Wizard Works Lil Presto Barrel Bag
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If you want a handlebar bag that will work well for all kinds of journeys and look good with any bike, then the Wizard Works Lil Presto! should be at the top of your list. It’s spacious, well-built, and rock-solid even when put on rough surfaces.


  • Versatility: A bag that can be used on and off your bike
  • Adjustability: Optional spacers and straps to adjust and wear anytime
  • Variety: Several customizable color options
  • Amplitude: A spacious bag that fits more items than we thought
  • Bag straps lock exceptionally well underneath the handlebar and seat rail


  • A lack of cushioning in the case of falling
  • Spacious but with a lack of appropriate inner item organization
  • The straps are prone to be misplaced if not appropriately tightened
  • The body seems more weatherproof rather than waterproof
  • The spacers only create more clutter. Avoid buying them.
  • The bag straps can easily be misplaced if not appropriately tightened
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Wizard Works, a UK-based company, produces a variety of trendy, hand-made, bike-specific bags in London, ranging from basket bags to handlebar snack bags that combine style and comfort. The Lil Presto, a barrel-shaped, handlebar cycling bag, is the perfect blend of functionality and versatility for those looking to invest in a cycling bag for the first time.

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This bag is exceptionally well-built and should last for many years. Its hand-made construction and impressive storage features make it easy to install on your handlebars in seconds.

The barrel-shaped body is remarkably spacious and rigid, ensuring the bag remains sturdy while also providing enough flexibility to accommodate various items. When mounted underneath, it remains silent and stable, allowing you to store as many items as you like without worrying about any damage or noise while riding.

The straps are highly flexible and can quickly wrap around your handlebar, even if you have a non-aero handlebar.

Main Features

The bag is wrapped in a waterproof Cordura outer fabric and lined with a waterproof nylon fabric, making it surprisingly weather and water-resistant.

Despite riding in a highly rainy country for approximately a year, the bag has yet to be weathered, and my mirrorless camera has endured multiple rides without any scratches or water damage. In case of heavy rain, you can easily protect your items by wrapping them in a ziplock bag.

The zipper includes a hook that facilitates the opening and closing of the barrel bag, making it easy to manipulate the bag with one finger while riding your bike. The bag is flexible enough to withstand falls without compromising your stored items.

One main criticism of this cycling bag is that it may obstruct the use of headlights. However, it provides various clipping areas to install your headlights in front of it. Assuming you have enough bike and tire clearance, you can clip your front or rear headlights with the barrel bag mounted.

When you’re done riding your bike, you can use the optional, adjustable shoulder straps to wear it as an everyday carry bag. This makes it ideal for those looking to invest in a functional and aesthetically pleasing bag that can be used as an everyday handbag.

The spacious storage space provides more than enough room to store all your items, but it lacks appropriate compartment spacing to keep everything organized, which can be an issue when riding and searching for your items.

Additional Features

The bag comes with two side pockets that are perfect for storing smaller items like extra cash or car keys. Although the pockets remain open, they can still secure items without much compromise. We suggest using them for your disposable items.

The Voile Nano Straps are compact and easy to clip without any hassle. Its adjustable strapping system firmly tightens the barrel bag under all circumstances.

However, my only concern is that they tend to open and slide from the barrel bag when not tied to the bike. This happens because they lack locking tension. To avoid misplacing them, we suggest storing them somewhere safe.

The optional cushions can be helpful in avoiding friction with your bike. Although sold separately, they are worth having if the front cables are well-organized.

However, the cushions may struggle to remain still, but they will ensure that your bag does not cause excessive friction, preventing your bike from getting scratched.

Personal Feedback

When I purchase any bike accessory, I value versatility and practicality. This bag is not only my go-to cycling bag, but also my everyday carry bag. I use it to ride my bike, run errands, and even as a personal camera bag, and it works without any issues. This is the ideal cycling bag for those who prefer a versatile, everyday-use bag.

However, the cycling bag has a larger build that adds significant weight and takes up space that most cyclists use to install their headlights. I believe this may become an issue that most people fail to account for and may lead to buying a secondary bag with a more minimalistic storage setup space.

Video Review


I use my Lil Presto Barrel Bag on a daily basis. For first-time buyers, it may have a steeper price, but we suggest finding the closest online dealer since the store delivers from limited locations to ensure your cycling bag arrives faster than expected and to avoid paying additional costs.

We suggest skipping the additional items sold separately, such as the cushions, which are unreliable and can fall off quite easily. The best optional accessory is the shoulder strap, which you can use when walking.

We would also recommend buying an extra pair of bag straps since they are difficult to find as replacements in retail stores, and they can be easily misplaced if they are tightened underneath the handlebars.

The lack of compartments in the bag results in a rattling space inside, which can make the bag cluttered. We expected this bag to have a better storage solution, but we can only do our best to distribute items inside the bag neatly.

Recently, the store began offering a customizable barrel bag for those who prefer specific color schemes. They have a vast assortment of colors, but they don’t provide a clear preview of how they’ll look on your customized barrel bag. Instead, the website includes a black and white sketch of the barrel bag with marked areas so you can get a basic idea of which areas will receive a specific color.

If you want a handlebar bag that will work well for all kinds of journeys and look good with any bike, then the Wizard Works Lil Presto! should be at the top of your list. It’s spacious, well-built, and rock-solid even when put on rough surfaces.

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