BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmet

 BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmet
BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmet


BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmet

BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmet

BERN is known for their SKATE, SNOW, H2O and BIKE (MTB, BMX, URBAN) helmets. BERN has introduced a top of the line ROAD helmet with MIPS. Called the FL-1 Pavé MIPS, this very comfortable and well-designed MIPS helmet that retails for less than $120! Yes, an actual MIPS helmet with CPSC and EN10787 certifications for under $120.


The FL-1 model line includes 4 helmets, 2 MIPS and 2 non-MIPS
  • MIPS:
    • MTB: FL-1 XC $129.99
    • ROAD: FL-1 Pavé MIPS $119.99 TESTED
  • Non-MIPS
    • MTB: FL-1 Trail $69.99
    • ROAD: FL-1 Pavé $99.99
The major difference between the MTB and ROAD helmets appear to be an included visor that comes with the MTB helmets.
BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmet


A LARGE FL-1 Pavé MIPS weighed in at only 10.5 oz. (298gm) which is lighter than BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmetseveral other comparable helmets. A light helmet helps reduce neck fatigue, especially on longer rides such as half-centuries, metric centuries, full centuries, Gran Fondos and long charity rides.


The FL-1 fit perfectly right out of the box. But, if you need to adjust the fit, the process is the same as with other high quality helmets … adjust the buckles then adjust the rear BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmetBOA.


The FL-1 has 5 pieces of internal foam padding. One for the front, one for each side, a single large pad for the entire rear and one in the top. The foam is thin ensuring a comfortable fit.


Lightweight (1mm thick) nylon webbing main straps with a standard snap fastener BERN FL-1 Pavé MIPS helmetbuckle makes up the main retention system. The side straps are easily adjusted by sliding a plastic ‘Y’ connector up or down. On the rear is a micro adjustable BOA tensioner to allow for that perfect fit.
Comfortable! As soon as I put it on, it fit and felt like a glove! No pressure points. Even the straps were perfectly set for my head, and, as you can see from the pictures, there is more than enough ventilation. You won’t get hot wearing this helmet. This matte-black test helmet felt cool even on our now mid-70°F SoCal April rides.


I tend to sweat quite a lot, i.e., having sweat pour down into my eyes so, as with other high-quality helmets, I need to use a ‘dew rag,’ or something else to prevent sweat from running into my eyes. I think ALL helmet manufacturers should incorporate a technology like the GUTR™ SPORTS HEADBAND or the HALO II™ ATHLETIC HEADBAND into their helmets, instead of a thin foam that once saturated with sweat, allows a steady runoff of sweat to get into the eyes.
As for this helmets form, fit and function, I give it a 5/5-star rating. All-in-all, I’m very impressed, especially with a sub $120 price tag for a MIPS helmet.