I have been looking for a cost effective solution that will actually work to clean our families bicycle clothes. While in high school, my daughter was in cross country and came home with some foul smelling clothes.

Using a powder instead of a liquid is what her coach recommended, but, the clothes were still not 100% fresh. One day, just for the heck of it,  I added some baking soda (equal amount) and this seemed to be the boost that the detergent needed. I have been using this formula for over a year now and this mixture has not had any adverse reaction with the cycling clothes. Clothes now come out of the washer smelling fresh and clean.






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Energy efficient washing machines recommend using the lower line of the scoop. By doing this, I am getting 80 washes from the Laundry Detergent. The 13.5 pounds of baking soda is good for 200 loads. Combining these, I can do a full load of sports clothes for less than 10 cents!

TOTAL $0.093 per load



For more than a year, I have been using this formula with no adverse reaction to the cycling clothing.

A. SUN Ultra Clean & Fresh Laundry Detergent with Sunsational Scents, 83 oz.

B. Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda, Bag, 13.5 lbs.

  • Price: click here to check
  • (cheaper if you go to the company’s website and sign up for $1.00 off coupons)


Rating: 5/5 Source: Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, Stores, online

Features: Laundry Detergent combined with Pure Baking Soda takes the ‘cat urine smell’ out of your bicycle/exercise clothes.

How obtained: Purchased from Walmart and Costco

Summary: Really works!


  • Extremely inexpensive solution for taking the smell out of your exercise clothes.
  • Only need to use 1/3 scoop each per wash (in energy efficient front load washing machines)
  • Will last at least for 80+ loads
  • No animal testing (Sun Laundry Detergent)

  • None that I have found so far.

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