In conclusion, let me say that all of these manufacturers are a credit to the cycling community. Each has spent countless hours researching ergonomics in order to make saddles safer and more comfortable for you-the cyclist.

Every cyclist has their own degree of flexibility, riding style, position, etc, and the saddle manufacturers have responded with different lines and models within each product line to satisfy each type of rider.

I have looked at all model lines and every saddle manufacturer is using the absolute best materials with the highest quality craftsmanship possible.

I was highly impressed with the form, fit and function of all of these saddles, so go out and try different saddles so you can find one that fits you the best. You will not go wrong using any saddle from any of these manufacturers listed!

WIDTH FRONT(1")36.5mm36.0mm35.5mm60.5mm38.6mm38.4mm
WIDTH MID(5")61.5mm63.5mm58mm100mm60.7mm60.0mm
WIDTH REAR WIDEST139mm138mm137mm130mm145mm143mm
WEIGHT310 g250g230g304g195g205g
RAILS304 SS304 SS304 SSTitaniumTitaniumTitanium
FEATURESModest PaddingMinimum PaddingNo PaddingFoam & Gel PadSuperflow, Shock absorberBody Geometry
OVERALL RATING3.75/53.75/54.25/54/53.75/54.5/5
SOURCEBike shops, websitesBike shops, websitesBike shops, websitesBike shops, websitesBike shops, websitesBike shops, websites
NUMB FACTOR 0-90-none; 9-completely**1.5**1.5**1.0**1.0**2.0**1.0

  • Lots and lots of comfortable padding

  • Very comfortable and little to no numbness even after 85 miles

  • Same saddle base as Forma and Full Carbon Lite

  • Minimum Padding

  • Surprisingly comfortable for a saddle with no padding

  • High-quality material and workmanship

  • Very little to no numbness after 40 miles

  • Very Comfortable

  • Flat top allows easy movement

  • High-quality material and workmanship

  • Lightweight

  • High-Quality Material

  • Excellent Craftsmanship

  • Good looking

  • Divits in top of the saddle for your sit bones

  • sub-200g saddle

  • Best Valued Saddle

  • Comfortable (except towards the tip)

  • Negligible Numbness

  • Excellent design

  • Excellent shape

  • Excellent materials

  • Excellent Price


  • Heaviest saddle

  • The hardest saddles to get adjusted on

  • After a couple of rides in the rain, the 8 screws that hold the rails onto the saddle started to rust

  • Minimum amount of padding that I just couldn't get seated on right

  • For purpose of lightweight saddle, could have used titanium rails.

  • For me, the saddle felt wide. It's design tend to target cyclists with larger Q-factor and thinner legs.

  • Several design issues prevent it from being the perfect saddle

  • Front grooves still tends to crush genitals when riding in the drops. No numbness but not as comfortable as could be

* 2 models exist in these product lines, one with 304 stainless steel tube seat rails, the other carbon fiber rails.
The CF rail model weights 50-60g less than the SS model and an additional $150.
** This is in response to my body type and riding style. These results will vary with others riding the same saddle. Any rating below a 3 is a great score.

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