Soul Frame Bag: $18

b soul frame bag
As with many cycling equipment providers, it’s easy to overcomplicate a product. This is definitely not the case when it comes to B Soul. They keep it simple, and it works. The frame bag is a great example of this.

It comes in two different sizes, a medium and a large, is made with a flexible, water-resistant material, and comes shaped universally to fit most frames. I think it looks fantastic and, unlike other brands, doesn’t take over the bike in its looks.

b soul frame bag

As far as functionality, it fits well on a few straps, has a slim profile to avoid hitting the knees, and has a nice, easy-to-use zip that works well when riding. Overall, it’s excellent. The only change we would love is an extra strap on the front to keep it more secure, but this never was an issue when being used.


  • Price is amazing.
  • Looks great and not overbranded.
  • Slim and doesn’t touch knees.
  • Good quality.


  • In extreme weather only water resistant.
  • Would like to see more sizes.

The B Soul Saddle Bag: $35

b soul saddle bag

Next on the list is the B Soul saddle bag. This saddle bag is perfect for bikepacking adventures and shares many features with high-end bags. It comes in one size, and there’s no denying that it looks really good.

Unlike the other B Soul products, which are generally quite subtle, this bag has a bit more to it. The patterns and designs on the bag are made not just for looks but also to offer a reflective element.
b soul6

The straps worked great, with minimal sway when used. I loved all the extra rear pockets in which I could store things. Also, the sizing was ideal for not just large capacity loads but smaller day goods.


  • Very adaptable for small and large loads.
  • Reflective detailing.
  • Lots of packets.
  • Good quality.


  • Need to be tight to avoid sway.

The B Soul Mini Seat Pack: $12

b soul 10 bikepacking bag

If you are not looking for a full-on saddlebag but something small, then consider the mini seat pack from B Soul. For $12, we didn’t entirely know what to expect from this mini seat pack but were pleasantly impressed.

It’s heavily water resistant and fits a tube, multi-tool, mini pump if you’re lucky, and any other spares you might want, such as a hanger. It straps up with small velcro straps and has a reflective element on the rear.

It’s incredibly simple, and it stays on tight. Unlike other flimsy rear bags, it holds its shape excellently and fits super snugly into the rear of the saddle. It’s a basic seat pack but perfect for carrying those ultra essentials.


  • Looks great.
  • Simple and it works well.
  • Enough spare for all needed.


  • In extreme weather only water resistant.

The B Soul Feed Pouch: $12

bsoul8- bikepacking bag

Next, we have the B Soul Feed Pouch. Many long-distance cyclists use feed pouches when it comes to big rides. It’s convenient for food, water, and valuables and is extremely accessible, and very safe to use when riding along.

The B Soul pouch is one of my favorite accessories. It’s small, fits great, and offers a handy place to store food and water. It also has some excellent features. Firstly, it is insulated, so those cold drinks and food stay cooler for longer.

b soul 9 bikepacking bag

Unlike many other feed pouches, it has a drawstring tightener. The inner lining means that when tight, it doesn’t change the bag’s shape and doesn’t make it look unsightly. There’s really nothing I would change about this.


  • Looks really good.
  • Very adaptable for both sides of stem.
  • Insulation is nice for keeping stuff cool.


  • More versatile straps would be nice but normal ones work great.

Do We Recommend B Soul?

There are many brands that offer bikepacking equipment. Some are incredibly expensive, and you struggle to get a frame bag for $100. Others are mid-range, and some are fairly cheap. B Soul does fall into that cheaper range, but it’s not a bad thing.

It still offers good basic quality, and although it might not have features such as holes for poking cables out, it offers everything you need in a bikepacking bag and more. It isn’t over-engineered, and it’s a cheap way of getting nearly all bikepacking bags for less than $100.

What we love about it is that it’s functional and easy to use, and it means you don’t have to spend a fortune to go on an adventure. Surprisingly, a lot of people use these bags just for day-to-day riding, and that’s enough.

What Do We Rate B Soul?

B Soul isn’t about being the flashiest gear. It’s about simple, functional gear at low prices. In our opinion, it’s perfect for getting a taste of bikepacking and giving you the option to carry more. They deserve a solid ⅘ not just for keeping it simple but also for keeping the prices so low.

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