Oakley Sutro Sunglasses
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Lightweight and comfortable with some of the best lenses on the market, the Oakley Sutro Glasses are a high performance, stylish set of eyewear.


  • Best lenses on the market
  • Minimal Fogging
  • Good Build Quality
  • Non interrupted vision


  • Hard to Change Lenses
  • May slip if you have a small face
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Oakley is known for making some of the best sports glasses on the market and the Sutro glasses are no exception to this. The Sutro glasses have a more casual looking design but pack all the performance features you see in Oakley’s out and out performance glasses.

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When buying these glasses you have a choice from Oakley’s wide variety of Prizm lens. Oakley does say the Sutro has a fixed lens design, but spare lenses are being sold and I have swapped the lenses in my Sutro’s a couple of times now and they seem to be just fine.

The Sutro glasses are aimed at following the new trend of big frame glasses. Oakley says “Sutro gives cyclists a bold and versatile look that they can confidently wear on and off the bike.”

Like all Oakley glasses the Sutro’s don’t come cheap, $xxx (check here) will get you a set. They are also available in a standard fit and Asia fit.


The Sutro’s performance is like any other Oakley’s you would get, the lens technology is one of the best on the market.

Although the Sutro’s are designed to look cool and stylish, Oakley has still kept in mind the performance of these glasses with good ventilation to stop fogging and keeping the design pretty lightweight, with the Sutro’s weighing 31g.

They aren’t the lightest glasses on the market but I would trade off a few grams for the style points any day.

Going back to the ventilation on these glasses, with such a big frame it is hard to get good ventilation to stop the glasses fogging up, but Oakley has done a good job of this and I haven’t experienced any fogging up yet even when sweating away up a steep climb.

With such a big lens in the Sutro’s your vision will not be interrupted but the frame of the glasses at all like you can get with smaller glasses.

The Sutro’s are paired with Oakley’s Prizm lens range which pretty much has a lens to suit any type of activity and weather.

Although Oakley says the Sutro’s have a fixed lens I have purchased a spare low light lens and swap it out quite frequently with my Prizm Road Lens on my pair of Sutro’s.

It isn’t as smooth of a process as you might get with their Jawbreaker glasses but it works fine and hasn’t seemed to damage the lens or glasses.


While wearing the Sutro’s on my mountain bike I have found they do tend to slip slightly if you are going down a rough descent, this could just be my face shape but I have also seen a few other reviews that have said the same thing.

It’s not a deal-breaker for me, you just have to sometimes readjust the glasses after a long descent or particularly bumpy section of track.

Also, as I have said earlier the Sutro’s are made to have a fixed lens although it is possible to change some people may not want to do this as it is not recommended by Oakley. It would be good in the future if the Sutro range could have easier lens changeability.

Who Are These For?

The Oakley Sutro’s are made for people that want great performance but also like to look good on their bikes and follow the new trend of bigger glasses.

These glasses have a wide variety of places you can wear them. Worn by 2019 Tour De France winner Egan Bernal, these glasses have been shown to function well at the highest level of racing, but they also wouldn’t look out of place wearing them as casual glasses.

It’s all personal preference and if you like the look of them you will definitely not be disappointed by the performance.

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