Fox Defend Mountain Bike Shorts Long Term Review
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The Fox Defend is an excellent option if you’re looking for some great all-around mountain bike shorts. They’re tough, stretchy, lightweight, and comfortable all day on the bike.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Water-resistant
  • Look great
  • Lightweight


  • May not be the best choice for cross-country racers, as they may not be light or short enough.
  • There is not much storage, so you may want to ride with a backpack or hip pack.
  • No dedicated lift pass pocket
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A good pair of mountain bike shorts makes a difference to your comfort and maneuverability. There are quite a few on the market with various features to suit your riding and the conditions.

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Fox Racing has long been one of the most popular mountain bike brands. It is well-known for its suspension components and has an excellent line of mountain bike clothing.

You’ll notice that many mountain bikers wear Fox Defend shorts, which are popular for many reasons. There are a few versions to choose from, and Fox often releases limited editions that offer a slightly different style.

fox defend mtb shorts

Whatever version you choose, they are all designed to be as comfortable as possible, secure, and durable. However, in this Fox Defend mountain bike shorts review, we’ll concentrate on the standard version.

What Are Fox Defend Mountain Bike Shorts?

Fox Defend mountain bike shorts balance comfort and durability. They are perfect for enduro, trail, and gravity-focused riders looking for rugged shorts that drop just below the knees.

These excellent mountain bike shorts are made from a stretchy fabric called TruMotion®. This stuff stretches in all directions, so you don’t feel restricted when riding your bike.

Even though the material is stretchy, it is also tough, as these shorts are designed to cope with rough conditions without being too heavy.

What Are Fox Defend Mountain Bike Shorts Like To Own?


The Fox Defend mountain bike shorts look great but are not too fussy. By this, I mean they don’t have lots of bold colors and graphics. Instead, depending on which version you get, the Defend shorts are just one color with a subtle Fox Racing logo on the right leg and the waistband at the back.

The Defend Pro has a two-tone style, which also looks great. The colors available are not too crazy, making them easy to pair with your mountain bike jerseys.

One of the things that makes the Fox Defend short look so good is the fit, even though it’s a practical feature.

They aren’t too baggy or tight, and the bottoms sit just below the knee.

Therefore, they look great even if you have chunky or skinny legs.


A good pair of mountain bike shorts should be comfortable at all times. The seams are minimalist, so you don’t experience any chafing from your saddle, even on long uphill slogs.

Comfort is enhanced by the stretchy material, as it allows you to move freely, even when the downhills become technical and tricky, and you need to move around the bike.

The shorts have laser perforations on the front and back for ventilation. They work incredibly well by letting in a little bit of cool air, which is incredibly welcome on a hot day.

The comfort isn’t just reserved for warm and dry days. Fox has also given them a water-resistant coating to prevent muddy water from getting in. This works well and prevents that cold and damp feeling that makes you want to cut your day of riding short.

Earlier, I mentioned that the shorts aren’t too baggy and finish just below the knee. This is the perfect length for pedaling, and they don’t interfere with knee pads, which can be annoying.


When you choose the size of your Fox Defend mountain bike shorts, make sure you follow the sizing guide. However, the sizing is pretty accurate, and you can fine-tune the fit accordingly.

This is thanks to the ratchet system that replaces the need for a traditional belt or waistband adjusters. The ratchet also makes the Fox Defend mountain bike shorts secure, even when you’re riding a bumpy track.

On top of this, the ratchet allows you to make your shorts looser or tighter if you gain or lose weight.

The fit would suit enduro, trail, and downhill riders. However, cross-country riders may want something shorter and more lightweight to suit their riding style and needs.


Fox hasn’t gone overboard with making the Defend shorts practical for carrying stuff. They only have two pockets on either side, but they are big enough for your phone and a snack and have zips.

fox defend mtb shortsThe good thing about the design of these pockets is that the contents don’t flap about in your pocket when pedaling.

This is great news for riders who find this annoying and those who ride with backpacks or hip packs.

One thing I would like to see in these shorts is a dedicated lift pass pocket. This would give me peace of mind when riding lift-assisted laps in the bike park. However, this is just me being picky.

Final Verdict

The Fox Defend mountain bike shorts are excellent. You’ll love their comfort, the range of motion they provide, and their style. Although they are water resistant, the Fox Defend mountain bike shorts are ideal for riders looking for something lightweight to wear on warmer days.

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight material of the Fox Defend shorts. It is also durable, so they should stand the test of time and survive nasty crashes.

Therefore, you’ll have many years of riding in them before you need to replace them.

The standout feature of these shorts has to be the ratchet system. The adjustability and security it provides make it probably one of the best systems available.

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