Specialized Turbo Como Electric Bike Review
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Specialized Turbo Como E-Bike is a fitness-centric, comfortable electric bicycle that features an easy-to-step-through frame, designed to facilitate a hassle-free mount onto the bike. The blend of its price point and rich feature set makes it an exceptional choice for both commuting and fitness uses.


  • It’s designed by a world-renowned cycling brand
  • The warranty provides comprehensive coverage against any unforeseen mishaps
  • The Mission Control feature optimizes your bike’s motor performance
  • A one-by drivetrain simplifies the gear ratio for ease of use
  • It includes a conveniently integrated kickstand
  • The monitor displays all three electric modes for better control
  • The hub axles offer an added layer of security against potential bike theft
  • The bike has an impressive battery life, never running out of charge


  • The monitor mount and front light may break if not handled with care
  • The motor operation isn’t silent
  • The hub axles may seize if not maintained properly
  • Maintenance necessitates a certified brand mechanic
  • The cost of repair parts can be high
  • The On and Off button may pose usability issues
  • You may need to purchase a separate phone case for the e-bike app
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The Issue At Hand

The e-bike industry can sometimes deter potential buyers due to a scarcity of budget-friendly options that cater to the essentials a first-time buyer might need. The Specialized Turbo Como E-Bike emerges as the ideal solution for such buyers, providing a well-rounded, entry-level e-bike at a reasonable price point.

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What You Need To Know

With the recent surge in electric bicycle adoption, it’s become more acceptable to own one without having to deplete your life savings. This is a stark contrast to earlier times when owning an electric bike could make one feel estranged.

The globally recognized bike brand, Specialized, has skillfully designed the Turbo Como as an everyday electric cruiser that seamlessly combines fitness with comfort. This bike, primarily aimed at women, represents the best entry-level e-bike featuring a more accessible and neutral frame geometry and pedal assistance.

These features ensure that the bike can be used both as a daily commuter and for weekend rides, contributing to the rider’s overall fitness.

The city bike frame boasts a slanted top tube, allowing riders to mount and maintain a more upright sitting posture. Moreover, the plush seat provides even padding, delivering direct feedback to each glute for maximum comfort. A kickstand is available for convenience when the ride concludes.

The handlebar has been designed to be narrow, ensuring rider comfort and maintaining the back at a perpendicular angle, which results in less back pain and an improved steering position, especially on paved surfaces. Aesthetically, the handlebar showcases a modern, proprietary brand design that includes a built-in monitor to track the battery level and electric mode.

The one-by drivetrain simplifies the gear ratio by featuring a single chainring and nine gears in the cassette. This enhances the e-bike’s performance, allowing the rider to focus less on the gears and letting the motor take on more control.

The Mission Control App is Specialized’s proprietary app that pairs with their Turbo lineup. Here, you can gain a deeper understanding of your bike’s performance, customize your motor, and even record your ride and overall fitness levels. It’s essential to have this app installed, as the on-bike monitor can only provide limited information.


The bike frame accommodates locks effectively. Its upright geometry allows bike locks to loop around areas such as the top tube and the rear wheel. Regardless of whether you use a D-Lock or a Chain Lock, the frame provides sufficient space for secure locking.

The only area where a lock may struggle to loop is around the down tube, where the motor is located. The front and rear axles are designed without a lever to deter potential bike thefts since standard axles, which are removable by hand, could compromise the locks during a theft attempt.

Opening the axles on this bike requires a multi-tool. However, misuse of this tool can seize the axle, rendering them virtually impossible to open.

The motor, housed in the area of the downtube, is the source of most noise during a ride. The noise can become quite noticeable throughout the ride, and the motor’s location also limits storage space for bottles or bags. Thankfully, the bottle cage is mounted on the top tube’s two bolts, ensuring the rider’s bottle is within easy reach.

The Mission Control app is only compatible with smartphones, necessitating the purchase of a phone case to access more adjustable options than the bike’s monitor can provide during a ride. A phone case and mount bundle, such as the Peak Design Mobile, would be ideal for this purpose.

The bike’s weight is a significant consideration when making a purchase. Despite the large motor making it nimble to ride, it becomes quite hefty to lift. Hanging the bike on a wall can be a strenuous task that may strain your body.

Furthermore, the combination of the top tube and downtube is not compatible with racks. You’ll need to invest in a beam that adapts to your car rack or devise an effective method for mounting it to a pickup truck tailgate pad. We’ve found that investing in a hitch rack, if compatible with your vehicle, is the most effective solution.

Replacement parts, software updates, and general e-bike mechanical issues necessitate the skills of a certified Specialized e-bike mechanic. This could mean higher costs and extended waiting periods for repairs.

Attempting repairs with non-Specialized e-bike mechanics could void the bike’s warranty and affect its overall functionality.


The Specialized Turbo Como E-Bike is an excellent choice for those seeking a budget-friendly, versatile e-bike. It confidently delivers the features entry-level riders require.

We’ve tested it on 4+ hour journeys, traversing both paved and off-road trails, and the battery life has never disappointed. The bike’s performance remains consistent, ensuring no compromises are made, even with substantial battery usage.

This is the ideal e-bike for adults seeking a robust, all-around city e-bike that offers the flexibility for daily commuting and weekend rides. As you’ll soon discover, the pedal assist function provides a powerful boost, enhancing your efforts rather than detracting from them, making this bike an excellent tool for those looking to improve their fitness and lose weight.

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