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The best bells on the market!

Product Tested: BIKE BELL
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  • Lightweight
  • Small size
  • Big sound
  • Easy to install
  • 4 colors/2 sizes


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  • It tends to ring by itself on rough roads
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KNOG Bike Bell


KNOG makes Bicycle accessories – Bike Lights (very popular in SoCal), Bike Locks for KNOG Bike Belldifferent levels of protection, Video Lights (external lights for GoPro and cell phones). They also make the best bike bell on the market. It’s lightweight, small – just slightly larger in diameter than your handlebars, has a BIG sound and easy to install.

Two (internal) sizes available;
LARGE : 23.8mm – 31.8mm (comes with a rubber reducer for 23.8)
SMALL : 22.2mm only


Bike bells are inherently big and ugly. Knog has changed that. Their new OI Bike Bell is small, sleek, and looks great.

It’s also LOUD! The bell is suspended on springs which allow it to float above the mount thereby allowing the bell to ring loud. The only thing when installing is to not have anything KNOG Bike Belllike cable housing interfere with the ringer otherwise it will be muted. I moved my bell (see pic below) so that the cable hit the plastic housing and not the ringer.

As you can see from the video, its loud, but friendly.  I’ve had a dozen rides with the bell and it’s kind of neat. Instead of yelling ON YOUR LEFT, just tap the spring loaded button a couple times and it’s a friendly on your left.

The only small nit-pick is that sometimes the bell lightly rings by itself when going over rough pavement.

But, what I really like about the bell is that it takes up almost no real estate on the handlebars. I have positioned it all the way against the GPS mount and still rings perfectly loud. Its base is a little wider than the bell so placing it against the stem won’t cause any issues.

I’ve attached a picture of my cockpit for you to see. On the left and underneath the handlebar is the Velocomp PowerPod Power Meter {REVIEWED HERE}. My head unit’s mount is located on the right side of the stem placing the Bryton Rider 530 GPS head unit {REVIEWED HERE} in center of my field of view. The Knog bike bell is just to the right-side of the Bryton mount. As you can see, it doesn’t take much room up at all!

During last Saturday’s group ride, I told the group I would use the bell when it was my turn to come around and pull at the front. The group wanted the lead man to pull for 1 minute and when it was my turn, ‘ding’, coming around to the front. It actually worked pretty well and who knows, maybe next Saturday I will see more Knogs!

All-in-all, a great little safety item. Lightweight, small and loud sound, a full 5/5 star rating from me!