I don’t need to add too much to this, but, I still hear local stories on this all the time.


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Things to keep in mind

Roof racks, while tremendously useful for transporting bikes on road trips or to riding trails, possess an often-overlooked hazard, especially when it comes to our occasionally forgetful human nature.

A scenario that’s all too common yet easily preventable revolves around the catastrophic oversight of forgetting to remove the bicycle from the roof rack before driving into a garage or any area with low clearance.

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The potential damage from such an oversight is multifaceted. Not only can it wreak havoc on the bicycle—bending wheels, damaging frames, and shearing off components—it can also cause significant damage to both the roof rack and the vehicle.

Moreover, in some instances, the structural integrity of the garage door and potentially the garage itself could be compromised, leading to costly repairs and replacements. For cycling enthusiasts, the bicycle often isn’t merely a piece of equipment but is cherished, sometimes holding sentimental and considerable financial value.

Therefore, developing a routine or a reminder system to ensure the safe removal of bicycles from roof racks before approaching lower clearance areas can save not just the integrity of the bike and vehicle but also safeguard against unnecessary expenditure and heartache.

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