Cycling is a great way to get in shape, and many people are turning to the pedals for their fitness fixes and to challenge themselves. What’s great about bikes is they come in all shapes and sizes, and you can equip them with pretty much anything you like.

One very easy part to change that can really improve your cycling experience is your pedals. You can go clipless for performance, grippy flats for technical mountain biking, and toe clips for riding fixed or spinning classes.

One pedal that many cyclists haven’t seen is folding bike pedals. In this article, we are going to be speaking about what folding pedals are, give you some great recommendations, and discuss what you need to think about when buying a set.

What Are Folding Bike Pedals?

Folding bike pedals are, unfortunately, a bit misunderstood. Many people think they are pedals for folding bikes when actually they are pedals that fold themselves. They are commonly seen on bikes such as compact bikes, folding bikes, and even some electric bikes.

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They are excellent if you are tight on space and you want to keep your bike in places such as a hallway or the corner of a room. Many cyclists don’t know that you can buy these pedals and add them to pretty much any bike.

Our Recommended Folding Bike Pedals

Here are our top picks of the best bike folding bike pedals. We will tell you a little bit about each and what we like and don’t like about them.

KOOTU Folding Bike Pedals

KOOTU Bike Pedals with Reflective Strips, Universal 9/16 Inch Mountain Bike Pedals, Non-Slip Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Pedals for Road BMX MTB Bike

Price: $ (check here)

Weight: 295g

Material: Aluminum

Grip Level:

Reflectors: Yes

We’re starting strong with the Kootu folding bike pedals. Not only do these look fantastic, but they can perform too.

They come in three different designs, black, red, and silver. They are made of strong aluminum, and they kind of pedals, you know, if you hit a rock, they will be fine.

They are a great size and with a smooth folding ability. They are easy to use and perfect for storing bikes in small spaces. They offer a good level of grip but are not something I want to use mountain biking.

You also have some reflectors that blend in nicely and offer some safety. They weigh 295g, so they are not too heavy either. Coming in at $28, they are a good price, and you get a lot of pedal for your money.


  • Great value for money
  • Look fantastic in different colors
  • Strong aluminum construction
  • Decent weigh


  • The grip could be better

Our Rating: 9/10

Raleigh REA415

Price: $ (check here)

Weight: 577g

Material: Steel

Grip Level: ⅖

Reflectors: Yes

If you’re looking for a budget folding pedal that will give you great service, consider the Raleigh REA415. They come in a black and chrome finish and are made of metal with a strengthened steel axle.

They are easy to fold and perfect if you plan to use them for commuting. Many cyclists say in the wet weather, with the wrong trainers, they can be a little slippy. They are probably more suited to fair-weather riding.

They are very heavy pedals coming in at 577g, which isn’t ideal, but if you are not worried about performance, it doesn’t really matter. They come in at $12, which is incredibly cheap, and we feel as far as budget pedals go, you won’t get better.


  • Price is excellent
  • They look pretty good
  • Smooth folding action
  • Metal construction


  • Quite heavy
  • The grip isn’t great in the wet

Our Rating: 7/10

Tobefore Folding Bike Pedals

Tobefore 9/16inch Folding Bike Pedals Universal Non-Slip Cycling Pedals Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Pedals for Folding Bike, BMX Bike, Road Bike, Mountain Bike MTB(1 Pair)

Price: $ (check here)

Weight: 370g

Material: Steel and Plastic

Grip Level: ⅘ 

Reflectors: Yes

The Tobefore is a great folding pedal that offers something a little different from the competition. They are a mix of plastic and metal, which gives the pedals a wide base but also keeps them fairly light, coming in at 370g.

They are easy to fold and look like a normal pedal. What we really liked about these pedals is that they have much more grip than the others on this list. They give me much more confidence in the rain and riding off-road.

We like the inbuilt reflectors and feel at $14, they offer excellent value for money. The plastic parts may not be as strong, but in general, they offer excellent performance, and we think they look great.


  • Great looking pedal
  • Grippy for poor conditions
  • Not very heavy
  • Price is excellent


  • Plastic pedals are not as strong

Our Rating: 8/10

You Might Also Want To Consider

Although folding pedals are a great way to go, a lot of cyclists don’t know they actually make quick-release pedals too. It might be worth considering a set as not only do they help save space and storage, but they help prevent theft.

Rockbros Quick Release Pedals

Price: $ (check here)

Weight: 314g

Material: Aluminum

Grip Level:  

Reflectors: No

Rockbros is a big name in cycling and makes some excellent products. One of my favorites is the quick-release pedals. The quick-release pedals look excellent, and you would struggle to tell them apart from a professional pedal.

Unlike a folding pedal, these have the ability to be entirely removed. With a click motion at the base, you can completely remove the pedals and pop them into your bag. It is great for space saving and helps to stop your bike from getting stolen.

They have excellent grip, and I think they are an ideal solution for off-road riding. They don’t come with reflectors which some people do prefer. Weighing only 314g for the pair, they are lightweight, and the aluminum pedals will be strong too.


  • Pedals can be completely removed
  • Great grip
  • Very strong
  • Look amazing


  • They can be lost if you forget where you put them
  • No reflectors

Our Rating: 9/10

What to look for when buying pedals?

It can be challenging to know what to look for when buying pedals. Here are the questions you should be asking yourself:

Will they fit?

The first thing to consider is will they fit. Although most pedals are a standard size of 9/16”, you might end up with an off-size that might not fit.

Many cyclists make the mistake of buying children’s pedals.

What are they made of?

Plastic pedals are generally cheaper and lighter but don’t have the durability for aggressive riding. Metal pedals are heavier and cost more, but they have much more durability and will last much longer.

How much do you want to spend?

You can spend as little as $10 on pedals or as much as $50 on folding pedals. We recommend having a budget prior to shopping. In general, the more you spend, the better you get with pedals.


Folding pedals come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to design, you have lots of choices. If you can, go for a pedal you like the look of.


One of the biggest reasons cyclists return to buying a second set of pedals is grip. We recommend going with a pedal with a grippy surface.

It makes a huge difference in poor conditions and gives you the confidence to put more power down.

A Final Note

Folding pedals are an excellent way to save space and make your bike much more compact. They are ideal if you live in a flat or your bike is stored in a hallway.

We can highly recommend all the pedals we have spoken about on this list and know they will give you an excellent experience.

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