Lezyne Pocket Drive Mini Pump Review
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The Lezyne Pocket Drive hand pump is an all-around bike hand pump that redefines portability and practicality. Remarkably lightweight and unobtrusive, it pumps faster than you might expect.

The pump includes a hose that connects to all valve types, ensuring efficient pumping without wasting airflow. Although primarily designed for road bike tires, it works effectively with mountain bike tires.


  • It’s almost unnoticeable and fits everywhere
  • Color options are the best
  • The hose ensures the best airflow
  • The handling avoids hand fatigue


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  • It may take much longer to inflate a mountain bike tire
  • It works better with Presta valves
  • The installation may require a learning curve to use it
  • It can make your hands sweaty due to the friction caused by the pumping
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Small, Yet, Powerful

Lezyne Pocket Drive
The Lezyne Pocket Drive hand pump stands out from conventional hand pumps due to its effective pumping mechanisms. It comprises two components: the main body and the hose, which connects to both valve types.

This system lets you use the body to pump the air while the hose boosts the airflow, mirroring how standard floor pumps operate and minimizing any risk of wheel damage or displacement.

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This hand pump is so small that it’s almost unnoticeable when you carry it. It’s so compact and lightweight that you can sneak it into your jersey pockets, saddle bags like the Topeak Burrito Pack, and even frame straps.

The storage system provides a hollow body to pull the hose out whenever you need to use and store it back inside once you finish pumping. This storage system conveniently keeps it nicely snuck to ensure the hand pump doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk.


Lezyne Pocket Drive
Installing the hand pump is straightforward. Simply pull out the hose and connect it to the body of the pump.

You’ll need to ensure the correct side is open, depending on the valve type. For instance, if you have a Presta valve, the side labeled ‘Presta‘ should face outwards to connect seamlessly to the valve.

The Lezyne Pocket Drive features a pressure release button to let out excess air, depending on the air pressure applied. However, some users report this button being available for only one valve type, so ensure the pump version you purchase includes the right button for your preferred valve type.

The pocket drive includes a frame mount installation which attaches to the bike frame to ensure the bike pump goes wherever you go. The frame mount includes two frame screwing bolts for the installation. Remove the two screwed bolts of your preferred bottle cage frame area.

Align the frame mount first and put the bottle cage on top. You’ll align correctly both of the items together with the new screwing bolts. The velcro strap wraps around your hand pump so it remains put throughout your rides.


Lezyne Pocket Drive

Using the pump is simple. Even though it works optimally with road bike tires, you can achieve similar results with mountain bike tires. Make sure the correct valve type side is open before use.

Once the right valve type hose is in place, connect the hand pump body to the hose to prevent air leakage. You can expect the tube to be fully inflated in less than three minutes.

The pump’s design provides an intuitive and effortless pumping experience with minimal exhaustion – a significant relief if you’re on the road and need to resume your ride quickly.

The pump’s body has two specific textured areas designed for comfortable grip and reduced perspiration. Unlike traditional hand pumps, this one feels less cumbersome and tiring after inflating your tire.

Furthermore, the hose and body design allow plenty of room to maneuver around the wheel. This helps you position it comfortably without disrupting the airflow. This effective design is thanks to the separate hose, as attaching the body directly to the valve can be inefficient.

Lezyne claims the pump can inflate to 160 PSI for all tube types. Even though that amount of PSI is unnecessary, my experience shows that it refuses any incoming air beyond the 80 to 85 PSI threshold. The airflow appears limited and lacks precision, primarily due to the absence of a PSI gauge indicator.

Lezyne Pocket Drive


The Lezyne Pocket Drive is one of the most portable and powerful hand pumps on the market. If you’re planning a compact cycling gear setup for long rides, this pump is a worthy investment. It’s so lightweight and inconspicuous, whether stowed in jersey pockets or seat bags.

I personally use it for my road bike due to its super compact design. It doesn’t rattle around in my pockets, making it easier to carry compared to bulkier hand pumps. Plus, the color options make it visually appealing!

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