Shimano S-Phyre Shoes Review
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Shimano S-Phyre Shoes are comfortable, look great, and they perform.


  • Looks Amazing
  • Super Lightweight
  • Stiff and really connect you to the bike


  • Price
  • Can’t use all types of cleat on each shoe
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When it comes to cycling, it’s worth investing money into good gear, especially when it comes to the bike’s contact points. When we speak about contact points, we’re talking about the saddle, handlebars, and shoes. Investing extra money in these points goes a long way and can just make your riding much more enjoyable.

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A very common question we are asked is about Shimano shoes. Shimano makes many sets of shoes, from cheap and cheerful to Tour de France race specification shoes.

The best of the range is the legendary Shimano S-Phyre and the choice of many professionals. Are they as good as everyone says they are?


I have been riding the S-Phyre shoes for the past four years. I have multiple different versions and used them for racing ultra distance, time trailing, and even used them for mountain biking. I have been lucky enough to use many different versions and covered over 100,000km.

Who is Shimano?

You might not have heard much about Shimano if you haven’t been cycling long. They are a giant in the cycling industry and make a huge amount of products from gearing components, clothing, and also finishing kits from one of their sister companies PRO.

What are the sizes and types?

There’s a huge range of different S-Phyre shoes to choose from. Sizing typically, you will see them as small as a 36 to a 48. We think it’s an ideal sizing range and perfect for the majority of riders. Then you have other options such as wide and standard shoes. We love this because very few companies offer this, and having wider shoes goes a long way.

Not only do you get many different types of shoes, but they also come in a wide range of colors, such as white, black, red, green, Shimano blue, and many other different colors.

You also get a few different versions to suit different kinds of riding, such as Road, MTB, Track, and even a special edition Road Racing Dura-Ace version.

So you have plenty to choose from. We also love that they have women’s versions and that the male and female shoes should be designed differently.

Do they look cool?

The first thing to mention about the Shimano S-Phyre Shoes is they look incredible. I have them in a bright green and the beautiful electric Shimano Blue.

I am constantly asked about them, and I feel they are just a cut above the rest when it comes to design. They are sleek and stand out from the crowd, and in the right light, they just gleam.

What are they made of?

The upper material of the shoes is Microfiber Synthetic Leather with Mesh, the sole is made of Carbon Fiber, and the insole is a high-density cup and comes with different pads to change the arches to suit the rider. This provides not just great comfort but also it gives you incredible stiffness.

What cleats do they use?

On the S-Phyre shoes, it depends completely on the shoes you choose. If you go with the road shoes, they will have SPD-SL. If you go with the Mountain Bike versions, you will have SPD. Whatever discipline you pick, you will have the correct cleat attachment for your riding.

How do they tighten?

They tighten with the aid of two Boas. Boas are the small little discs that, when turned clockwise, pull a wire which tightens the shoes from multiple places.

It’s an excellent system which we highly approve of and as far as shoe technology goes, the best currently on the market. They have recently updated them on the newer model to make them more reliable and even easier to use.

Are they comfortable?

Cycling shoes are very challenging for companies. This is because they need to be super stiff for racing, have excellent ventilation, be very light, and have a high level of comfort.

As a rider, I typically, on long-distance multi-day rides, have found myself suffering from hot feet. This is foot pain from riding too much. As soon as I went over to these shoes, it was fixed instantly, and to this day, I haven’t had any issues.

I personally find them very comfortable, but we all have different feet. What works for many people though, is the larger-width shoes as they just give your feet some breathing room, and also, when it does get warm, or your feet get a little swollen, you have that extra space. I also love the Boas.

Not only are these great for keeping the shoe tight, but they are very easy to loosen even when riding. One thing to mention is they did take me a few rides to loosen them up for them to be at 100% of the comfort level they offer.

Do they perform?

S-Phyre Shoes
Changing your shoe won’t make you faster typically but improves the experience. The things I noticed about these shoes which made the difference for me were this;


When you ride the Shimano S-Phyre shoes, you feel very connected to the bike, and the stiffness of these shoes gives the bike such amazing power transfer. The Boas help lock your foot into place, and they feel very supportive.


One thing that I noticed was just how light the shoes are. Coming in at 240g, they are incredibly light, and you can feel it when you pick them up and put them on. The MTB versions are heavier, but you can walk in them much easier.

Cleat positioning

Shimano has made it easy, as on the bottom, you have reference points of where you’re attaching the cleats, and you could easily make adjustments knowing exactly where you’re moving it too. This went a long way for me, and as a bike fitter myself, if all my clients had these, it would make my life so much easier.

Do they last?

I have been using the shoes for many miles, and they haven’t given me any reason yet to want to change them. They are not splitting anywhere, and even after 40,000km, they are in great condition. You can replace parts such as the heel plate and vents if required, which I thought was a lovely touch.

Are they worth the money?

These shoes are not cheap, and you could be looking at around $250 to $300. They are a shoe that, when you buy, you’re going to be making an excellent investment and honestly well worth every penny.


I personally think these shoes are very special, and Shimano has done a fantastic job on them. I can see why so many pro riders favor them. They are comfortable, look great, and they perform.

What more can you ask for in a shoe. The only negative thing is that they are at the top of the price range but completely worth every penny.

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