One of the best things about cycling is that anything goes. Parts are very interchangeable, and you can have a lot of fun mixing it up.

Here at Bike Test Reviews, we get asked many great questions, and one that keeps coming up for us is, “Can you put BMX handlebars on a mountain bike?”. This is a very interesting question, and in this article, we are going to answer it for you.

It’s not as simple as a yes or no, unfortunately. It’s a little more complicated because you can, but there are a lot of issues that will approach.

We also have to ask why you would want to put BMX handlebars on an MTB. In this article, were going to be discussing:

  • What Are BMX Handlebars?
  • Is It Possible To Put BMX Handlebars On A Mountain Bike?
  • The Issues That Come With BMX Handlebars On A Mountain Bike
  • Should You Put BMX Handlebars On A Mountain Bike?


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What Are BMX Handlebars?

BMX handlebars are made for BMX riding. They are designed to be incredibly strong, give you the ability to do tricks, and are ideal for short-course racing.

They look like a large upside-down A and bring the height of the handles roughly 8” higher than typical flat mountain bike bars.

Is It Possible To Put BMX Handlebars On A Mountain Bike?

When it comes to sizing, it is completely possible to put BMX handlebars on a mountain bike. They will give you a very upright riding position and probably be the strongest handlebars you ever have, but they will not give you an amazing cycling experience on a mountain bike.

It will give you a very comfortable, relaxed position to ride in, and you might be able to do a few more tricks, but there are little to no benefits to having BMX handlebars on an MTB.

Bikes are a very personal thing, and many riders might love the style of a mountain bike with BMX bars. It could ride the way they like or be a great in-between a trick bike and an off-road bike. All bikes should be celebrated no matter what they are.


The Issues That Come With BMX Handlebars On A Mountain Bike

Although it might seem like a great idea to start with, when you start changing the handlebars over, you will come across a lot of issues. Here’s what you need to know:

Geometry Change

The first issue you will come across is the big change in geometry. With the BMX bars, you will not only have the handles 8” higher, but they generally will be closer toward you and give a less wider stance.

This completely changes the rider’s position, which isn’t going to help your control or aerodynamics. It will probably have a negative effect on the comfort as well as it’s going to be too upright.


When it comes to performance, you won’t get any speed gains. Aerodynamically you’re at a disadvantage. Being up high and essentially spreading yourself to the wind will generally not make you much faster.


The control is also not going to be as good. You have a wide stance meaning it is harder to stay stable, and with the bars being much higher away from the suspension fork, it can even challenge you on the rebound.

Cables Will Probably Be Too Short

When going to BMX handlebars on an MTB, you will be bringing the levers and shifters up nearly 8”. This means your cables need to be much longer. The extra height might not sound much, but it changes everything.

Not only will you need gear cables but also brake cables. If you have hydraulic disc brakes, you will need new hydraulic lines, which require bleeding the whole system. This is a lot of work and could cost $100 in parts and labor.


Then we come to look. There’s no denying they look cool and make your bike look very different, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s not really something you might see at a local bike park.

bmx handlebar

Should You Put BMX Handlebars On A Mountain Bike?

Just because some parts can be interchangeable doesn’t mean they always should be. BMX handlebars on a mountain bike are not often done, and there’s a reason for it. Not only does it require a lot of modification, but it doesn’t often come with many extra benefits.

If you want to put BMX handlebars on a mountain bike, then it’s your bike. You can do as you please. All bikes should be enjoyed, and if you want to modify yours to be something you want, then why not.

A Final Thought

Can you put BMX bars on a mountain bike? Yes.

It’s not something that is going to help you perform better, and it isn’t going to make riding much easier. What’s important, though, is that it’s your bike, and if that’s what you want, why not. I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

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