Are you a commuter cyclist looking to buy a bike bell? If yes, you’re in the right place! Here, we discuss the best bike bells that commuter cyclists can use to notify other road users about their presence when riding. You definitely want to have an effective bell that will alert other people in time. It is likely that you also don’t want to irritate other road users when requesting them to make way.

We highlight the best bike bells for commuter bikes to provide you with a variety of bells that can suit all your biking needs. We also offer key buying tips that will guide you on getting the most effective bike bell within your budget and preferences. Below are some of the top-rated bike bells in 2021. Ding Ding!

Top 5  Bike Bells

Before listing the best bike bells for commuter bikes, we first need to update you on some of the top bike bell brands so that you know where exactly you’re choosing and buying your commuter bike bell. Here is our list of 5 top bike bell brands in 2021.

Top Bike Bell Brands

  1. Knog Oi
  2. Rockbros
  3. Lezyne
  4. Crane Suzu
  5. Zuka

Top-Rated Bike Bells For Commuter Bikes

1. Knog Oi Bike Bell


  • Classic commuter bike bell.
  • Stainless steel spring.
  • Brass hammer.
  • Brass housing.
  • Anti-corrosion paint.

Knog Oi Bike Bell has to be our number one choice. If you love your bike, you probably want to buy some of the best bike accessories and gadgets in the market. Moreover, you may need to get the most effective gadgets, light-weight items, durable products, and sizeable devices that will not fill up space on your handlebar. Knog Oi Bike Bell has all the desirable features of a bike bell for a regular commuter cyclist.

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Knog Oi bike bells are made with high quality materials that guarantee buyers a long service life. You definitely don’t want to make a purchase for a bicycle bell that will disappoint you in terms of quality, efficiency and durability. Knog Oi bike bells have high quality Copper, Aluminum, Brass, and plastic. Be sure to enjoy Knog Oi bike bells for long because these ones are made to make a lasting impression.

The bells are ideal for 22.2mm handlebars, 23.8mm handlebars, and 31.8mm handlebars. Personally, I have used Knog Oi bike bell on a 23.8mm handlebar and for sure, I’m impressed!

Knog Oi commuter bike bells come with improved ding technology every time the brand makes a new model. Knog Oi bike bells are available on,,,, and other popular online markets at pocket friendly prices.


  • Have high ding that penetrates traffic noise and gets the attention that you require.
  • They are sizeable to save you on space, especially if you’re the type of commuter cyclist with a variety of gadgets to fit on the handlebar.
  • They are stylish and made to details.
  • Can be fitted near the handlebar grips to allow the cyclist to make a ‘ding’ without removing the hand from the grip. All you need to do is push the bell with a finger and produce a ding.


  • The bells might not be ideal for commuter cyclists who are looking for electric bike bells.

2. Rockbros Bike Bell


  • It’s a classic commuter bike bell.
  • Has a stainless steel spring for hammering.
  • Equipped with a brass hammer.
  • It’s has a brass housing.
  • Has an aluminum bolt for mounting.
  • Has protective paint to prevent corrosion.

Rockbros Bike Bell is our second choice. Just like the name suggests, Rockbros Bike Bells Rocks! Rockbros bells are made with the users’ expectations ‘at heart’. The brand tries its level best to exceed the expectations of commuter cyclists when it comes to commuter bike bells. If you’re using a road bike to commute, or even an eye-catching MTB, don’t worry! Rockbros bike bells are for everyone.

Rockbros bike bells are unique and exquisite. The bike bell has all the features that many commuter cyclists desire. They’re stylish! The sizeable bell is made with superior material that is resistant to rust if they are to be used in the rain. Rockbros bike bells are made with top-notch brass alloy.

Rockbros bike bells are fitted with anti-corrosion coating to enhance beauty and durability. The bike bells come with two stainless steel lock plates to fit 0.83inch handlebars and 1.4inch handlebars. Most road bike handlebars, hybrid handlebars, gravel bike handlebars, BMX handlebars, kid’s bike handlebars, and MTB handlebars are within these measurements. Probably, Rockbros bike bells have fulfilled your bike bell measurement needs.


  • Rockbros commuter bike bells produce a clear loud ding that is sure to win you attention on a busy road.
  • They are stylish and within an average budget for people who are looking for beautiful bike bells and cautious not to ‘break’ their savings accounts.
  • Rockbros commuter bike bells are often priced between $13 and $22 for a piece, very affordable.
  • They are easy to install, reach, and occupy minimum space on the handlebar.


  • Rockbros classic bells are manual and may not be suitable for buyers who are looking for electric commuter bike bells.

3. Lezyne Bike Bell


  • It’s a classic bell.
  • It’s equipped with brass housing.
  • Has a brass hammer.
  • Has an aluminum bolt on mount.
  • Has a strong stainless steel spring for hammering.

Lezyne Bike Bell deserves position 3 on our list of best bike bells for commuter bikes. Lezyne Bike Bell is an awesome regular bell for commuter cyclists who love beautiful and attractive bike accessories.

Also, Lezyne bike bells are simple but effective in terms of efficiency and durability. The commuter bike bells will ultimately give you a lasting impression for its long service life. If you haven’t yet decided which commuter bike bell you’re going for, probably it’s time to consider gifting yourself with an eye-catching Lezyne bike bell.

Lezyne bike bells are made with quality material. The commuter bike bells are made with quality aluminum, brass, and stainless steel spring. The bike bell elements are coated with protective layer of anti-corrosion paint.

Probably, you’ve just noticed that Lezyne bike bell will last. Lezyne bike bells are compatible with 22.2mm handlebars and 25.4mm handlebars. The bells retail at an average of $24.

Lezyne bike bells are available on,, and among other sites. Lezyne bike bells are often below 34 grams.


  • Lezyne bike bells are sizeable to allow the user to save precious space on the handlebar for mounting other gadgets.
  • The commuter bike bells have loud ding; they are ideal for use in urban and rural areas.
  • The commuter bike bells are attractive and will definitely add beauty to your bike.
  • Lezyne bike bell has a strong mount to maintain its position on the handlebar when you go for a hard off-road ride.


  • Lezyne bike bells are only best for people who appreciate the beauty of classic manual bells. Not ideal for electric bike bells enthusiasts.

4. Crane Suzu Bike Bell


  • It’s a classic bell with a copper housing.
  • Stainless steel hammer clamp.
  • Stainless steel bolt for mounting.
  • Has the color of polished copper.

Suzu Polished Copper Bell becomes our 4th choice of best commuter bike bells in 2021. The bike bell has all the best features that all commuter cyclists are looking for. If you need a durable bike bell, Crane Suzu bike bell should top your priority list.

The bell is made of high-quality material to extend its service life and guarantee you value for your money. The bell has a lasting ding that cuts through the noise in traffic and gets the job done.

Crane Suzu bike bell is ideal for 22.2mm handlebars, 23.8mm handlebars, and 26.0mm handlebars. The design allows easy accessibility to the stainless steel clamp whenever you need to ‘ding ding’. Surely, Crane Suzu bike bell has a harmonious ding that will enhance your cycling experience and wow people along your way.

The commuter bike bell is designed in a way that you can push the clamp without removing your hand from the handlebar grip. Crane Suzu bike bell is your best choice if you need to avoid knocking down a pedestrian who occupies your way unawares.

Crane Suzu bike bells are good for mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, kid’s bikes, and cruise bikes. Be sure to enjoy this incredible craftsmanship from Japan that will give you a swift lever strike!


  • Sizeable to save on space.
  • Loud ding.
  • Unique and attractive.
  • Comes with a strong mount.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not ideal for electric bike bells enthusiasts.

5. Zuka Bike Bell


  • Classic commuter bike bell.
  • Strong stainless steel spring.
  • Brass hammer.
  • Stainless steel hammer clamp.
  • Brass housing.
  • Anti-corrosion coating.

Zuka Bike Bell closes our list of best commuter bike bells at number 5. In case you haven’t heard about the brand of Zuka, it has been in the market for a while. The brand produces some of the best bike accessories around. Their commuter bike bells do not disappoint either.

Zuka bike bell is made of quality brass material, stainless steel, and alloy. No plastics are incorporated in this bike bell design. The materials used are anti-corrosion to guarantee durability. Zuka bike bell is specifically designed for 22.2mm handlebars.


  • Loud ding.
  • Strong handlebar mounts.
  • Easy to install.


  • The bells may not be suitable for handlebars exceeding 22.2mm.
  • Also, the bells are not ideal for buyers who prefer electric bike bells.

Buying Tips

It’s time to learn a few buying tips now that you’re enlightened about the best bike bells for commuter bikes. Having the insights will help you to pick a bike bell that will suit all your commuting needs. Below is a list of key buying tips to guide you when you’re shortlisting for your favorite commuter bike bell.

Compatibility with Handlebar Measurements

Confirm the size of your handlebar to ensure that you get a commuter bike bell that will fit. You can also seek confirmation about the measurement of your handlebar from your local bike shop or mechanic if you’re uncertain.

Check the bike bell handlebar mounts to ensure that they will serve the purpose. One of the reasons you’re getting a new bike bell is because you need one that will fit strongly on your handlebar. So, choose one that will serve the purpose right!

Compatibility with Your Environment

Consider your frequent riding locations to know exactly what kind of a bike bell you need. If you’re often riding in busy roads, then you need a bike bell that will be easy to ring and make a loud ding while retaining a firm grip on your handlebar.

Bike bells with permanent dingers are most recommended for busy traffic environments.


Which is the best between a bike bell with adjustable dinger and one with a permanent dinger?

There are no limits to users’ preferences when it comes to bike bells. Some prefer bike bells with adjustable dingers while some love the permanent dingers.

Choose one that suits your taste and all will be good.

Your only worry should be whether the bike bell dinger will be available to your fingers when you need to ring, make a ding-a-ling-ling, and announce to the universe that you’re rolling through.


We have checked a large variety of bike bells for commuter bikes and shortlisted the most efficient, desirable, and durable classic commuter bike bells. Most of the highlighted bike bells are within the budget of an average buyer.

We recommend buying from our list of bike bells because we also checked customer reviews for each product and confirmed that the gadgets are authentic, reliable, and efficient. Good luck in your bike bell purchase!

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