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ERGON TP1 Pedal Cleat Tool

Posted on Apr 24, 2017

ADJUSTMENT TOOL FOR CLEATS BACKGROUND ERGON TP1 Pedal Cleat Tool I like to stay up on top of what’s new in the market – especially when it comes to bike fitting equipment. So, I got excited when I saw Ergon’s TP1 DIY Cleat-Fitting tool. Having been trained in correct cleat placement and having fit hundreds of cyclists, this review is based on what I have experienced over many years of bike fitting. INSTRUCTIONAL BOOKLET INCLUDED A free 80 page detailed and easy to follow instructional booklet is provided with each TP1. This booklet is divided into multiple sections with each section in a different language. The 23-page English section includes a picture on one page and text instructions on the other. Each text description is an easy to understand set of why’s and how-to’s. The chapters are; Ergonomics for Cyclists Introduction Basic Biometrics Fore/Aft cleat position Q-Factor – width of stance Angle of foot (rotation) Symmetry of the feet Quick installation guide Fine adjustments Glossary Measurement tables Maintenance/Warranty Things missing? Yes, we’ll discuss below. THE GOOD DETAILED INSTRUCTIONAL BOOKLET...

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Posted on Apr 16, 2017

NORTHWAVE MULTI-APP SPIN / MTB CYCLING SHOE BACKGROUND I’ve been asked to host a spin class at a local gym. The first time I taught the class, I used my New Balance running shoes. Boy, was that a mistake. One side of the pedals was fit with an SPD cleat, the other was a standard cage with an old toe strap. Forced to use the standard cage side, those pedals felt like they were cutting into the bottom of my feet for the whole hour…painful! Immediately after the spin class, I started looking for a new pair of high quality spin shoes. Noticing that all of the spin bikes had SPD pedals, my shoe selection was somewhat limited. My requirements were (a) SPD-compatible, (b) comfortable, (c) an abundance of mesh to keep cool, (d) non-slip sole, (e) affordable, (f) not the typical standard clunky looking brown MTB shoe. In my search, I found two that met these requirements. HIGH VISIBILITY SHOES The color of these shoes is bright. They are a mixture of Hi-Viz yellow and neon green. Being...

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Posted on Mar 20, 2017

3/2017 TRX HOME SUSPENSION WORKOUT SYSTEMS BACKGROUND My quest for the perfect workout system and I found it in the TRX HOME SUSPENSION WORKOUT SYSTEM. I am a USAC Level 2 coach, bike fitter and certified personal trainer. I am also certified in power-based training as well as a bicycle skills instructor. I coach numerous cyclists including those that race to win and those that just want to have fun staying up on their group ride. Through my coaching and bike fittings, I have been assembling a list of common cycling issues. The main cycling related issued I see include wrong size bicycle frame (ex., usually way too large), wrong size equipment (ex., usually saddle too narrow, stem too long, cranks too long), bad bike fit (ex., usually knees and feet in the wrong position on the bike, saddle too high, bad cleat fit), bad posture on the bike (ex., hips not rotated forward, arched/curved back, slumped shoulders), pedaling incorrectly (ex., usually stabbing at the pedals), lack of good bike handling skills (ex., can’t ride/maneuver the bike slowly, can’t...

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Posted on Mar 13, 2017

RUMBLEROLLER TEST BACKGROUND All tests were conducted with the rollers held in the Transverse plane or, perpendicular to the spine. There are other rolling techniques that can be used with the rollers held in the Sagittal plane or, parallel to the spine, but, for these, a longer roller (31”-32”) is required. To test the rollers, I used each one on the following; feet, calves, hamstraings, glutes/piriformis, mid back/upper back, neck & trapezius (traps), latissimus dorsi (lats) and quadriceps. No IT band rolling nor lower back rolling Note 1: At 31”, each roller was wide enough to be able to accommodate rolling both hamstrings at once, both glutes at the same time, both quadricepts simultaneously. I would not really opt for the shorter models except if you were going to take them along with you on vacation or business travel. Note 2: I went into a local 24-hour fitness studio and noticed they had several LONG 4’ and 5’ very hard foam rollers. With 100% exposed foam (no covering), they were already showing signs of hard use. Small pieces of...

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Posted on Mar 10, 2017

LOOK KÉO CLASSIC 3 Hello my name is Kalden. I’m an 11-year-old Southern California bike racer that has been on Speedplay pedals for 3 years. Recently, my coach noticed that my heels were hitting the crank arms. He said it was in part because my Speedplays have too much float. He had a pair of Look KEO CLASSIC 3 that he gave me and asked me to write a review on them. When I unboxed them, I noticed the pedal was much wider than the Speedplays. The LOOK Keo Classic 3’s have helped me out because my feet have more support with the wider platform when pedaling. This was really helpful in sprints. But the main reason I like this pedal is because it has less float. I have done some races on this pedal and it solved my problem. I would recommend this pedal to anyone. I can’t wait to take my next FTP test using my new pedals! -Kalden C. Thank you Kalden and congratulations on your race win using your new pedals! Last Sunday (3/5/17), Kalden...

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KNOG Bike Bell – ding

Posted on Mar 1, 2017

KNOG BIKE BELL KNOG makes Bicycle accessories – Bike Lights (very popular in SoCal), Bike Locks for different levels of protection, Video Lights (external lights for GoPro and cell phones). They also make the best bike bell on the market. It’s lightweight, small – just slightly larger in diameter than your handlebars, has a BIG sound and easy to install. Two (internal) sizes available; • LARGE : 23.8mm – 31.8mm (comes with a rubber reducer for 23.8) • SMALL : 22.2mm only DESIGN Bike bells are inherently big and ugly. Knog has changed that. Their new OI Bike Bell is small, sleek, and looks great. It’s also LOUD! The bell is suspended on springs which allow it to float above the mount thereby allowing the bell to ring loud. The only thing when installing is to not have anything like cable housing interfere with the ringer otherwise it will be muted. I moved my bell (see pic below) so that the cable hit the plastic housing and not the ringer. As you can see from the video, its loud,...

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Velocomp POWERPOD Power Meter

Posted on Feb 28, 2017

  WHAT IS A POWERPOD? First off, using Google’s search engine, I found hundreds of reviews of the PowerPod. From videos, blogs, websites, periodicals, to you name it, it’s out there. So instead of rehashing the same old “this is what I thought of it after using it for 5 minutes” review, I decided to do more of a complete user experience in setting one of these up, followed by a review after several months of testing. So, here goes. Everyone remembers the Newton – Velocomp’s first OPPOSING-FORCE (i.e., non-Direct Force) Power Meter. It was here one day and gaining popularity, then gone the next. So, what happened to it? Although they don’t come out and say, my belief is that Garmin happened to it. The Garmin Edge is so popular that more than 8 out of 10 bicycles that I see are equipped with a Garmin. My guess is that cyclists thought, “I already have a display on my bike, why do I need another one? Why would I want yet another thing on my handlebars that duplicates...

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Posted on Feb 18, 2017

WHAT CAN I SAY? ELITE BOTTLES & CAGES – THE BEST OF THE BEST! Elite Bottles & Cages. Elite is known for their high-quality bottles and cages used by most racers around the world. This includes the world pro tour teams. BOTTLE CAGE DESIGN There are three lines of bottle cages; full Carbon Fiber (CF), Fiber-Reinforced thermo-Plastic material (FRP), and metal (aluminum). CF cages and FRP cages include similar models such as the CANNIBAL and PARON. The metal line includes the Ciussi cage, which, if you have been into cycling for a while, you have probably owned at least one. For this test, I chose two of their best sellers – the CANNIBAL FRP and PARON FRP. I chose the FRP cages since, in my opinion, provide the most ‘bang-for-the-buck’. The FRP’s are very cost effective bottle cages which are almost as light as the full-carbon cage but, at a fraction of the price. In fact, not only are the FRP’s 1/4 – 1/5 the price of their full carbon equivalences but the FRP’s are more stable than the...

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