Do you want to be a better cyclist and/or triathlete? Want to be faster, stronger and pain-free while cycling? Stretching & Core Strengthening for the Cyclist can help!

Last count, there are over a million stretching and strengthening exercises, so how do you know which ones will help you the most for cycling? This eBook looks at stretching & core strengthening specifically for the cyclist and triathlete.


Stretching ebook
58 pages of targeted stretching and strengthening exercises comprising 15 stretching and over 32 core and strength exercises geared to target the muscles that are overused as well as those that are underused in cycling and running.

Also included are over 95 photographs showing exercises with proper form and several charts and tables that discuss what functions the different ‘cycling’ muscles perform and the results of having tight, short or weak muscles.

The E-book is divided into a STRETCHING section and a CORE/STRENGTHENING section that will definitely help make you a faster and stronger cyclist, runner, triathlete.

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This e-book is based on Kinesiology – the scientific study of human body movement. When training, both cyclists and runners overuse some muscles and underuse others causing not only an imbalance in the body but a real risk of injury. By stretching and strengthening, you will be a stronger cyclist and runner, and reduce your risk of injury.

For this e-book, we have picked the best ‘exercises’ that are targeted for the cyclist and triathlete. You will get stronger and therefore, cycle more efficiently. You will also have more flexibility and therefore be more pain free.

In the beginning, Don’t over-do them; Don’t over-stretch; Don’t over plank. Do, however, start out slowly and build up to a full amount. We will start out with Stretching, then move on to Core Strengthening.

These exercises listed are intended for the cyclist and triathlete, to keep you healthy as well as make you stronger on the bike and run!

Lots and Lots of how to pictures with step-by-step processes.

Highly recommended!!!