Garmin Edge 530 Owner Review
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I’ve been using the Garmin Edge 530 for ten months now, and I believe it’s possibly the most outstanding cycle computer the brand has produced.


  • High-quality LED display
  • Easy to scroll while riding
  • Super slim mount
  • Improved navigation
  • Long battery life


  • Button size slightly small
  • No touchscreen
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Garmin 530 MountWhile it lacks the touchscreen capabilities of the 830 or the status of the 1030, it’s just as functional and performs just as well as both models, but at a much lower cost. Additionally, its price-to-feature ratio is unmatched by any of its competitors.

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The only area where it falls short is the position of the positioning and sizing of the buttons, but even that does not cause major concern.

Garmin 530 Owner Review

I have been using the Edge 530 bike computer extensively for almost ten months now, and I must say, it is one of the best bike computers in the market.

Its design is quite similar to its more expensive counterpart, the Garmin Edge 830, but it has some limitations, such as the absence of a touchscreen and some features. However, if you frequently ride in wet or cold conditions and wear gloves, you’ll appreciate the buttons.

In this honest owner review, I will evaluate the Edge 530’s performance in various areas, including its navigation, features, usability, and overall functionality, to help you determine whether it meets your needs and is worth investing in.


Garmin 530The Garmin Edge 530 is a highly capable and versatile navigation device that comes jam-packed with many features, including improved software and satellite coverage.

However, it falls short in some areas, with the rerouting function sometimes failing to provide clear and concise directions, leading to confusion and frustration for the user.

(Note: I live up high in the Japanese mountains, so this could affect the accuracy of the navigation.)

Moreover, the map display on the device is not very user-friendly, which makes it challenging to navigate without having to resort to using a phone for address search or finding nearby points of interest.

In contrast, the Edge 830 offers a more efficient and streamlined interface, making on-the-fly navigation a breeze. Although the Edge 530 has many useful navigation features, it’s limited in some ways.

Training Features And Ecosystem

Garmin 530Garmin is a well-known brand that designs and manufactures top-notch computers for sports enthusiasts, particularly cyclists. These devices are not only adept at collecting and displaying data accurately but also come with numerous apps that enhance their utility.

Apart from the pre-installed apps, you can create your own or download other people’s apps from Garmin IQ Store to tailor the device to your specific needs.

Although I upload my data to the Garmin IQ Connect app, I rarely track it. Instead, I prefer to track all my ride data through the Strava app as I find it much more user-friendly and easy to use.

The Edge 530 is one such device that stands out from the rest, thanks to its ability to connect to an array of sensors, download data rapidly, and establish a connection with your smartphone.

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur cyclist, the Edge 530 can help you monitor your performance and achieve your fitness goals with precision and ease.


The Edge 530 is a device that can connect to other devices using different technologies, such as:

  • ANT+
  • Bluetooth Smart, and
  • Wi-Fi.

The Garmin 530 has numerous features, including the ability to connect to your phone and display notifications like emails, texts, and calls. But it also has some impressive safety features like Crash Detection, which can alert your emergency contacts in case of an accident.

The Edge 530 can also monitor your fitness levels using sensors measuring your:

  • Heart rate
  • Power output
  • Cadence, and
  • Speed (I use a Wahoo speed and cadence sensor and a Polar H10 Heart Strap monitor)

This helps you track your performance and plan your training sessions. Overall, the Edge 530 is a high-end device that provides a lot of useful information and keeps you connected to your phone even when you’re out cycling.

Garmin 530 Mount

Garmin 530 MountGarmin makes solid mounts for your bike. There are two kinds of mounts:

  • One that goes in front of your handlebars and
  • One that attaches directly to your handlebars or stem. (Both mounts come with the Edge 530.)

You can put the mount in front of your handlebars (which I have done, see photo), making it easy to see your device while riding. Or you can attach it directly to your handlebars or stem using rubber bands.

Both mounts feature a twisting mechanism that makes removing your Garmin from your mount easy. This design is so popular that some companies make special adapters to fit it, and others make their own versions to work with Garmin devices.

User Interface

The Edge 530 is a newer version of the Garmin Edge 520. It’s a bit bigger in size, and its screen is now the same as the other more expensive model, the Garmin 830. But the 530 has an advantage over the 830 because it has more buttons that make it easier to use.

Even though it doesn’t have a touchscreen, it’s better because you can use it even if it’s raining or if you’re wearing gloves. Using the Garmin 530 with gloves in winter can be a bit tricky, though.

However, it doesn’t matter too much because it snows from December to March here, so I’m usually stuck on the Wahoo Kickr for three months anyway.

Garmin 530 MountWater Resistance

The Edge 530 boasts an impressive IPX7 rating for water resistance, indicating that it is waterproof and can handle exposure to water. That said, it’s important to note that the Garmin 530 is only rated to withstand up to a meter of water for a maximum of thirty minutes. 

I’ve ridden with the Garmin 530 while it’s raining countless times and never missed a beat. Owners must take necessary precautions to prevent water damage to their Garmin 530 and ensure longevity.


If you’re in the market for a cycling computer packed with features but don’t want to pay the premium for a touchscreen device, the Garmin Edge 530 is a great option. It’s essentially a button-controlled version of the higher-priced Edge 830 with the same features.

The 530 is ideal for cyclists who frequently ride in the rain or wear thick gloves, as it’s easier to operate without a touchscreen. While it’s still a high-end gadget, the Edge 530 is more affordable than its touchscreen counterpart.

Who Is The Wahoo Garmin 530 For?

Garmin 530 MountAfter ten months of daily use, the Edge 530 has proven to be a highly versatile cycling computer that caters to the needs of both professional cyclists and weekend-warriors.

The Garmin 530 offers a wide range of performance metrics and provides a great deal of customization, enabling riders to personalize their cycling experience. This makes it suitable for all types of riding, from leisurely rides to intense training sessions.

Although it may have limitations, the Edge 530 does a great job for riders who want to focus on the most important aspect of cycling – the ride itself.

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