Joe's No Flats Bike Air Compressor Review


The Joe’s Ride Air Portable Air Compressor to your toolkit should be a no-brainer. Its budget-friendly and compact design makes it faster and more convenient than traditional bike pumps.


  • It releases more air than expected
  • Very lightweight
  • The pressure gauge is very accurate
  • It’s practical and aesthetically designed
  • It fits in bottle cages


  • It requires some prior practice to master it
  • The canister works better for installing tubeless tires
  • It’s compatible with Schrader valves by default but it includes a Presta valve Adapter
  • It relies on a floor pump to fill it to its maximum capacity
  • The airflow may deflate the tire if you fail to remove the hose on time.
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joe no flatsOwning a bike usually means having at least one bike pump on hand. These pumps are essential for dealing with mechanical issues that could otherwise leave you stranded.

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Air compressors are one of the lesser-known hassle-free bike pumps that offer a quicker, more efficient solution for inflating your tires.

The Joe’s No Flats Air Compressor is one of the best budget-friendly and effective air compressors you can buy and in this article we’ll cover why this should be your first air compressor investment.

What Is An Air Compressor?

So, what sets an air compressor apart from a traditional bike pump? Simply put, an air compressor delivers quick and high-volume air pressure at the touch of a button, instantly inflating your bike tire.

Why should you get one?

Conventional bike pumps can be physically taxing and time-consuming. An air compressor eliminates these inconveniences, inflating your tire with just a single button press.

Whether you’re looking to simplify tubeless tire installation or upgrade your cycling toolkit, an air compressor is a smart investment for any cyclist.

joe no flats

Joe’s Ride Air Portable Air Compressor: Small, Yet, Powerful

Joe’s No Flats is a brand renowned for its tubeless sealants. These sealants are not only efficient but also straightforward to install, whether you’re using a standard bike pump or a specialized one.

However, the process of seating the tubeless sealant can be a bit cumbersome. It often requires a faster pumping motion from a floor pump to ensure that the air properly seats the tire with the tubeless sealant inside. This can take multiple attempts to get right, and it can be physically exhausting.

That’s where an air compressor comes in as a game-changer. It’s the recommended tool for a smoother and more effortless tubeless installation process. With an air compressor like Joe’s Ride Air Portable Air Compressor, you can skip the laborious manual pumping.

Just a single shot of compressed air into your bike tire is all it takes to quickly and efficiently seat your tubeless sealant. This makes the entire process not only faster but also far less physically demanding.

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Installation and Preparation

joe no flats

Setting up the air compressor is straightforward and can be done in just a few steps. The air compressor is compatible with Schrader valve by default but the included adapter makes it compatible with Presta valves.

To get started, open the top cap of the compressor and connect a floor pump to its valve, securing it with the lever lock.

Begin pumping as if you were inflating a standard bike tire. You’ll notice resistance as the compressor fills; stop pumping when this happens.

The compressor features a pressure gauge, but it’s advisable not to rely solely on this for accurate PSI readings. Instead, pump until the compressor resists further airflow. You can then test the tire pressure manually.

To use the compressor, disconnect the floor pump hose and attach the compressor hose to your bike valve. If needed, screw in the included Presta Valve adapter.

Once connected, release the air using the silver button located on the top side of the unit, behind the pressure indicator. Be cautious when releasing air to avoid wastage, as the compressor may disperse more air than needed to reach your desired PSI.

With a bit of practice, you can achieve perfect inflation in a single shot.


As mentioned earlier, air compressors offer a time-saving and hassle-free solution for inflating tires. For avid cyclists, investing in a faster pumping solution like Joe’s Ride Air Portable Air Compressor can be a game-changer.

This compressor is particularly useful if you have limited workshop space or need a more efficient way to install tubeless tires. It’s a portable and efficient tool that inflates your tires almost instantly.

joe no flats


While the air compressor offers many benefits, it does have some drawbacks. First, it requires a floor pump to fill it to its maximum capacity, so make sure you have one before purchasing this compressor.

Additionally, if your tires rarely deflate, this compressor might be an overkill solution. If you’re looking for an alternative, USB-powered automatic air compressors  available that don’t rely on a floor pump.

Moreover, the airflow may disperse with no control once you empty the compressor and deflate your tire if you fail to remove the compressor right away. Take the time to practice this process and avoid this since this is an easy task to do.


If you already own a floor pump and a hand pump, adding an air compressor like Joe’s Ride Air Portable Air Compressor to your toolkit should be a no-brainer. Its budget-friendly and compact design makes it faster and more convenient than traditional bike pumps.

I’ve found it to be an invaluable addition to both my home and car, serving as a quick inflator for those times when my bike tires are flatter than usual. I primarily use it when I notice a drop in tire pressure or need to seat tubeless sealant in my mountain bike tires.

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