I sweat a lot when cycling. Usually so much that I have to remove my sunglasses to see. Looking at different solutions to remedy this, I have tried many types of headbands and head wraps that supposedly stop the sweat – at least for a little while until they get completely saturated then start leaking down the forehead and into the eyes.

After seeing the Halo Headband products at a trade show, I contacted them for a solution. They sent me several different styles to try. I settled in on the Halo II as the one that fit me the best and matched my type of cycling.


6The technology behind the Halo products is two-fold, (1) Antimicrobial Dryline® fabric absorbs the sweat, then quickly wicks it away, and (2) a soft silicon SweatBlock seal channels the sweat towards the side of the head, away from the eyes and face.

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Pulling on the Halo II for the first time, I noticed that it was fairly tight. This headband can be pre-stretched by gently pulling on the material, but a snug fit is necessary. When putting on my helmet, I had to loosen the helmets’ tension adjustment slightly. Next, I adjusted the headband to make sure it sat as close to my eyebrows as possible. Target no more than 1/4” (6.35mm) above the eyebrows. The reason is so that the silicon SweatBlock Seal will be low enough on the forehead so that it can redirect the maximum amount of sweat that will be dripping from your head and forehead.


The Halo II’s one-size-fits-all design fits perfectly under the helmet. Although it fits snug, it was still very comfortable. There’s plenty of room under the helmet and it does not interfere with sunglasses.


I am happy to report that the HALO II works as advertised, blocking and redirecting sweat to the sides of the face!  I experienced only a bare minimum amount of sweat coming off my eyebrows and most importantly, I was able to keep my sunglasses on for the entire ride!

After the ride, you can either throw the Halo into the washing machine with your cycling clothes, or hand wash in a sink. One headband will last several seasons. They are designed and built well.4


There are a wide range of Halo products available  with the Sweat Block silicon strip. Products that can be used during either summer or winter activities, and most of these products come in a wide range of colors.

Each product is built with quality in mind – both quality fabrics and quality construction.


Not only for cycling, this headband can be used for many other sports. I have used the HALO II headband on more than a dozen rides  and I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t ride without it.

This product works as advertised, has a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects, AND is made in the U.S.A.

I highly recommend this product for year-round cycling. I also recommend that you check out their other products as well – all built to last and work as advertised!