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I was supposed to test the Zero-G compression-less brake and shifter sets. What came in the mail was the Zero-G Brake system and a standard Stainless Steel cable kit (packaged in the Zero-G box). So, for this article, I will be testing the Zero-G brake set.Anatomy of a cable housing

I called Clarks to discuss this issue and they said they would look into what happened and then send out the correct shifter cable kit. This was a number of months ago and I have not heard back from them yet.

To summarize, it is very apparent that Clarks wants to go light. While most manufacturers use steel braiding for the brake housing, Yokozuna uses alloy, Clarks uses an even lighter Kevlar™ braiding. This is about as light as you can go. I believe this is a fantastic idea since Kevlar is very strong and stretch resistant. Clarks also uses cables that are a little on the thinner side. Yes, it really looks like Clarks wants to go as light as possible with their cablesets.


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This was a very standard/typical installation, except, after using the cable cutters on the brake housing; I needed to use scissors to cut the Kevlar.

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Cables installed

But watch out since you need to be extra careful when cutting the Kevlar since the ‘braiding’ will want to unwind – then you got a mess! I found it best to tape around the housing where you want to cut. The tape seems to hold the Kevlar together from unraveling.


  • GEAR SYSTEM (7161)
    • Waterproofing in Housing
    • CNC machined anodized ferrules
    • PTFE coating on cables
    • PTFE coating on cable ends
    • Kevlar reinforced housing for positive shifting
  • BRAKE SYSTEM (7160)
    • Waterproofing in Housing
    • CNC machined anodized ferrules
    • PTFE coating on cables
    • PTFE coating on cable ends
    • Kevlar reinforced housing for positive braking

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Since I had only had the brake system to test, that is all that I tested.

Brake Lever Pull – Even though the brake lever drag was double that of Shimano Dura Ace 9000, the lever action was still very smooth. The cables did not compress even during heavy braking and I had all of the modulation of the Shimano 7900 system. It did not feel quite as crisp and controllable as the Yokozuna, Nokon, or Shimano 9000, but it is every bit as good, in fact a little better than the stock Dura Ace 7900 OEM sets.

I will retest the shifters when they send me the Zero-G shifter kit.


PTFE coating appears very durable and does not appear likely to ‘unravel’ and start fraying like other cable systems.

Unique Kevlar solution and thinner cables makes this a truly lightweight system.


Brake system not as smooth as other systems tested.

Wrong shift kit sent


Pricing, it’s on par with Yokozuna (in fact, Yokozuna is $1 less per cable kit, and Yokozuna is a much smoother system).

Although the brake system is an improvement over the Dura-Ace 7900, the performance was only slightly better. For those concerned with weight, this is the system for you, for everyone else, I would recommend Dura-Ace 9000, Yokozuna or NOKON.

RATING: 4/5 – (Brake System only)

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