Beach cruiser bikes have become quite a lot more common recently. The name itself pretty much defines their use, bikes for cruising at fairly low speeds. They don’t have to be used on the beach that’s just where the name comes from.

They’re commonly used as commuters or just for going out on chill rides on some non technical terrain like a gravel path.

They commonly have a very large comfy seat with double springs, curved handlebars, single speed drivetrains, coaster brakes, and rust proof components. These are just some of the common attributes known to beach cruisers.

Today I’ll be covering some of the best beach cruiser bikes to buy in 2021.

Top 6 Beach Cruisers in 2021

Schwinn Huron beach cruiser bike

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To start off our list of beach cruisers we have the Schwinn Huron beach cruiser.

Cruiser bikes aren’t a popular choice for long distances, like on overnight bike adventures. However, for shorter trips around town, like commuting to work or to run errands, they can be perfect.

With a seven-speed drivetrain, the Schwinn Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike is ready to conquer any challenges on your urban commute or to maneuver around traffic.

Grip shifts make gear changing easy to do on the fly, while front and rear pull brakes offer confident stopping power. The steel-framed cruiser offers durability and stability—it’s suggested for riders up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

Sixthreezero around the block

A very budget option yet still a great choice. This bike comes in a variety of options whether it be Mens or Womens and single speed to even a 21 speed option. You also get the option of tire size truly making this bike to your liking whatever that may be.
With a nice comfy saddle, foam grips on the bars, and waffle-tread tires, this bike ensures that your ride will be nice and smooth. Stopping is also stress free with its pedal-backward coaster breaks.

Men’s version:

Women’s version:

Priority Coast


This beach cruiser offers all the benefits of many others but if you’re looking for some diversity in gears then this is a great option. The Coast cruiser from Priority Bicycles might just be what you are looking for, with its ultralight aluminum frame and a Shimano three speed hub.

You’ll be able to enjoy an upright riding position with wide handlebars, a comfy Coast cruiser style seat, and puncture resistant tires.

And to keep everything under control, the cruiser foot (coaster) rear brake and a front hand pull caliper brake. It offers some of the best rust protection to give you peace of mind that your components are safe.

Electra Cruiser 1


Another cheaper option that includes a steel frame with geometry that places pedals in front of the seatpost, which creates a lower center of gravity providing more stability and puts the rider in an upright, balanced position.

Simple, single-speed drivetrain and rear coaster brake which are easy to use no matter your experience—just pedal in reverse to brake.

26 in wheels provide stability throughout turns at slow speeds and platform pedals work with just about any pair of shoes or sandals. One size fits most so you can be confident that it’ll work for you.

Micargi Slugo B

Here you have a beach cruiser fat bike – it’s as simple as that. This would come in really handy for use on something not asphalt like gravel or sand to ensure you get traction.

The extended moustache type riser bar with the large and comfy saddle are some of the qualities this bike contains.

Large 26×4″ fat tires, wavy frame and single-speed is pretty much all one could ask for at the sub-500 price range on the base model.

Sixthreezero In The Barrel

The ‘In the Barrel’ is a single-speed cruiser bike from premier beach cycle brand sixthreezero (630), offering a relaxed, low-profile feel and frame geometry that’s perfect for comfortable coastal cruising.
The classic matte-black steel frame runs on 26″ wheels and is suitable for all sized riders, from five to six and a half feet tall.

The oversized balloon tires are large enough to comfortably absorb any big bumps and vibrations on the road, ensuring a smooth, pleasant ride all day long. Another classic beach cruiser that you can be confident you won’t regret getting.

Beach Cruiser Buying Guide

Three Types of Beach Cruiser Bikes:

Classical Beach Cruiser

Most classical beach cruisers come with a single-speed drivetrain, and a coaster brake only. Ideal for around-town biking or to enjoy the simplicity of commuting. Single-speed drivetrain and coaster brakes mean that basically all you’ve got to do is pump the tires and lubricate the chain every now and then.

Maintenance wise – these are the easiest bikes to work on, while they might limit your capabilities on hilly mountains, they’re definitely great for urban adventures.

These types are: Low maintenance, cheapest of the bunch, and easy to ride and maintain.

Commuter Cruiser

A bike with front and rear caliper brakes, fenders, and gears on the back. Cruisers bikes usually come 3- or 7- speed drivetrains making them quite comfortable around town bikes.

A cruiser with a basket in the front or a cage above the rear wheel is common among this type to provide storage for your belongings. Maximum mobility and convenience towards everyday commuting.

Electric Assisted Cruisers

As electric bikes have increased in the market for obvious reasons, in 2021 there is quite a selection of decent electric beach cruiser bikes to make your life even easier and extend the range with pedal-assisted motors. These are great if you’re not as physically fit or just want to push the distance you can go on a bike.

Here are some things to look for when figuring out which Beach Cruiser is right for you:

Upright Seating Posture

Traditional road bikes require riders to hunch over in order to ride. Beach cruiser bikes are designed to help riders sit upright, easing back and shoulder tension.

If your cruiser isn’t comfortable when you sit on it, it’s not the bike for you. Look for the most comfortable cruiser that lets you sit upright and not hunched over.

Simple Gearing

Most beach cruiser bikes have a single gear with no shifters. This makes it simple to use if you’re not interested in switching gears and just want to ride.

Some cruisers have shifters with up to 3 or 7 speeds, which helps when it comes to cruising up hills or accelerating on the downhills. The rest depends on a single gear, so make sure the gearing of your cruiser works for your style of riding.

Quality Breaks

Beach cruisers traditionally have a friction brake on them, or a braking system that requires you to pedal backwards. Others offer caliper brakes that are operated by hand. No matter which style you go with, ensure that you have the ability to properly stop your bike.

Heavy-Duty Frame

Beach cruisers are made to last thanks to their strong frames. These bicycles are constructed with tough, durable materials that help riders enjoy their bike for a very long time.

Unlike road bikes and mountain bikes that have several gears, cables, and other features that can get in the way of a rider’s comfort, beach cruisers feature a more simplistic design that’s all about riding and comfort.

Make sure your bike’s not only comfortable to sit on, but that it’s comfortable to handle, too.

Smooth Ride

Beach cruiser bikes are equipped with cushioned seats and wide handlebars, which makes it easy for you to lean back, relax, and ride. The thick balloon tires that beach cruisers are equipped with help these bikes withstand rough terrain.

Sand and gravel don’t wear out these large tires very easily. When it comes to cruisers, make sure your tires are thick, and that your saddle and grips are comfortable to work with.


Do I Need More Than One Gear on My Beach Cruiser?

That depends. For riding the length of a boardwalk or ambling along Main Street, one gear is all you need. But if your rides are a little more challenging than the flat, coastal roads around your favorite seaside town, consider a beach cruiser with multiple gears.

How do you know what size bike to get?

Cruiser bikes usually come in very few frame sizes, so make sure you check the size chart to ensure the bike will fit you accordingly.

What materials should you look for?

Cruisers are often ridden at the beach and in humid climates. These conditions can cause wear over time, in particular a rusting frame. Ensuring that most components are made of aluminum will prevent rust from settling in.

What frame configuration is best?

Cruisers generally have two configurations: step-thru (Dutch) or top-tube style. Today this is a very personal choice, and both types are unisex. I recommend trying both styles in an appropriate size (based on height and leg length) and choosing what feels best to you.

What are the different wheel sizes and how do they affect ride?

There are three standard adult cruiser wheel sizes: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches in diameter. Various tire widths are available as well, ranging between 1.95 and 4.0 inches.

In general, smaller wheel diameters offer more nimble handling–but slightly less balance and stability–while larger wheels require less force to turn at a given speed (i.e. less effort to ride) and are a bit more stable, but are heavier and accelerate more slowly.

Hopefully this guide has given you a list of bikes you’ll want to consider the next time you’re searching for a beach cruiser bike and the knowledge of what to look for when picking out a bike.

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