Hanging your bike vertically on the wall from the front rim is generally safe for most bikes, but it requires careful consideration of factors like wheel material, tire pressure, and bike type, with a recommendation to use proper bike hanging hooks and regularly check and maintain the bike while it’s hung. Read on to learn more.


We are often asked this question: Is it possible to hang your bike on the wall vertically from the front rim? Yes, you can, but there is some situation that we wouldn’t advise doing this, or you might need to make a few changes to make it work.

Before we start, it is essential to understand this is different depending on different bikes, and we’re going to split it down to explain if it’s a good idea or not, then run through things you might want to do to make it safer for your bike.

Every Bike is Different

The first thing to think about is how different every bike is. Not all bikes are built the same, and even if they might be the same model, each shop providing the sale might equip the bike with different parts. So when it comes to hanging your bike, you have to understand what you’re doing.

Although we will break this down into different bikes, be cautious, and if you see any issues occurring while hanging your bike, avoid doing it.

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What Hooks?

The first thing we recommend is to use proper bike hanging hooks. The reason we say this is because there are many different hooks on the market, but some can damage your wheels.

We recommend one from a bike distributor. When attaching them to the wall, they are solid.

I would also highly recommend a hook with some form of padding on the contact point. If you’re using an alloy wheel, this will protect it from scratches, and if you’re using a carbon wheel, this will protect the lacquered surface.

Hanging a Mountain Bike

When hanging a mountain bike, the first thing you need to think about is the front wheel, and this is where it clips onto the hook you plan to hang it on.

If you’re using an alloy or carbon wheel, you will want to hang this and make sure it is not touching the nipples on the wheel rim where the spokes attach. Ensure that the hook has a protective element in the right place at the contact point.

Many people ask about the suspension being up at the wrong angle and whether it will damage the seals. You will not need to worry here, and it is advised every so often to turn the bike upside down so the lubrication in the forks can get into all the places that it needs to.

You will probably wonder if it is the same with the brakes, and providing your system is adequately bled, the bike will be absolutely fine, and you have nothing at all to worry about.

Hanging a Road Bike

Compared to mountain bikes, road bikes are a lot lighter typically but have much more fragile components. Naturally, many road bikes have aerodynamic wheels, and you’re going to need to make sure these fit correctly and not force the wheel inside of the hanger and end up damaging the rim. Also, make sure it is protected at the contact point.

As with the mountain bike, you will find that the brakes provided properly bled will not be an issue. You will find that road bike frames are very fragile, especially carbon fiber, so you’re going to want to make sure that it is hanging in a safe place.


One thing you need to be very cautious of when hanging a bike this way is the tires, and this is a common issue we get many people to speak about. Tires naturally lose air, and you mustn’t let them get too low because this can damage the tire by misshaping it and possibly the rim.

Tubeless Set up

If you have a tubeless set up on your bike and have sealant instead of inner tubes then you have I would recommend every so often, once a week, taking the bike down, checking the tire has enough pressure, and spinning the wheels, so the sealant doesn’t sit on one place for too long.


If you have a bike with inner tubes hanging up, I recommend checking it once a week to ensure that the tires have some pressure in. If you find by a strange chance that one of the tires is flat, I would recommend taking the bike down and then replacing the inner tube and pumping it back up before hanging it again.


Things to watch out


If you plan to hang an E-bike, make sure that it is capable and ask the manufacturer that you can. Some E-Bikes are very heavy, and they can be too much. Typically it will be fine, but worth checking on such an expensive bike.

Fat Bikes

Fat Bikes are a lot of fun but typically don’t fit in many hangers due to having such large wheels. If you hang your fat bike, make sure it is safe, or consider putting a safety strap around to ensure it doesn’t come free and fall.


It is safe to hang. Bike and as a storage solution is perfect. It will save you a lot of space and can actually benefit bikes with suspension forks. We would advise if you are unsure to check with the manufacturer, but usually, you will be fine.

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