NALINI 2014 Summer Collection
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Nalini has a hit home run with this jersey and bibs. Very comfortable fit, soft materials, breathable and quick-wicking. I can honestly say this new Summer 2014 Pro Collection is among the best and most comfortable cycling clothing I have ever worn!

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STORICA TI Jersey: Check here

SETTANTA Bib Shorts: Check here

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Can be purchased through Nalini dealers and websites

Made In: Italy

Features: Compression-style fabrics for a perfect fit. Comfortable Grippers on Jersey’s arm bands and waist. Bibs are a very comfortable and stretchable compression fit.



  • Club race cut fit.
  • Very Comfortable, Breathable, and Stretchable.
  • Silicon grippers in Arms and Waist.
  • 4 styles to choose from.
  • 6 sizes available S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.



  • Great race-cut compression fit.
  • New top of the line pad.
  • Soft and stretchable materials coupled with flat seams make for great comfort.
  • Wide rubberized leg grippers.
  • 6 sizes available S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
  • Even includes two pockets, one for the team radio, one for the battery!



  • 3/4 zipper, I prefer full zippers.



  • Extremely long legs that go to the top of the knee. Some might prefer shorter cut legs.
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You can’t go wrong with the same clothing company (MOA SPORT) that supplied Vincenzo Nibali and his Pro Team Astana their clothing for the 2014 Tour de France.

MOA is better known as NALINI, and have been manufacturing cycling sportswear for over 40 years from fabric development to finished garment. Nalini was initially a revolutionary new chamois material and design, and continues to this day, to be known for high quality cycling clothing.

MOA SPORT develops different NALINI COLLECTIONS, highly technical and at the same time good-looking, resulting from constant research and study on fabrics and details.

If you are like most cyclists, a little too large for race cut, but too small for the ‘tourist’ cut, then Nalini’s Storica/Settanta product line is just for you. This line features a snug fit without severely constricting the body. Snug enough so that the material does NOT flap around in the wind, but loose enough for extreme comfort.

The Storica Ti jersey is classified as a Regular-Fit meaning it is has more of a ‘club race’ cut than a race cut. The jersey fits a little looser and is not too body hugging for us regular cyclists. Also, for those of us who want comfortable hi-tech fabrics which maximize freedom of movement, what sets this jersey apart is the silky soft fabric. It’s very comfortable even without a base layer. Nalini classifies the Storica TI between a Lightweight and Medium Weight, so, it runs a little thicker material and is best used below 90°F.

The synthetic fibers of this jersey are called MantoDry. A breathable material to keep the body cool and dry. This fabric absorbs the sweat and transports it quickly to the outside where it can easily evaporate. The result is that the body stays drier and more comfortable, and the jersey stays light and fresh.

MantoDry is easy to care for, just throw it in the washer. It has great soil release capacity (it quickly sheds dirt, sweat and stink) and won’t shrink even when washed on WARM.

BIB SHORTS: SETTANTA (with Series 3.2 D/80 Pad)

Settanta bibs are also classified as medium weight regular-fit with a technical cut that is very comfortable to wear. Race-cut bibs are on the extreme tight side, relaxed club-cut is on the extreme baggy/loose side, the Settanta bibs are about in between, but closer to the race-cut making them the perfect cut for those who want tighter fitting bibs that aren’t exaggeratedly tight. These bibs are extremely stretchy which (a) contribute to the comfortable fit and (b) they aren’t too tight as to constrict the body.

The top features of these bibs include breathable bib straps, twin pockets, 3” wide silicone-type leg grippers, muscle support compression fit Lycra fabric with UV protection, and a 3D chamois with groove cutouts.

These bibs were very comfortable, lightweight and performed well. The only very small nit-pick is that they are 26cm (10.25”) shorts which makes them about 6cm longer in the legs than conventional 20cm (7.9”) shorts. The bottom of the legs were right at the top of my knees. But, after several miles of riding, I didn’t notice the extra length.


The chamois is another very important aspect when choosing bib shorts. Manufacturers ‘match’ the chamois to the qualities of the bid. In other words, they would not make a loose-cut Long Distance Bib and sew in a minimalist racing chamois. The Series 3.2 D/80 chamois are classified as a training chamois, but I would consider them pro level quality. They are a formed pad with three different thicknesses and three different padding densities and are designed to lessen the pressure on the perineal / prostate area, and gives excellent support to the ischial bones.

Nalini has 3 classifications of pads, Pro, Training, Long Distance.

  • Pro – The chamois are designed for the most competitive riders who prefer low thickness, minimal density and minimal size.
  • Training – These chamois are for all riders, beginners or amateur, both for long routes as well as MTB bikes. Low thickness, medium density, ergonomic and protective shape – grooves built into the chamois which alleviate pressure where needed most. The right balance between comfort and performance
  • Long Distance – These high-density chamois are for long road and off-road routes, for comfort and superior protection in the saddle for all day rides.


Both the Jersey and Bibs come in 6 sizes, S, M, LG, XL, XXL, XXXL. Remember, compared to USA clothing, most European clothing will fit 1 size smaller than what you are used to. Nalini is probably closer to ¾ size difference. For example, if you normally take a USA size L, go with Nalini XL. In my experience, other companies, such as Santini SMS and De Marchi, run almost 2 sizes smaller.


The jersey and bibs were extremely comfortable, semi hugging, not too loose, not too tight, just right. The jersey’s fabric was ultra-soft and ultra-smooth. There was no itching or sore spots when wearing the jersey without a base layer. Some jerseys constrict the under-arms, but not this jersey. Even after a 4-hour ride, there was no itching, scraping, constricting or chafing.

With just the right amount of compression, the bibs were extremely comfortable and supportive as well. The other feature I like is the 7cm-wide (2.75”) silicon leg grippers. They gripped the legs with enough pressure so the bibs did not ride up, but not too tight as to be restrictive and uncomfortable. I am now getting to the point that I cannot wear the old style 1/2” wide leg grippers anymore. Over the past year, I have been primarily wearing bibs that have this new style ultra-wide (2” – 2.75”) silicon grippers.

Last week, I wore some old bibs that had the old style grippers and, about an hour into the ride, I started getting a severe pain on the hamstring tendon. Since the old style grippers are only 1/2” wide, these grippers need to be built tighter which ended up constricting my lateral hamstring tendons. OUCH! These old bibs are now retired. The following ride, wearing the Settanta’s, I experienced no pain what so ever.


MOA/Nalini has new collections coming out each season so it makes sense to check their website often. For a great summary of products being imported into the USA, check out Albabici’s website {}. Right now, Albabici has available for sale Winter Pro Collection, Summer Collection, Base Collection, Cycling Shoes Collection and Underwear Collection.

Nalini truly makes high quality products and I highly recommend them!