Rating: 4/5

Product Tested: Squirt Long-lasting dry Lube

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Source: Official Website, Amazon

How obtained: Manufacturers sample

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Summary: A thinner (liquid wax-based) formula that lasts 200 miles and doesn’t attract sand, dirt and grit.


  • Goes on quickly and easily, apply like you would regular chain lube.


  • Only about 1,000 miles more chain life than standard oil-based lubes.


Rating: 5/5

Product Tested: Smoove Lube

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Source: Websites

How obtained: Manufacturers sample

Summary: A liquid wax-based lube that is thicker than SQUIRT and lasts 350+ miles.


  • The guys from SMOOVE recommended that the chain only be lubed every 600 miles!


  • So thick that the spout becomes clogged between lubes.


Rating: 3/5

Product Tested: ProGold Lubricant

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Source: Official Website, Amazon

How obtained: Manufacturers sample

Summary: A light viscosity liquid lubricant that dries quickly keeping the drivetrain clean. I re-apply every 100 miles.


  • The go-to lube that most cyclists use.


  • Need to re-apply a lot more frequently.


Bicycle Chain Lube Motorcycle Chain Lube Sport Bike Chain Lube

A while back, I did a very detailed chain and lube test – see biketestreviews.com. Fast-forward a couple years and let’s see how these lubes are holding up.

11-speed chains and name brand chain oils were tested for almost 5 years. For these conventional/oil-based lubes, I followed 5 rules for all tests;

1) I used a new Ultegra chain.
2) I used only one lube for each new chain, i.e., I used the same lube for the entire life of a chain.
3) I applied lube every 200 miles (322 km) and recorded chain wear at each of these intervals.
4) I cleaned the chain just prior to applying new lube.
5) Rode the chain at a consistent high wattage.

All oil-based lubes lasted between 3,200-3,400 miles (5,150 – 5,470 km), and, compared to these oil-based lubes, the wax-based Squirt adds about 1,400 miles (2,253 km) to the life of the chain. SMOOVE adds a phenomenal 124% more life to the chain … that’s about 2.25 X more chain life than with top-tier oil-based chain lubes.

This summary of findings still applies through today.

(Pro-Link, WD-40, Finish Line, White Lightning, Tri Flow, Boeshield T9, Chain-L)
200 miles
320 km
$2.00-$3.003,200-3,400 miles
5,150-5,470 km
*Mobil 1/ Shell Rotella T6
(Full Synthetic Motor Oil)
200 miles
320 km
$0.203,200-3,400 miles
5,150-5,470 km
200 miles
320 km
$3.504,700 miles
7,565 km
650 miles
1,050 km
$3.527,400 miles
11,900 km
Table 1
*For oil-based lubes, you will need to factor in the cost of cleaning chains every 200 miles.


My ‘go-to’ lube is SMOOVE, but I need to keep a small nail nearby since the nozzle will be completely clogged prior to the next lube. As for price/performance, SQUIRT comes in second.

<also, see http://www.smoovelube.com/, https://www.squirtlube.us/ for SMOOVE and GO chain lubes>

A word about GO. This lube is from the same company that makes Squirt. GO is specially formulated as a motorcycle Bicycle Chain Lube Motorcycle Chain Lube Sport Bike Chain Lubechain lube with a very, very thick viscosity. GO can also be used on bicycle chains but, in my opinion, it is a little too thick. This lube is the only lube I use on my Sport Bike since it does NOT fling, a very important trait for motorcycle lubes.

I stopped using oil-based chain lubes after the 1st try. I washed my bike … spotless. Lubed the chain with a high-quality motorcycle oil-based chain-lube and went for a ride. When I got back, oil was thrown all over the rear of the bike, the swing arm, frame, rear wheel, rear tire, rear of the engine/transmission and all over me! This was about the same time I found out about SQUIRT, and that the same company had another lube specifically designed for motorcycles.

OBSERVATIONS – GO has the viscosity that is thicker than a heavy-duty gear oil. GO is even thicker than SMOOVE. For best results, I recommend applying right after a ride when the chain is still warm, otherwise, it is so thick that it will just sit on top of a cold chain. Using this lube on my sport bike, I am getting 10,000+ miles (16,100 km) out of a ‘520’ race chain and rear sprocket which is pretty good for a Honda CBR1000RR. Conventional lubes yield less than ½ of that mileage. Again, reapply every 200 miles and when the chain is warm. Shake the bottle vigorously and have a paperclip nearby to unclog the hole at the end of the applicator.


I’m still using SMOOVE and SQUIRT. A bottle lasts and lasts and lasts. In fact, I still have several bottles left from the test! Chains last longer and there is no noticeable drag in the chain. If you have a motorcycle and especially a sport bike, I highly recommend GO.

All of these lubes are highly recommended.