Scott genius 900 tuned 2019 ratings
  • Climbing
  • Descending
  • Poppy/flick ability


Scott’s genius 900 tuned is an all around trail eating machine, offering the downhill bike aspects while still being able to fly up hills with efficiency.


  • Climbs extremely well and efficiently
  • Aggressive geometry inspires when going downhill
  • Light, strong wheels with high engagement hub


  • Stock tyres are not aggressive enough
  • Difficult to change dropper post lever because of Twinloc
  • Twinloc is another complication and ugly cockpit additive
User Review
3.75 (4 votes)

Scott Genius

What does the genius mean?

The Scott genius is the American bike brands take on a “do it all bike”, one that lets you ride downhill trails with the confidence of a world cup downhill rider, then with one push of the Twinloc system to glide up hills like a cross country rider.

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The genius line-up has 150mm of suspension on both fork and rear shock across all models. The design and utilizing of the components on this bike all revolve around the attempt to create the one ‘’do it all bike’’.

Notable components

The Scott genius 900 tuned has many own-brand components that separate it from other similarly spec’d bikes. You would be scratching your head for hours trying to find what cost-cutting techniques must have been used to result in this stock price.

Rather this is because of the own branding Scott uses with their Twinloc system, carbon wheels, handlebars, saddle, chain guide, grips, and fender.

Not having to outsource such components allows Scott to create this high-end mountain bike while still being extremely competitive, easily be found on sale for $7,800 Aud.


The extremely light 12.9kg frame achieves such astounding weights with its completely carbon main and rear triangle. The frame uses a horst link and an upside-down mounted shock system.

This design allowed Scott to enlarge the base of the seat tube for greater stiffness throughout the whole frame under stress. Frame spacing allows for use of both 27.5-inch wheels and 29-inch wheels with the flipping of their Link system.

Because of the bikes reasonably short handlebar to seat post length, it creates this ‘’handlebars in your lap feeling’’, allowing the rider to better position their weight when climbing in the saddle and creating more grip for the rear wheel.

Stand-over height being a slight issue for shorter riders, the aggressive kink of the seat tube allows for easier standing when over the frame, this slightly more aggressive frame further accentuates the pushing of one’s weight rearward of the bike.

Twinloc system

This cable-controlled system is placed on the left side of the rider’s handlebars and allows for the control of both the fork and shocks lockout status through 2 buttons.

Pushing the bottom lever inactivates the traction control and a further press activates the full lockout feature, to change to the descend feature one simply presses in the lever above once.

Although this is efficient and effective it does act as another aspect the rider has to understand, also adds more cables and clutter to the cockpit (quite unattractive).


The genius’s Fox suspension offers a supple yet progressive platform for any situation. Both the Fox 34 Float fork and Fox Nude TR EVOL shock have the exceptionally useful  3 modes of ramp adjustment, Descend (150mm), traction control (100mm), and Full lockout (No movement under normal conditions).

When setting up correctly the suspension performs incredibly, absorbing small chatter on the trail and taking massive hits like it was nothing. With a light and poppy feeling when flowing through trails. Giving the rider significant confidence even when facing off with extreme trails.

Scott Genius


The genius boasts SRAM’s crispy and reliable X01 eagle drivetrain. The second highest model on Sram’s eagle line-up performs immaculately and offers plenty of range with its 10-50 tooth cassette.

Unlike the lower GX and NX models, the XO1 has an adjustable gear lever, further allowing for personal customization. The carbon cranks attribute to the bike’s extreme lightness and add another nice stiff feeling to the bike riding.


The fitted Sram Guide RSC 4 piston brakes with a front rotor size of 200mm and rear size of 180mm perform excellently under all conditions.

Further contributing to the customizable aspects of the bike, allowing for the rider to change the ‘’contact point’’ and the lever distance from the handlebars.

Syncros carbon wheels

The wheels feel stiff and once up to speed overall bumps immensely well. The rims feel strong and I never experienced doubt to their strength even under extreme stress.

The accompanied hub is fast engaging with its many engagement points and has a pleasant buzzing noise.

Syncros carbon one-piece handlebars

Being a lighter rider, I experienced no ‘’lack of stiffness’’ as other riders have claimed. They enhance the cockpits look, felt as stiff as any other carbon bar, and helps the bike attain its low extreme weight.

Overall riding quality

Trust this bike under any mountain bike conditions and you will not be disappointed by its performance.

Gives the rider the confidence of a downhill bike with its geometry and 29-inch wheels, while with the use of the Twinloc system gives it the extreme efficiency of a full-fledged XC bike.

The stiff when wanted and supple when the needed suspension is forgiving and confidence-inspiring. The bike’s 29-inch wheels and aggressive frame begs for more aggressive wheels than the stock Rekon’s unfortunately.

The 29er wheels when riding for the first time, can limit movement under extreme bodyweight movements. The 29er wheels pose as fast-rolling when up to speed and rollover bumps better than 27.5 inches but are noticeably larger when doing slower more technical movements.

I was able to get used to this size change and relearn manuals without much effort. The ability to change this wheel size was a great choice by Scott, allowing those who enjoy the genius platform to choose their wheel size preference and producing yet another amazing 29-inch Mountain bike.

Bike performance in specific areas:

Objective experience:Out of 5, total of 15
Poppy/flick ability4

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