Scott Stego Plus Enduro Helmet Review
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With optimal protection and unmatched versatility, this helmet is the perfect choice for enhancing, updating, or simplifying your helmet collection. We recommend using it for any riding style, with the exception of downhill biking.


  • MIPS certified
  • Highly protective
  • GoPro compatible
  • Headlight compatible
  • Highly ventilated
  • Quick Dry
  • Stylish and aesthetically pleasing


  • Not downhill approved
  • Not practical for long-distance riding
  • Price may be a deterrent
  • A limited set of color options
  • The warranty policy is unclear
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Prioritizing investment in a highly protective helmet is crucial to ensuring the safety of your head without sacrificing comfort in the event of a crash.

With the ever-changing biking trends, finding a helmet that serves all needs can be stressful. Whether you ride multiple disciplines or a single discipline, this is a wise investment you have to make.

Rider feedback plays a vital role in developing the ideal, up-to-date helmet. The bike brand Scott offers their in-house Stego Plus Enduro helmet as a response to riders seeking comprehensive protection, functionality, durability, and versatility in a mountain bike helmet.

The SCOTT Stego Plus helmet innovates in safety and functionality. It’s MIPS certified to ensure you can ride with confidence anywhere.

Whether you ride cross country or an Enduro descent, this helmet will protect your head. It also provides space to store your goggles, and sunglasses and an interchangeable secondary visor to mount action cameras.

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Main Features

This helmet has one of the most researched and developed shells possible, with the optimal protection and comfort you get from any bike helmet. For those unfamiliar with the term MIPS, it stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

It’s a Brain Protection inner layer that provides protection accuracy on the most vulnerable areas of your head upon crashing. Upon crashing, your head receives well-distributed protection, shifting focus on areas prone to any significant concussion.

The helmet has a very comfortable cushioning feel when placed on your head. Each thread rests very well on your head, thus properly isolating it from the main shell, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe ride.

It dries quickly at all times, preventing excessive perspiration and unpleasant odors. Leave it to air out for a day, and it will be ready the next day, free of any unwanted dampness or smells.

Importantly, both goggles and sunglasses users can be confident that this helmet offers ample space to position their goggles beneath the visor and sunglasses atop the ventilation gaps. Whether you’re navigating diverse bike trails or taking a break, the helmet ensures a secure fit for your eyewear.

The adjustable visor only requires the use of your hands. Loosen the two side screws with your hands to adjust them to your preference and ride comfortably.

Additional Features

In our tests, the helmet’s versatility proved to be highly impressive. It is suitable for various disciplines, from cross-country rides to trail biking, without significant compromises. We don’t recommend it for Downhill since it’s not a full-face helmet.

The helmet provides an additional visor that includes a mount for action cameras. It works best for GoPros, and we can’t guarantee its compatibility with other cameras. Once installed, adjust the angle to fit your GoPro, providing a more stable POV or follow camera.

Interestingly, the mount works also for specific headlights, such as the Garmin Varia headlight. Those who ride in the morning will find this helpful.

Personal Feedback

I purchased this helmet to upgrade my gear, and it was a worthwhile investment. As a rider who traverses diverse terrains in a country with high temperatures, this helmet handles every aspect of the ride exceptionally well. It gives me the confidence to hone my skills without feeling at risk.

The comfort surpassed my expectations, with the inner cushion resting comfortably atop my head, maintaining a moderate temperature. As a minimalist rider who prefers to limit helmet purchases, this one serves the functions of multiple helmets.

Although the price may initially seem steep, it’s important to remember that head protection is essential. This helmet offers a long-term, unique investment that bolsters my confidence and overall safety.

That said, it’s worth shopping around, as I’ve found the same helmet at a lower price elsewhere. Helmet prices may vary depending on location, so don’t be discouraged.

Remarkably, this helmet shows no signs of wear and tear. While it’s possible I haven’t subjected it to enough stress, it still looks brand new after a year of use.

The black color might contribute to its durability and sleek appearance, but regardless of the chosen color, the helmet’s material and included bag should suffice to keep it clean and scratch-free over time.

From an aesthetic standpoint, this helmet is one of the most visually appealing options on the market. I’d go so far as to say it’s the best-looking helmet compared to others that may appear too dorky or bulky.

I appreciate the balanced combination of style and construction, making it suitable for pairing with both baggy and compression clothing.

The warranty policy for the helmet remains unclear, as the website only mentions warranties for Scott Bikes. Regardless of whether a helmet warranty policy exists, I highly recommend contacting your local Scott Bikes Dealer for more information, as most of these shops are authorized dealers representing Scott products.

As a general rule, most helmets come with a 1-2 year warranty with specific guidelines to validate or void your warranty. Be sure to store the physical or digital copy of your receipt, which includes the date of helmet purchase.

Final Verdict

Head protection is a non-negotiable aspect of bike riding, but the value you place on it may vary. The Scott Stego Plus helmet has proven to be an innovative solution across various off-road mountain biking disciplines.

This helmet combines the functions of multiple helmets, offering versatility to store goggles, sunglasses, and even the option to install a visor for mounting action cameras. If you’re looking to purchase a mountain bike helmet that enhances head safety without breaking the bank, this helmet is an ideal choice for refreshing and simplifying your helmet collection as desired.

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