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Thin, light moisture-wicking. Can be worn stand-alone or over regular socks. Ideal for low-volume cycling shoes.

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Features: Grippers on the bottom

How obtained: Sample from Storelli

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  • These socks are really comfortable!
  • My feet felt drier
  • 2 colors (white or black)
  • 3 sizes available (small, medium, large)
  • Free USA shipping
  • “Socks that fit like a glove’ !


  • Socks run on the small side. You probably will need one size larger than you would normally use.
  • They sent me a Medium.
  • Price
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When the socks arrived, I tried them on right away. Problem is that I could not even get my toes in. I looked at the socks and there was an ‘M’ stamped on the bottom. Too small. I have a friend who is a Cat 1 in the mid-west, so I asked him to test the socks. He said sure!

storelli cycling socks


Over the last three weeks I have had the pleasure of testing a brand new, first of its kind, product from Storelli. The product is a “Performance Boosting” Sock Liner.

The liner is designed to improve foot traction, providing more explosiveness, speed and control. Made with thin, moisture-wicking compression fabrics that are sewn together – rather than knitted like traditional athletic socks – they also incorporate non-woven high-grip fibers that are seamlessly bonded to the rest of the sock using heat.

The result is a lightweight sock that fits like a grip-enhancing second skin.

Storelli claims that these SpeedGrip™ Sock Liners will:

  • deliver up to 135 percent more grip against the foot’s skin
  • provide 90 percent more grip than a normal sock on a typical insole
  • enabled a more efficient transfer of energy by reducing slippage, generating up to 35 percent more force changing direction– making the athlete more explosive
  • 7 out of 10 athletes said that they felt faster when wearing the SpeedGrip™ Sock Liners

I say they:

  • are perfect for low-volume cycling shoes
  • will reduce your feet from slipping around in cycling shoes
  • keep your feet drier than traditional socks
  • are more comfortable than regular cycling socks

storelli cycling socks

Throughout the testing, I became more and more impressed with the capabilities of the sock liner. The socks are extremely lightweight. They will undoubtedly come in handy during a mid-summer 100-mile ride in 90+ degree heat.

Even in mild temperatures, I was surprised by the moisture-wicking capabilities of the sock. Moisture is pulled away from the foot and evaporates in a seemingly instantaneous fashion. The Anti-Microbial capabilities also proved impressive. The sock has solid compression, stays up well in all conditions, and is comfortable during long days in the saddle.

The sock does run a bit small. I wear a medium in most brands and these were a bit snug. However, the sock was able to eliminate an issue I had with my fifth toe in new cycling shoes.

storelli cycling socks

Overall, these sock liners are a recommended purchase from a fairly overlooked segment of the cycling apparel industry.


Clicking on ‘SHOP’, you can see all of their products for Men, Women, Youth and Goalkeeping.

Storelli makes socks, insoles, ‘sliders’ underwear for baseball, gloves, jerseys, undershirts/base layers, leggings, shorts, pants, shin guards, knee guards, arm guards. Lots of great stuff!

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