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A feature-rich high-quality low cost helmet.


  • Built-in Bug Net
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

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  • In-mold construction for strength, durability and protection while minimizing overall weight
  • 24 large vents provide exceptional airflow and ventilation
  • Buy netting to prevent bees from flying into helmet
  • ‘Competition+’ fit-system with height adjust for secure, comfortable fit
  • 260 gm (L)
  • Safety – Complies with the world’s three toughest safety standards. TUV, CE/CPSC, Benchmark product certification


  • A little extra work needed. Once the chin strap is adjusted, you will need to trim the extra, then use a feat source to seal the nylon web strap.
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Unpacking the helmet from the box, the first thing I noticed was the bug/bee net in all of the front facing vents. This is a fantastic idea.

Here in Southern California, there are bees flying into cyclists helmets all of the time. In fact, last month, I had to assist a cyclist who had a bee sting him in the middle of his forehead and he couldn’t get the stinger out.

The bee net is perfect to keep the bees out – course enough to not hinder air flow, but tight enough to stop most bugs from flying into the helmet.

Looking at the helmet more closely, I noticed the rear adjustable fit system called ULTRAFIT+ , and the tension system is called COMPETITION+. What’s nice about this system is three-fold, (a) ULTRAFIT+ has 3 settings that allows the helmet to be adjusted up to 4cm larger or smaller.

(b) Next, to fine tune the sizing, use the COMPETITION+ thumb adjuster. (c) 4 settings that allow the vertical sizing of the head and neck. Really ingenious.

Lastly, I noticed the large number of vent holes (24) that will provide plenty of cooling. Other features include the soft sponge-based helmet lining which includes an anti-allergic fabric. The entire liner can be removed form the helmet and thrown into the washing machine. Another great idea!


Trying on the helmet for the first time, it fit pretty well. It took a little playing around with to get the horizontal and vertical points set, but not too bad. The trick is to adjust one ‘click’ at a time. All-in-all, it took about 5 minutes for a perfect fit. On my first ride with the 777, I didn’t even feel it after a minute. It was very comfortable.

The 777 stayed in place on my head and didn’t move around or slip down over my forehead like other helmets have. One thing I did have a slight issue with was the extra strap length after adjusting the chin strap. Descending the first hill, as soon as I hit 35 mph, the loose ends of the strap started slapping the side of my face.

I pulled up the attached rubber band as far as it would go, but that made no difference. Once I got back home, I cut about 2” out of the strap and used a match to melt the nylon ends so they would not unravel. Issue solved.

After several more rides, the helmet fits snug and comfortable. No more issues with strap-slapping. This is the first helmet that I don’t even feel it on my head during a ride. It takes a little longer to set it up, but once all adjustments are made, this is the most comfortable helmet on the market.

Albabici is the importer and distributor for the LIMAR line of products which include about 14 different models of helmets and about 7 different models of sunglasses for cycling. So, if your LBS doesn’t carry LIMAR, ask them to carry the line or contact albabici.com to help.


For the price, this is a feature-rich helmet that has several items that will make for a safer and more comfortable fit. And basically, that’s what it’s all about. A comfortable helmet is one that is more likely to be worn.

You get a very well thought out and designed helmet.


This helmet comes in 6 colors;

  • White/Silver, Italian Tri-color, Black/Red, Black/White, White/Blue, Giro d’Italia White,

and 3 sizes

  • M (52-57cm) 225gm
  • L (57-61cm) 260gm
  • XL (59-64cm) 280gm

Yes, I highly recommend this helmet!