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It’s amazing to me how dirty a chain can get after just 50 miles. My chains seem to get especially dirty since! lube them every day. Spending 30 seconds with one of these makes the chain look like new again. I also use on the cassette to easily wipe off the grease.

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Features: Grease cutting formula. These wipes will not deteriorate like paper towels to.


  • Inexpensive solution to wipe chain, cassette, even frame and wheels,
  • I have used this product for over 2 years with no harm to any paint or surface finish.
  • Great for cleaning and disinfecting bar tape and hoods


  • Pricing as well as quantity seems to be all over the place, so you need to comparison shop before buying.
  • Pricing: I have seen 35 sheet containers at industrial supply companies go for $42 ($1.20 per sheet), while Walmart has 3×75 count for under $10 (0.044 per sheet).
  • There are single container packs, 2 container packs, 3 container packs, 4 container packs, 5 container packs, and 6 container packs with anywhere from 35 to 75 sheets per container.
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Clorox Wipes OVERVIEW

I am always looking for products that make it easier to clean the bicycle (and especially the drivetrain). As you can see from these photos, there is a lot of dirt and grime that comes off a chain, even after a few miles. To maximize chain life, I lube the chain before each ride with ProLink (please see earlier review –

Wiping Chain
Wiping Chain ) and, so far, this has proven to be the best lubricant I have found to keep a chain running smooth, friction free and long life. The downside is that I need to clean the chain more often, so it’s been a trade-off between sparsely lubing the chain (wears out quicker but stays cleaner), or slightly over-lubing a chain (longer life but dirtier).

I have found these wipes are not only perfect for cleaning the drivetrain, but work well as a disinfecting wipe on the handlebar tape and brake lever hoods.

After 2 years of using these daily on the bicycle, there has been no harm to the finish of any component, nor have these wipes damaged the paint/clear coat of the frame or even the decals on the wheels.

CLEANING THE CHAIN (and the rest of the bike)

One day, I had been using some Clorox wipes around the garage and thought, since these things work so well, why not try them on the bicycle. Since they come pre-saturated with a grease cutting formula, they should work well.

So, I pulled a wipe from the plastic container, grabbed the chain and ran the chain through the wipe. After 6 or so revolutions of the crank, I couldn’t believe how clean the chain was. The grease and grime came right off leaving a chain that looked brand new!

To really test these wipes, I waited for a rainy day, and, after several hours of riding in the pouring rain, my bike had about 3 pounds of road grit, sand, gravel, you name it on it. When I got back home, I pulled out the hose and sprayed down the bike. Next, I put the bike in the stand and wiped it down with a dry cloth.

I then used a Clorox wipe and cleaned the chain, jockey wheels and cassette, chain rings and crank. I took a new wipe to quickly clean the rims, hubs and spokes. One fresh wipe to clean the frame and fork. Three wipes and the bike was spotless.

Closeup of the chain after a quick wipe down with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.Scrubbing a dirty cassette with a clean wipe.



I never thought that such a simple solution could exist. I have used these for over 2 years and they have not harmed any part nor paint on the frame. They clean and disinfect extremely well and are a low cost solution to keep your bike in tip-top shape!

The Clorox Wipes get a 5 star rating!

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