Scattante RAZZO road helmet Review
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Source: Performance bike shops, website, catalog, flyer
Features: Every feature the ‘big-guys’ offer at about 1/3 the price!
How obtained: Sample from company

Summary: The most Comfortable, Lightest and Coolest helmet in the Scattante lineup


  • In-Mold construction with carbon reinforcement enhances strength, durability and protection while minimizing overall weight
  • 22 large vents provide exceptional airflow and ventilation
  • Quick-drying internal foam pads
  • Adjustability rear retention system for a secure, comfortable fit
  • 269gm


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  • As with most helmets, the chin strap loosens and needs to be re-tightened periodically.
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I crashed several months ago. Hard enough to crush the rear section of my helmet. My old Scattante razzo helmet saved my life.

Razzo is the lightest and coolest helmet in the Scattante lineup. It combines all of the looks, features, comfort and protection that the ‘BIG GUYS” offer at about 1/3 of the price. An added benefit is the integrated high-tech carbon reinforcement construction which holds the helmet together during an impact. This greater protection is the same feature as seen on only the most expensive helmets.

Twenty-two (22) large vents provide considerable cooling while the foam material allows quick-drying of the pads. The razzo has a ‘wheel-type’ adjustable rear retention system for a custom and comfortable fit. Extremely soft nylon chin straps allow for easy adjustment but tended to slip and loosen a little during each ride.


When riding a bicycle, the single most important thing you can do is to wear a helmet. The second most important thing you can do is to wear a helmet that fits you perfectly. Since my previous helmet was a razzo, I wanted to see what else was out there, what new technology had they added to helmets in the past 9 months. So, before I took a second look at the razzo, I tried on every other helmet out there. To my surprise, none really fit comfortably.

Some felt as if they were rectangular, some completely round and some sat too high on my head.So, I tied on the razzo. WOW, completely comfortable! This was the best fitting helmet I had tried on, and, over the prior week, I had tried them all. I looked at the price, WOW, $71.99 with a Performance Bike sale coupon. As the salesman came over he said that he could swap me the broken helmet for a new/crash replacement razzo

That’s what I like about Performance Bike, they DO stand behind their products

Retention Adjuster


I had about 9 months of riding with my first razzo. I now have about 3 months of riding with the crash replacement. It is as comfortable now as it was on day 1. The rear adjuster is easy to grab and make tighter or looser while riding.

But, the only issue I have is that the chin strap keeps loosening up so that every other week, I need to tighten it via the chin strap buckle. It’s very easy to adjust, but a continuous hassle. This is the drawback of having extra-soft (i.e., slippery) retention straps, they tend to slip and loosen.

For $129.99 MSRP ($71.99 sale), you get most features found on helmets at 3x the price. Plus, its a comfortable fit!


This helmet comes in 3 colors;

  • Matte Black,
  • Pearl White/Metallic Silver,
  • Gloss Red/Gloss Black,

and 2 sizes

  • S/M (22 – 23.25),
  • L/XL (23.5 – 24.74)

This is a very high quality helmet, especially for the ridiculously low price they sell it for. The razzo has most of the features of helmets costing 3 times as much.

I highly recommend this helmet!

RATING: 4.9/5