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Road Tubeless Tires – IRC vs. HUTCHINSON

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

ROAD TUBELESS TIRES IRC vs. HUTCHINSON   The advertised benefits and claims of tubeless road tires are Lower rolling resistance Greater flat protection (over rough pavement/gravel roads) No pinch flats, no tubes Silky Smooth ride I also measured mileage of these 2 manufacturers’ tires as well as initial installation observations: I also compared the total cost of a clincher system to that of a tubeless system. See Tables 1, 2, 3 below for an interesting conclusion.   WHATS IN THE PACKAGE: IRC categorizes the ROADLITE tubeless as “The best tubeless road tire for training and endurance.”  The package reads “The highly abrasion resistant rubber compound used in the slick tread increases durability and reduces rolling resistance. The 120tpi casing promises a smooth ride.” The questions I will be able to answer after wearing the tires out are How accurate are these claims? How does this tire ride/perform? How long did it last? Is the tire worth the money?  But first, I need to install them.  INSTALLATION OBSERVATIONS: For this test, I acquired a brand new set of Shimano Dura...

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Mechanical vs Electric Shifting vs Aero

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

  The group of cyclists that can take the biggest advantages of this new technology are the triathletes. But, unless its a hilly course, how many times do you actually shift? For the road group, Shimano has added sprinters switches as well as climbers switches and, the way they are designed, you can add an almost unlimited number of switches. Let’s say for example you have a Cervelo S5. Getting the bike ready for an upcoming triathlon, you add aero bars to your S5. Running Di2, you can now add shift points to the end of the aero bars as well as shift from the road levers. You can even add a sprinters switch as well as a climbers switch to the bars. A truly versatile system. BUT, lets talk honestly about TT. Aero trumps everything else and to be honest, MOST time-trialers and triathletes would benefit far more from a bike fit AND using the correct sized components, than gain any advantage of using electric shifting. Most triathletes are so ill-fitted that their position in their aero bars...

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Clorox Wipes – Perfect to Clean Dirty Chains

Posted on Sep 23, 2013

OVERVIEW I am always looking for products that make it easier to clean the bicycle (and especially the drivetrain). As you can see from these photos, there is a lot of dirt and grime that comes off a chain, even after a few miles. To maximize chain life, I lube the chain before each ride with ProLink (please see earlier review – ) and, so far, this has proven to be the best lubricant I have found to keep a chain running smooth, friction free and long life. The downside is that I need to clean the chain more often, so it’s been a trade-off between sparsely lubing the chain (wears out quicker but stays cleaner), or slightly over-lubing a chain (longer life but dirtier). I have found these wipes are not only perfect for cleaning the drivetrain, but work well as a disinfecting wipe on the handlebar tape and brake lever hoods. After 2 years of using these daily on the bicycle, there has been no harm to the finish of any component, nor have these wipes...

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New Beastie Bar from Rumble Roller and why you should have one too...

Posted on Sep 18, 2013

    OVERVIEW There are 3 pieces to this ‘system’. Each will be reviewed below. Massage Ball + Base Beastie Bar™ + Stands Double-Track Wall System Massage Ball – available in two options – Original (clear) which includes 30 firm but flexible bumps, and X-Firm (green) which includes 30 extremely firm bumps. If you are sensitive to pain, choose the Original. If you want to work your entire body (including using the wall system), you will want to pick up both versions of the massage ball. I also recommend to purchase the optional DVD which goes into great detail describing exacly how to use all of these products. Wall System – comes in either a single-track or a double-track system. I recommend the double-track since you can configure the Beastie Bar™ roller bar for horizontal and/or vertical use. The single-track system can only clamp the Beastie Bar™ for vertical use. Rumble Roller Beastie Bar™ (and stands) – provides a very intense massage. The Beastie Bar™ is meant to work in conjunction with the Rumble Roller (previous review) but with...

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SHIMANO SH-R320 Top-of-the-Line Road Cycling Shoe

Posted on Sep 7, 2013

    OVERVIEW I have been wearing Shimano cycling shoes for almost a dozen years now. I have tried others, but, always went back to Shimano since they seemed to fit me the best. Shimano’s cycling shoes vary from year to year, and with the past several pairs, I have noticed that they seem to be getting a little tighter in the toe box height. My last pair, SH-R220, have been rubbing the top of my toes causing small calluses to appear. I had been sticking to their ‘200’ series line since they seemed to have more air vents than their ‘300’ series line. They weren’t heat formable and were a little less money. Since my R220’s are about worn out, I was looking to go with the latest and greatest, the R320’s. Opening the box, you can tell something is different with these shoes. They are incredibly light and well thought out, incredibly well built and comfortable. The R320’s are a brand new design, not a “re-do” of the R315. What first got my attention were the new...

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G8 PERFORMANCE 2600 PRO Orthotics

Posted on Sep 3, 2013

  OVERVIEW I was still looking for that perfect Podiatry-grade Orthotic at an off-the-shelf price. I was hoping to find that “perfect –for high arches” Orthotic that would relieve the Sesamoiditis I sometimes feel on a high mileage day. I have high arches and, what the Podiatrists say is that the higher the arch of the foot, the more pressure there is on the Sesamoid bones. This is what causes the pain around the balls of the feet. Cycling shoes are, by definition, low-volume shoes and some are even very-low-volume. For men, most cycling shoes come in a standard narrow ‘D’ width. Only a very few come in a ‘Wide’ version being an E or 2E so I am limited as to what shoes I can wear. Most of these wider shoes I have tried and most of these have little to no arch support. Introducing the Best-of-the-Best… the 2600 PRO from G8 Performance. Opening the box, they looked like any other orthotic, until I looked closer. Underneath the 2600 PROs were 5 sets of arch supports (ARCHTECH™) in...

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