Key Takeaway: While SRAM and Shimano components can be used together in a bike’s drivetrain, compatibility is not guaranteed in all cases, particularly with cassettes, due to different standards and specific factors like freehub design and speeds.


When it comes to cycling components, you have a huge number of choices. That’s one thing that makes cycling so special. You can personally equip your bike to be the best for the riding that you’re going to be doing.

Many brands have interchangeable components, and when it comes to groupsets, you have lots of options to mix brands together. The most compatible of the two are Shimano and SRAM, as they are often designed with cross-compatible capabilities.

We often get asked here at bike test reviews: “Are SRAM and Shimano cassettes interchangeable?”. In this article, we will discuss that as it’s a bit more complicated than just a simple yes or no.

The Quick Answer

SRAM and Shimano components can be used together in a drivetrain, and it’s not rare for cyclists to do this. It’s not as simple as just buying SRAM components and putting them on a bike equipped with Shimano.

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Not all the components are compatible, and when it comes to cassettes, there are many cases where it will work but also many cases where it won’t work. This is because SRAM and Shimano have different standards in modern times.

We further discuss this in this article.

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Factors That Affect SRAM And Shimano Compatibility

Many factors affect whether a cassette from another brand will work on your bike. Here’s what you need to look out for:

Freehub Design

You will find many cassettes designed for different freehubs, and it’s good to know what you’re buying to ensure it will work. Here are the different standards.

SRAM / Shimano

This is the most common type of freehub on the market. It was used on all types of bikes, from mountain road and even on hybrid bikes. It features wide notches around the freehub and one small notch to ensure the cassette goes on properly.


This is a small screw-on style of cassette. XD is used on mountain bikes for large cassettes, typically the SRAM 1X system and XDR is used for road, gravel, and cyclocross.

Shimano Micro Spline

Shimano micro spline is generally used for mountain biking. It’s a small freehub that has the ability not only to take 10 teeth cogs but is much shorter and can be used with 12-speed cassettes.

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The only interchangeable cassettes are the SRAM / Shimano freehub versions. Micro Spline and XD / XDR are not compatible with each other due to the freehub. If you had the correct freehub to match a 12-speed SRAM cassette, it could work on the Shimano drivetrain and the other way round.


Next, we have speeds, and this is the number of different options you have on the cassette to ride with. An 8-speed cassette has options for 8 different ratios. Typically, these ratios range anywhere from 10 teeth to 52 teeth, depending on the cassette and the amount of speeds.

You need the speeds to match up. If you have a 9-speed cassette from Shimano, it will only work with a 9-speed SRAM cassette. The same goes for SRAM and Shimano, making them interchangeable.

Some cycling enthusiasts say certain speed cassettes, such as 8 and 9-speed, are interchangeable. Yes, they might shift between each other, but they will slip and are not a reliable solution, in my opinion.

Match the cassette speeds with the derailleur you are using, or change your cassette for a direct replacement.

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How To Find Out If SRAM And Shimano Components Are Compatible

When it comes to Shimano and SRAM, there’s a lot of compatibility between the two brands and their components. Finding out what works and what doesn’t is very challenging.

There are still unanswered questions, even for someone like myself who has worked in a bike shop for many years.

The first place I would start searching is on Google. Search the two components that you are trying to match, and more than likely, a forum will answer your question. Failing that, go into your local bike shop for something you need and politely ask their advice.

Unfortunately, brands such as SRAM or Shimano don’t advertise compatibility, as it could cause them to lose sales. Why would they openly tell you a competitor’s parts will work? It might be a cheaper option for many cyclists.

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SRAM Or Shimano?

With many different compatibility options between Shimano and SRAM, which is best? On forums, people tend to think Shimano is best for ride quality and SRAM is best for durability.

As a cyclist, I have used Shimano a lot more than SRAM, and that’s typically the route I like to go down, but many would say the same for SRAM. It’s a personal thing, but I have found Shimano to always have a certain smoothness to it.

Should You Mix SRAM And Shimano Components

When it comes to SRAM and Shimano components, I tend not to recommend mixing up your groupsets.

If you have the option of the correct components, why not just use what your groupset is designed for? They will typically be the same cost, they will be better paired, and it doesn’t mean you have to play a guessing game on what will work.

The only time I would recommend is if there’s no other option. If you need to go down this route, then it’s really important to do your research or consult an expert with some experience.

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A Final Note

Yes, SRAM and Shimano are compatible, but only in certain circumstances. It’s important to research and ensure that your plan will work and give you a good, safe cycling experience.

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