Yoeleo G21 DB Gravel Bike Frameset Review
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The Yoeleo G21, is an excellent gravel bike. If you are looking for an excellent value-for-money gravel bike, then it should be one of your choices.


  • Looks Incredible
  • Excellent Geometry
  • Comes With Lots Of Extras
  • Price Is Just Amazing
  • The Paint Is Incredible
  • Great Performance


  • Internal Cable Routing Isn’t For Everyone
  • T47 Bracket Is Very New
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Gravel bikes have taken off and are the go-to bikes for many cyclists. They are fun, fast, and perfect for long-distance adventuring.

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We have seen a lot of companies release gravel bikes, and some have been excellent, some just okay.

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on the Yoeleo G21 gravel bike frameset. This bike has had a lot of hype around it, not only does it come with a crazy paint job, but even GCN has been taking them on adventures.

In this review, we will tell you about the Yoeleo G21 gravel bike. We are building one up, and we want to tell you all about it and why you might want to consider it as your next gravel bike. We will discuss:

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Who Are Yoeleo?

Yoeleo were originally founded in 2007, making them 16 years old. They started by actually working in the same factories, making bikes for bigger brands before they realized they wanted to make their own bikes.

They have been making excellent bikes, wheels, and other accessories ever since. They are making a great name for themselves and continue to adapt and improve products constantly, which is something a lot of brands don’t do.

What Is The G21?

The G21 is Yoeleo’s flagship gravel bike. It’s made for on and off-road terrain and is perfect for dusty trails.

It’s ideal if you’re looking for an all-round bike and great if you want to go on long adventures or compete in ultra-cycling events.

It comes in two different colors. An arctic white which has an incredible smashed effect, this is the frameset we have. Also, a dusty trail brown, which looks amazing in the wilderness. Not only that, it’s fully UCI-provided for racing too.

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G21 Frameset: What Sets It Apart From The Rest?

The G21 is a very cool gravel bike with some amazing features. Here’s what you can expect if you were to ride one.

What’s Included?

The G21 frameset comes with much more than you might think. Not only do you get the frame, but you get two fork options (Mounts Or Clean), the seat post, handlebars, all your spacers, and even a spare drop-out.


The next feature to mention is sizing. Yoeleo makes the G21 from a 45cm frame all the way up to a 60 cm. You have many sizing options, and you can pick not only the frame size but also the handlebar size so you can perfect your fit.

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There’s no denying that the bike looks absolutely fantastic. It has a lovely shape to it, and the paint sets the bike off like no other. What makes the difference with the Yoeleo is the small details.

The branding on the bars, the small logo on the head tube, and the incredibly clean finish of practically no cables. Everything not just looks nice, but it all looks so blended together, and for me, that’s the best way to go.


Yoeleo has done well to make this bike not just fast but also pretty comfortable. It has a more relaxed geometry, and with the length and the way it’s designed offers a very direct ride that doesn’t feel unsteady and snappy.

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Surprisingly, when you look at the frameset, you might think it will be a tough build, but it’s much easier than you might think, even with all the internally routed cables. It comes with a guidebook that tells you everything you need to know and a box with all the parts organized for you.

Internally Routed Cables

We can’t do this review without speaking about the internally routed cables. Although this is a common feature of many bikes, it is unlike on the Yoeleo.

Not only do the cables run through the frame but also the bars, stem, headtube, and all the way to the rear derailleur.

If you pay close attention to the pictures, you can see just how incredible it looks. Again, it really adds to that clean finish and makes everything feel very compact.

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Dropped Chainstay

Another great feature is the dropped chainstay. Not only can this give you extra tire clearance, but it can also help with how the drivetrain sits on the bike.

A dropped chainstay is seen on many top-end gravel bikes and, although it looks a little different, is very sought after.

T47 Bottom Bracket

The T47 bottom bracket is well ahead of its time, and the G21 has one of these. It will be the standard of all gravel bottom brackets in the future.

It offers a large shell, which is great for power transfer, and a screw fitment, meaning you don’t need to press it in, unlike other gravel bikes.

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Tire Clearance

Tire clearance is a big factor when it comes to gravel bikes, and it’s very important. Some bikes on the market offer as little as clearance for 38c tires, while others boast 50c. The Yoeleo G21 has clearance for 700c x 53c or a massive 2.1” x 650b.


When building a bike, price will always be a factor. One of the best things about Yoeleo is that they offer excellent value for money compared to other brands.

The full frameset, with forks, seatpost, and all accessories, comes in at $1590 and is well below its competitors.


The G21 is actually very lightweight. It comes in at roughly 1.6kg for the frame and fork, and the seatpost and handlebars only take up to around 2.1kg to 2.2kg. That’s very lightweight for a gravel bike, and we’re knocking on road bike weights here.

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Our Verdict

The Yoeleo G21, is an excellent gravel bike. It looks the part, is incredibly lightweight, and can perform.

If you are looking for an excellent value-for-money gravel bike, then it should be one of your choices.

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