When it comes to cycling, you’re going to have a great time riding your bike. Going down sick trails, epic adventures with your friends, and you might even want to try racing.

One thing you can expect to happen when you take up cycling, which isn’t so good, is punctures, and these can be challenging to fix with the wrong tools.

A new product to hit the market we are seeing a lot of cyclists use is electric pumps, and in this article, we want to tell you all about them. We will start with what an electrical bike pump is, its pros and cons, our recommendations, and if you should consider investing in one.

What is an Electrical Bike Pump?

When you first start cycling and learn how to pump up a tire, you typically use a hand pump. A hand pump is a typical pump that you will place on the valve and then pump the handle to force air into the inner tube.

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These pumps work fine, but you can struggle to get to high pressures, which can be a lot of hard work.

An electrical pump works in a very similar fashion, but instead, the pump has a small motor that will do that for you. It makes fixing a puncture much quicker and less work for the rider.

What are the advantages of an Electrical Bike Pump?

Easier Work

The first thing to mention is how much easier an electrical bike pump is to use compared to a regular bike pump. There’s no having to action the pump.

With a non-electric pump, you can find yourself there for 10 minutes with tired arms still without enough psi.

Higher PSI

With an electric pump, you can reach higher PSIs. Some road bike tires need 100 psi, which can be near impossible to reach with a standard hand pump.

A good electric pump can take you all the way to 150, which is more than enough for any tire.

Time Saving

Pumping up a tire can take some time with a hand pump, especially if you have a bike with very large tires, such as a fat bike or a boost mountain bike. The electric pump can quickly pump up the tire in a tenth of the time compared to a hand pump.

Special Features

Some of these electric pumps have very special features that set them apart from regular pumps.

We have seen electric bike pumps with USB chargers on them and even some with a flashlight in case you’re working on your bike in the dark. Some can even work with car tires, motorbike tires, and even footballs.

What are the disadvantages of an Electrical Bike Pump?


Electric bike pumps are a little more expensive than your typical hand bike pumps on the market. They come in around double the cost, but they do save you a lot of time and are a very cool feature when you’re on a day out riding.

Weight and size

Unfortunately, these pumps are much bigger than a typical pump, meaning you will more than likely need a frame bag. They also weigh a lot more, as much as four times the amount of a typical pump.


Not all these pumps are waterproof, so you might need to find a dry place to work on your bike, and also, you are going to need to keep it dry on rainy days.

Need charging

The most obvious disadvantage is that it will need charging from time to time. If you forget, it could mean that you could be stuck roadside without a pump.

Our Recommendations

We have been lucky enough to learn about some amazing electric pumps, and here are the ones we recommend best for cycling.

The Woodwind

Woowind BP188 Bike Pump Electric Bicycle Pump, Portable Tire Inflator Air Pump for Bikes, Auto Shut-Off with Presta, Schrader Valve and Dunlop Valve, 150 PSI and Rechargeable (Red)

The Woodwind is a very popular pump amongst cyclists. It is very small in size and comes with 2 x 1200mah batteries. It can go up to a maximum of 150psi and only weighs around 566g.

It comes with a flashlight too, so you can easily work in dark conditions, and it will give you many charges before it needs recharging.


LiltsDRae Bike Pump Bicycle Pump, Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor for Car, Max 150PSI/10.3 Bar, Auto Shut-Off Air Pump with Presta & Schrader & Dunlop Valve

The LILTSDRAE is an excellent pump with so much to offer. It has an internal battery of 2000mah and a maximum pressure of 150psi. It weighs only 444g and comes with a flashlight. It is incredibly small in size and easy to store on the bike.

Should I use an Electric Bike Pump?

Electrical bike pumps are very new to cycling, and we are only seeing a few companies currently making products that work well when you’re out on your bike.

We highly recommend using one and believe the technology is at a point where it is going to be a very useful tool. In the future, electric bike pumps will be common practice for cyclists.

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