Topeak Burrito Pack Seat Bag Review
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The Topeak Burrito Wrap is an original option for those looking for a more compact and versatile storage solution than the traditional saddlebags that keeps their valuables dry.​ With a burrito resemblance, this seat bag has three internal compartments for your essentials that strap on the seat rail or multiple parts of your bike frame.


  • The premium build fabric barely wears out
  • The price is right
  • It’s weather-resistant
  • The straps work on any part of the bike’s frame
  • The three pockets fold neatly


  • It is a road bike-oriented bicycle seat bag
  • A vague storage approach can create clutter
  • They only offer one color option
  • It can block the rear light visibility
  • It’s unlikely to store your smartphone
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The Issue At Hand

Cycling bags are notorious for their cluttered and dorky designs. Most bags vaguely fit on bicycle rails with the most confusing storage approach.

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The main complaint is how these bags are generic, and they become a short-term solution that needs some serious overhaul.

A Burrito Shaped Bag Solution

Topeak is well known for its cycling-dedicated accessories that blend with the cyclist’s necessities. From multi-tools to floor pumps and even cycling phone cases, the brand listens well to its customer base and delivers innovative cycling gadgets.

The Topeak Burrito Pack is a mini cycling bag to store your cycling essentials in a burrito-shaped bag that straps on any part of your bike. The bag is minimalistic and carries the items in an orderly manner. It results in a cycling bag that requires almost no effort to mount while storing your items visibly and functionally.

The installation is simple. Once your items get stored in each pocket, fold the main flap cover to get a horizontal shape. From there, fold inwardly on each side and secure them with the two bands. Finally, loop the velcro on whichever part of the bike frame you prefer.

The premium velcro strap avoids having a fuzzy and thick texture to maintain adherence and flexibility when it gets looped. You can strap on as many parts of the frame as you want.

In addition, the two elastic bands secure the two ends so they never come off unless we pull them out. As a pro tip, these same elastic bands can hold additional items outside the bag just in case you need to loop a car key ring or some cash.

Storage Decluttered And Made Easy

Most cycling bags can mount to the seat rails and the seat post. What’s more frustrating is how inconveniently the stored items get jammed inside. Finding an item requires you to scour and put them back inside, resulting in a cluttered bag.

With the Topeak Burrito Pack, the bag expands wide enough to display your items segmented to skip the task of reorganizing your stored items.

The bag is so easy to manage, and unlike most cycling bags, you can organize it as you want and store more items than a standard cycling bag would allow.

Some users complain they don’t like to remove it from the bike to open it. I can assure you that although it might be a trade-off, having clean and well-distributed storage trumps fumbling through a tight bag that can barely store a couple of small items.

Shortcomings And Grievances

Cycling bags are a fluctuating trend. Some people love them, and some people dislike them. If you’re okay with carrying additional weight on your bike, then by all means, this bag is perfect. Otherwise, don’t overlook how the bag would mount before it gets in the way of other bags, bottles, or suspension forks.

Also, other brands offer the same burrito-shaped bag with little to no difference in how they build theirs. I can assure you they have a flimsy and loose fabric that can risk your items.

Additionally, this cycling bag can vary in storage capacity. Depending on what you like to carry, you may struggle to store the items well, and they may hang below the seat rail if it’s not stored well.

What’s In My Burrito Pack?

My setup is so simple that it’s become my long-term, set-and-forget cycling bag setup. I use mine as a road cycling bag that stores one inner tube, a hand pump, and my multi-tool.

Some people suggest switching to lighter versions of these items. The Tubolito offers more compact inner tubes, and a CO2 canister replaces a hand pump; I’d much rather wait until I use what I have and replace them with smaller and more lightweight options to make my setup more minimal than before.

Mountain bikers may realize that they might struggle to fit more than one inner tube and that higher-pressure hand pumps are too big to go inside. I’d suggest buying this cycling bag if you’re a cross-country cyclist.

Issues like dropper seat posts, unstable terrains, or overly flexible frames can compromise the bag’s adherence.


The Topeak Burrito Pack is ideal for road cyclists since it can work better with the seat rail and the entire bike frame. The cycling bag industry never ceases to show different styles, and if you prioritize practicality and aesthetics, this bag checks both boxes.

Items like inner tubes, CO2 Canisters, hand pumps, and even patching kits fit perfectly, and I can count how many times I’ve had to unpack to access them with one hand. It removes weight from places like my jersey to refine my cycling gear storage setup to keep a lean and readily stored item.

Overall, I like how low profile and elegant it looks. I like its compact and versatile design that’s refined my storage setup. Those under a budget and wanting to venture into the cycling bag space can start with this burrito bag.

The price is justifiable and works across many bikes. Buy it to overhaul your cycling bag lineup for a leaner and more organized storage setup.

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