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Innovative one-handed pump head that does both Schrader/Presta

Product Tested: TaggioPro Pump Head

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Best Features: Easy Snap-on/Snap-off pump head.


  • Easy on easy off pump head for Presta and Schrader
  • Pump head come in gray, red or green
  • Several ways to mount the pump head one-handed
  • Fits most floor pumps.


  • Takes a little getting used to, in other words, you need  to practice a few times to be able mount the pump head to the valve without losing all of the air.
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TaggioPro Pump Head


The Taggio Pro Pump Head comes in a single-pack, 3-pack, 5-pack or 10-pack. Also included are a TaggioPro Pump Headhose clamp and instruction sheet.  The other items that you will need;
  1. Your favorite Pump.
  2. Scissors or wire cutters (if you cannot remove the original pump head). Alternatively you can purchase an air hose to mount the TaggioPro pump head onto.
  3. Pliers to expand the hose clamp for installation

Disconnect the original pump head by first disconnecting any locking screw then, you can either cut the hose or just as easy, wiggle the pump head back and forth while pulling on the hose. The original pump head will usually separate from its hose in no more than 30 seconds. Lastly, slide the supplied hose clamp onto the hose then slide the male end of the TaggioPro onto the end of the hose. Using your own supplied pliers, attach the provided  hose clamp to the end of the hose and that’s all there is to the assembly.


I setup and used the TaggioPro pump head for both Schrader and Presta valves. For me, I decided to install the TaggioPro onto its own hose.  Installation took less than a minute. If you need any additional guidance, TaggioPro has a lot of great information via videos on their website.  After a little practice, inflating tires/tubes is as easy as 1-2-3.TaggioPro Pump Head
  1. Select Schrader or Presta (S or P)
  2. Connect TaggioPro pump head – 2 ways to connect. Videos below show both ways.
    • One-handed; place thumb over top of the pump head and pull up on the ring. This compresses the spring allowing the pump head to expand. Once the pump head has expanded, it slips easily over the valve stem. After releasing the ring, give the pump head an extra push to lock it into place. Tires can be filled just as easy with the valve stem up or the valve stem down. Alternatively, you can mount the pump head in one quick motion. See videos below.
    • Two-handed; pull up on the ring as described above but this time use index and middle finger of each hand to straddle the ring. Snap the pump head over valve stem and push down to lock. Again, tires can be filled just as easy with valve stem up or valve stem down.
  3. Disconnect pump head by quickly pulling the ring.



As pumps start to wear out, the first thing to go is gauge accuracy followed by the drying out of the rubber plunger gasket which TaggioPro Pump Headmakes for more work to pump to the 110 PSI needed for many bicycle tires.


Pump heads also wear out. First to go is the valve stem grommet which seals the pump head to the valve stem. This is designed to prevent air from escaping while pumping up a tire. Next to go is usually the locking lever that locks the pump head onto the valve stem.

These break or get hard to toggle. I know I have bent more than my fair share of Presta valve core plungers due to a sticking pump head lever. In fact, recently, using another brands pump/pump head, my finger slipped off the locking lever as it proceeded to snap shut slicing my finger open.


That’s where this pump head is different. Even though there is a rubber valve stem gasket, there is no locking lever so it’s operation is simple, easy and smooth. In fact,. The very next day the TaggioPro pump head arrived and it’s been my ‘go to’ pump head ever since.


This is an easy and safe to use, efficient pump head. Simple to operate that flips easily between Schrader and Presta.