Dakine Hot Laps 2L Review
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As you get more familiar with mountain biking, you’ll discover the need for versatile bag options. While full-sized bike bags offer maximum space, seat bags are the minimalist choice.


  • It barely shakes when riding your bike
  • Wide range of colors
  • Includes water bottle holder
  • It’s spacious enough for the essential cycling tools


  • May shift if not properly adjusted
  • The bag can get stuck under the seat if you don’t sit well
  • Clip can cause discomfort if too tight
  • It can rattle your items if you don’t organize them before the ride.
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The Dakine Hot Laps 2L is an ideal entry-level cycling lumbar bag.  It’s budget-friendly and has ample space for all your mountain biking essentials during trail rides.

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Whether you’re trail riding or commuting, this bag is perfect for those who prefer a minimal, waterproof option. It also features a convenient water bottle holder beside the main compartment.

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The Landscape Of Mountain Bike Bags

hip bag

There are so many mountain bike bags on the market, some of which we’ve covered in previous articles. Today, we’re focusing on lumbar packs. Whether you prefer a more spacious backpack or a minimalist hip bag, there are plenty of options available.

Lumbar or hip bags sit on your waist and often include a water bottle holder. They’re non-intrusive and ideal for carrying just the essentials during a ride. In contrast, backpacks offer more space but can be cumbersome, adding extra weight and heat to your back.

Bike hip bags like the Dakine Hot Laps 2L are the perfect solution to minimize your cycling bag setup by providing enough space to carry your mountain bike essentials like an inner tube, rim levers, and snacks. They sit comfortably in the lumbar area, minimizing back strain and heat buildup.

Unlike many backpacks, this hip bag is easy to fasten and provides balanced storage. It also includes a water bottle holder that doesn’t affect the bag’s stability.

If you’re looking to complete your biking gear, a lumbar bag like this should be your next purchase. It’s perfect for quick trail rides, carrying all your essentials without causing back pain or overheating.


hip bag

This bike lumbar bag has a straightforward and practical design, making it ideal for both trail rides and commutes. It is both weatherproof and waterproof to ensure your items stay dry and organized. A side pouch for your water bottle prevents it from collecting debris when mounted on the bike frame.

The interior is designed for simplicity and utility, prioritizing open space over numerous pockets. With just two layers of pockets and a hook for keys, it offers ample room to arrange your items as you like.

This makes it perfect for quick trail rides or for commuting around your neighborhood. Plus, it can be worn as a sling bag across your chest for added versatility.


hip bagI believe this bag does whatever other bike lumbar bags do. At first, I thought the bag seemed small, but it’s proven highly versatile and reliable, doubling as a travel sling bag for non-biking activities.

While there are larger lumbar bags, I find that their size defeats the purpose, making them bulkier unless you’re specifically looking for one with an integrated water bladder.

The bag has ample space: I’ve easily stored an inner tube, tire levers, a mountain bike pump, snacks, a smartphone, and car keys, with room to spare. I even managed to fit my first iPad Mini.

The water bottle holder is securely attached next to the bag, and it’s so stable that the bottle stays in place even when the bag is flipped upside down. In my experience, the need for additional hip bags with integrated water bladders is debatable.


hip bagIt can be uncomfortable to carry it for multiple hours. I’ve had zero inconveniences if I ride for 1-2 hours, but when I go past 3 hours, I feel the strap loosen up and the clip pressing against my stomach.

It’s a hip bag that’s good if you don’t ride past that riding time before it becomes uncomfortable.

For mountain bikes with dropper seat posts, be cautious. The bag can get caught underneath when adjusting the seat height. Make sure to tighten it properly to prevent this issue.


As you get more familiar with mountain biking, you’ll discover the need for versatile bag options. While full-sized bike bags offer maximum space, seat bags are the minimalist choice.

The bike lumbar bag strikes a perfect balance. It’s so lightweight you’ll hardly notice it, making it a practical investment for cyclists of any level. It’s particularly beneficial for beginners who prefer not to be overwhelmed by the myriad of bag options.

hip bag

The Dakine Hot Laps 2L is an excellent budget-friendly choice. It not only stores all your cycling essentials but also includes a water bottle holder for quick rides, all without adding the extra weight and heat typically associated with conventional cycling bags.

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