The type of handlebars your bike has dramatically makes a difference to your riding position, comfort and stability. Every kind of handlebar has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, your handlebar choice needs some careful consideration.

In this post, we will recommend some of the best bullhorn handlebars, give you some buying tips and talk about their characteristics.

What Are Bullhorn Handlebars?

As the name suggests, bullhorn handlebars point forwards away from the rider and curve up. This shape gives your bike a more sporty aesthetic, and is perfect for fast urban riding; however, they have numerous advantages for the rider, especially if you like aggressive riding while being comfortable.

Best Bullhorn Handlebars

Now you know what bullhorn handlebars are used for, we will go into some of the best bullhorn handlebars you can buy online right now.


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The Origin8 bullhorn handlebars are pretty lightweight and well-priced. They come in two sizes (26 x 420mm and 31.8 x 400mm) and are have a tubular 6061-T6 aluminum construction. It is this construction that gives these handlebars their lightweight properties.

But, they are also very strong and corrosion-proof. The Origin8 bullhorn handlebars check all the boxes for a good set of handlebars.

The laser-etched graphics are a nice touch, but you will probably cover them up with handlebar wraps.

When it comes to configuring your cockpit, the Origin8 Bullhorn handlebars have an internal diameter of 19.2mm. Therefore, look for bar-end shifters or brake-levers with these dimensions.

UPANBIKE Bike Bullhorn Handlebar

This Upanbike bullhorn handlebar is designed explicitly for fixed wheeled bikes. It is made from 6061 aluminum, which means it is lightweight with good rigidity. This material is also strong and durable, making it last a long time, even with years of punishment from hard riding and crashes.

The width of the bars should suit most riders, and the rise will please many too. The shape and design of this bar give you plenty of hand position options so that you can be in the best riding position for most situations.

At this price point, the Upanbike bullhorn handlebar is outstanding value for money. When you compare this bar’s quality with similarly priced offerings from its competitors, the Upanbike version is far more superior.

The outer diameter measured 22.2mm, while the inner diameter is 17.9 to 18mm. It is super easy to fit brake levers, but you may find it challenging to find compatible parts.

SENQI Bullhorn Handlebar

The Senqi bullhorn handlebar has a sleek design, and thanks to its high-quality aluminum alloy material, very light at only 340g. This material is also very strong, meaning it won’t flex as you push and pull, giving you maximum power transfer.

The Senqi bullhorn handlebar has a time trial style shape. Not only does this look great, but it allows you to get into a comfortable riding position easily.

The slight bend at the end of the bars makes it a little easier on your wrists when riding around town while giving you better visibility than a drop bar.

You can choose between a matt black or silver color; both look great and suit most bike’s color schemes.

Venzo Fixie Bike Bullhorn Pursuit Handlebars

This handlebar is designed for fixed wheel bikes, used for riding around town at speed. It are made from a high-quality 6061 aluminum alloy, so you get a durable set of bars that are lightweight with minimal flex. The other advantage you get from this material is that they are corrosion-proof, meaning they will last years.

Shaped with the rider’s ergonomics in mind, you will be able to ride for a long time before your wrists start to fatigue. Venzo has also sized these handlebars to be as compatible as possible. Therefore, you will be able to fit your preferred fixie braking system to them with ease.

Helios Bullhorn Handlebars

These bullhorn handlebars from Helios are high-end items that allow you to integrate technology and connectivity to your bike. The first thing you will notice about them is the built-in LED lights, which are comparable to a car headlight, making your night riding much safer.

There are a few other things that riders love about these handlebars, such as Bluetooth connectivity. This gives you a variety of innovative features, including ambient lighting, navigation, and much more.

If you use your bike for commuting, these handlebars give you peace of mind when you are away from your bike. You can track your bike using the “lost & found” feature, which will tell you where it is, so it is easy to track down if it is stolen.

Another neat feature is the integrated turn signals. You can indicate to other road users via the rear-facing LED lights activated by buttons on either side of the stem. These handlebars are available in four color finishes to best suit your bike.

The Helios bullhorn handlebars are a fantastic way of modernizing your bike while getting into the perfect riding position for urban riding.

Characteristics Of Bullhorn Handlebars

Great Aerodynamics

The shape of bullhorn handlebars allows you to get lower, so you can form a more aerodynamic shape with your body. Therefore, they help you reduce drag, allowing you to ride faster, without having to put too much more power into the pedals.

They Make Climbing Easier

Bullhorn handlebars make climbing easier, as you can move further forward over the front wheel. They also give you more leverage as you can pull on the bars when out of the saddle, which is advantageous when climbing up steep hills.

Bullhorn Handlebars Give You Different Riding Position Options

Placing your hands on the forward parts of the bars puts you in an aggressive riding position, but you may feel that it is a bit of a stretch. When you place your hands on the bars’ horizontal flat part, you will be in a more upright position. This position is more comfortable, and great for riding around town, as you can easily spot traffic.

However, bullhorn handlebars are narrower than flat bars. This narrowness is necessary to allow room for the parts that curve forward. The issue with narrow handlebars is that you don’t have as much leverage when turning the bars and some riders don’t like the lack of stability.

It is common to snag the bars on things when weaving around. This is due to the lack of clearance as you take tight turns.

Are Bullhorn Handlebars Better Than Other Types Of HandleBars?

Your choice of handlebar really depends on the type of riding you are doing. If you plan on mainly riding around the city streets, bullhorn or flat handlebars are the best options. This is because there is a good chance you won’t be spending too much time on the drops.

Bullhorn handlebars are great for track racing too. This is because of their aerodynamic advantage and because they are lightweight and allow the rider to maintain a good riding position throughout short races.

If you like to go on longer rides, or are using your bike purely for exercise, drop bars are the best option, as they put you in a more suitable riding position and give you more hand position options.

What To Look For When Buying Bullhorn Handlebars

There isn’t much to bullhorn handlebars, but there are a few elements that you would benefit from knowing about.


Getting handlebars with the correct width is essential. If you buy ones that are too wide, you may find discomfort in your wrists when turning. Handlebars that are too narrow make turns feel unstable. Therefore, you need to find some handlebars that allow you to get the sweet spot for you.


Most bullhorn handlebars have very similar shapes. However, some have a little more space in the grip section. The idea behind this is to give you more options for hand placement. Some manufacturers fine-tune the curve at the end of the bar to relieve stress on your wrists too.


You will notice that most bullhorn handlebars are made from some form of aluminum alloy. Manufacturers use aluminum to keep the cost down while adding strength, rigidity, and corrosion resistance.

You can buy titanium or carbon handlebars, but these come at a much higher price but don’t offer many more benefits to justify the cost.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a few things to look out for when buying bullhorn handlebars. But, following this information and checking out our recommendations, you will be able to find a great set of bullhorn handlebars for your bike.

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