Crank brothers stamp 7 Large Ratings
  • Durability
  • Adjustability
  • Aesthetics
  • Price


Performed without fault or complaint but can be matched at much lower prices.


  • Stiff and durable metal design
  • 10 adjustable pins
  • Color options for all


  • Extreme price
  • Too grippy for some riders
  • Paint scratches
User Review
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Pedals are one of the two contact points riders have with their bike, so no wonder you want to take your time researching all products before pulling the trigger on your new pedals.

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With the extensive and ever-growing pedal options, it is understandable why one might be unsure when trying to pick a pedal that will match their requirements, but that is what this review is intended to help you with.The features of these pedals

  • Forged 6061-T6 aluminum body
  • Forged SCM 435 Chromoly steel spindle
  • 10 adjustable screw pins per side
  • Inglus LL-glide inner and outer bearings
  • Large pedal size shoe recommendations: 10-15(US)/3-49(EU)
  • Small pedal size shoe recommendations: 5-10(US)/37-43(EU)
  • Weight: 375g per pair

Review and thoughts

Just as expected from a well-established company like Crankbrothers, the pedals perform very well. The 10 adjustable pins act as a create selling point and using point as it allows you to raise the pins to where you find the most grip.

They allow for you to individualize the curve of the pins, allowing for the sole of your shoe to better ‘’sit down’’ in the pedal, bringing a whole new range of confidence when going down the steepest of trails.

These pins enable the rider to replace the pins when becoming worn down and when simply wanting to put some freshies on.

With this extreme grip comes extreme responsibility though, if your foot slips and the pedals spin and hit yours shines you will be recovering for weeks.

When riding under extreme stress the Crankbrothers Stamp 7 pedals show no faults, having an immensely sturdy and stiff reaction no matter what you throw at them. The sleek design with a multitude of colors fits any bike color combination.

The bearings over a period of 1 year, with great stress and use, showed no signs of deterioration or worsening in performance.

With this great performance comes a great price, unfortunately, most commonly ranging between $160-200 Aud.

Even with the pedal’s impeccable performance, I could not recommend people to buy such expensive pedals when composite pedals that are tried and proven can perform at the same level without the same price tag.

If I had to summarize my entire years’ experience in one sentence it would be as follows, performed without fault or complaint but can be matched at much lower prices.

Basic market overview

When browsing the pedal options on websites you may notice that many brands offer many different models and attributes that are personal to those pedals.

The main differentiating features you will find are as follows, body material, spindle, pins, bearings, and the bearing covers.

These features offer varying qualities and suit varying styles of riding, to pick the perfect pedal, you must take in these considerations.

The largest and most popular pedal producers include but are not limited to, Crankbrothers, Nukeproof, Gusset, DMR, Burgtec, Deity and Shimano.

All mentioned companies have their own strengths with their pedals and flaws. To make sense of a very confusing market of numbers next to metals and measurements I have created an explanation of each aspect that makes up a pedal.

Biology of a pedal:


Very self-explanatory in its name but the flatform of a pedal is the frame that one stands on when using pedals.

The flatforms quality and price is determined by the metal used and the quality of machining used when creating the product.

The overall platform size, the shape is a very objective decision depending on one’s shoe size and what they find attractive.

When purchasing the Crankbrothers stamp pedals you can visit the website and see the recommended size pedal for your shoe size.


The spindle Is the metal rode that goes through the center of the pedal that gives the pedal its structural integrity.

The spindle metals range from the budget, weaker metal Boron, and extend all the way to Chromoly, a much stronger and lighter material.

The spindle plays a large role in the stiffness and strength of the pedal, creating the reason for expensive metals to be used in higher priced pedals. Higher-end pedals allow and sell spindle replacements if damaged or broken.


The pins and the customization or lack thereof on pedals are a crucial feature found on higher-end pedals. Pins on more budget-priced pedals tend to have rigid and finalized positions that are unable to be moved or changed by the rider.

Pedals such as the Stamp pedals offer complete customization and replacement with the screw in and out pins. Allowing for the rider to lower or raise pins to best fit their shoe or riding preferences.

These pins also offer more grip to the rider because of the more aggressive pattern and shape compared to lower-end pedals.

Bearings and covers

As expected, as you pay more for pedals the bearings and bearing covers become better. This is important because better bearings create a smoother feeling when using the pedals.

With some low-end pedals unsealed bearings may be used, which in the mountain bike world is a big ‘’no’’ with any component.

This is because unsealed bearings are extremely susceptible to damage through water, mud, and other products you do not want in your bearings.

The longevity of higher-priced pedals is ensured because of these very well sealed bearings and their bearing covers.

When buying more expensive pedals you are buying the longevity of the product because of this engineering and materials.

Overall performance rating:

Durability4.5, only durability issue was the paint being removed during crashes and scrapping.
Adjustability5, has 10 pins that all can be completely customized to one’s preferences
Aesthetics5, In my opinion, composite pedals, will never match the sleek look and design of metal pedals
Price2, cheaper than other metal alternatives. Price can be matched for much cheaper composite pedals

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