Trek Domane AL 2 Disc Road Bike Review
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For those who are on a budget and looking to get into road cycling, choosing the Trek Domane AL 2 would be a wise choice as it will offer reliability, comfort as well as speed.


  • Budget friendly
  • reliable
  • comfortable ride
  • needed very little servicing


  • weight limit
  • vibrations on bumpier ground
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I’m back with another cycling-related blog post and this time I’m reviewing my very own road bike, the Trek Domane AL2.

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I purchased this bike in early 2020 and have had the pleasure of riding 1000’s of miles on it through some of the most scenic routes in mid-Wales. I wanted to share my experiences of riding this bike with you so you can read an honest review which may help you decide whether this bike could be the one for you.

At the time of purchase, this was the very first road bike I’d ever purchased as I’d been predominantly into off-road riding up to that time, although I did have a hybrid which I used for some road cycling.

The Covid pandemic changed everything in the world of cycling; for the first time ever the roads we clear, the weather was superb and the days were long with plenty of time to get on the open road – what better opportunity to rack up the miles on the road bike, especially with many other sports out of the question due to the rules at the time.

Features of the Trek Domane AL 2

Here are what I consider to be the most important features of the Trek Domane AL 2:

Frame100 Series Alpha aluminium frame
Weight and weight limitsThe Trek Domane AL 2 is lightweight, weighing just 10.76kg. The bike has a total maximum weight limit of 125kg, which would include the rider and any other baggage.
BrakesTektro C550 mechanical disc brake
Handlebar tapeBontrager Supertack Perf tape
TyresBontrager R1 Hard-Case Lite, 700×32 mm
ChainShimano Sora HG71, 8 speed
CassetteShimano HG31, CS-HG31, 11-32, 8 speed

In my experience of owning this bike for a number of years, the components have mostly all been great. Here is a breakdown of what I’ve experienced so far:

Frame: As expected, no issues whatsoever and still to this day after many hours of riding, even through the testing Welsh weather it is still looking great, albeit with a few scratches.

Weight and weight limits: The Trek Domane AL2 feels light compared to all the other bikes I’ve ever ridden and this definitely shows on some of the local climbs.

Brakes: The brakes are still performing brilliantly and offer great reliability in all conditions.

Handlebar tape: This was one aspect that I found slightly disappointing with the bike, after not so much riding I had to change the handlebar tape as it had become loose.

Tyres: Great tyres which have offered solid performance across many roads, steep climbs and fast descents.

Chain and cassette: The Trek Domane AL 2 has offered some of the smoothest shifting I’ve ever experienced and still continues to do so to this day.

Some of the great things I’ve found about the Trek Domane AL 2

So, what have I found to be some of the best features of the Trek Domane AL 2?


Having a predominantly mountain biking background where you are sat in a more upright position, I was worried about the switch to the different posture needed for road cycling.

Whilst it did take some getting used to, the geometry of the Trek Domane AL 2 has offered comfort on rides.


I think the Trek Domane AL 2 was a great purchase for the price I paid for it, and even to this day it is still a fantastic price when you consider the amount of price rises in recent times.

I often like to track value for money against the amount of miles I complete in a year – this year I’ve managed a lower total of around 1200, but that still makes the cost less than £1 a mile!


The Trek Domane AL 2 has never let me down. From short rides of under 10 miles to long rides of over 50 miles this bike has always delivered amazing performance and I’ve never had to worry about whether I’ll make it home.

DuoTrap S compatibility

Although I’ve never taken advantage of this feature you are able to connect a Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor to track performance via a compatible device. I had something similar on an old hybrid bike which I used to use for Zwifting and these are a good option if you are looking to track performance.

Low servicing need

After all the miles I’ve completed on this bike I’ve only taken it back to the bike shop for one full service. I think this shows how well the bike is put together and designed to cope with high mileage.

Additional features of the Trek Domane AL 2

There are a couple of additional features on the Trek Domane AL 2 which can be utilised if needed:

  • The bike arrives without pedals as standard giving you the freedom to choose which pedals best suit your style.
  • The Trek is built with long-distance and comfort in mind meaning you can be sure to feel as comfortable at the end of a long ride as you did at the start.
  • There is also options to add additional items such as mud guards and saddle bags.

Current cost of the Trek Domane AL 2 Gen 3

Not that I’m in the market for another road bike at the moment, but the Trek Domane AL 2 Gen 3 is currently priced at around £900, which I think makes it excellent value for money.

You’d be able to pick up an older model or second hand Trek Domane for much less than this, and providing the second hand model is in good condition you can expect hours of cycling enjoyment.

Does it look good?

Take a look at my pictures below and make up your own mind, but I think the model I chose looks fantastic, and I’ve had quite a few compliments over the years on how good it looks. I personally love the colours but I did remove the orange reflectors!

Trek Domaine 2 in Aberystwyth cycle fest
The Trek Domane AL 2 doing amazing things in the Aberystwyth cycle fest. 44-mile ride and 3000ft of elevation!

A round up of the pros and cons of the Trek Domane AL 2

bike with a view
The Trek Domane AL 2 having a deserved rest in the Aberystwyth sunshine.


  • Budget friendly – a great value bike for anyone, but especially for those looking to get into road cycling
  • A very reliable bike which will enable you to complete many worry-free miles
  • The Trek Domane has good geometry for a comfortable ride.
  • My Trek Domane has been super reliable and has needed very little servicing since new.


  • 125kg weight limit could be problematic if you plan to attach heavy baggage to the bike for touring rides.
  • The rider can feel some vibrations through the handlebars on bumpier ground.
  • Only suitable on road surfaces.

Final rating and conclusion

I’m giving the Trek Domane AL 2 a solid 4.5/5 final rating as this bike has performed solidly for many miles, across a variety of different mid-Wales courses.

For those who are on a budget or looking to get into road cycling, choosing the Trek Domane AL 2 would be a wise choice as it will offer reliability, comfort as well as speed, a bike that is suited to climbing and options for modifying to suit the riders needs.

I haven’t regretted purchasing my Trek Domane AL 2 at all and I’m looking forward to many more miles, once the weather has improved a little bit – in the meantime I’ll head back to Zwift!

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