iPhone Bike Case and Mount Review
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Peak Design Mobile designed an everyday-use magnetic smartphone case that balances protection, slimness, and aesthetics. It’s everything you want in a smartphone case without compromise.


  • It’s one of the most elegant smartphone cases
  • The case is compatible with the Peak Design Mobile Ecosystem
  • The magnetic case mounts effortlessly in seconds
  • It’s compatible with your current MagSafe accessories
  • Portrait and landscape modes are compatible when mounted
  • The left corner of the case allows looping a wrist leash
  • The universal adhesive adapter works with third-party smartphones
  • Access to their online pre-owned products marketplace


  • Only two color options
  • They don’t provide an adequate phone case model guide
  • Its premium price may deter first-time buyers
  • It’s meant more for iOS users
  • Handlebar spacers seem useless
  • The Headlight mount screw needs a specific Allen key
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The Issue At Hand

The state of bicycle phone cases and holders is plenty, yet impractical. The design of the major phone case brands is cluttered and dorky and deprives you of having an accessible phone case for bike riding.

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Peak Design Mobile has created the best bicycle phone case and holder solution. The protective SlimLink is a built-in magnetic locking system featured in their ecosystem that mounts faster and more securely than any other smartphone case and holder.

The Everday iPhone Magnetic Case

The travel bag-focused brand has ventured into the smartphone realm by designing a versatile mobile phone bike case for everyday use that doesn’t impose limitations.

This sleek magnetic phone bike case, compatible with iOS and Android devices, features an elegant and slim design with an added grip on the rear surface made from sustainable materials. It securely attaches to their accessories, remaining firmly in place unless you press the quick-release button.

You can connect the phone case to any Mag Safe accessory, such as wireless chargers, wallets, or car mounts. Gone are the days of needing multiple phone cases, as you can now rely entirely on this innovative phone bike case.


The case’s magnet can be attached to street signs just like you were to use a tripod. The magnetic adherence shouldn’t affect the magnet’s shelf life on any magnetic surface.

In line with their eco-friendly commitment, the official Peak Design second-hand marketplace offers pre-owned accessories for those with budget constraints.

Out-Front Magnetic Bike Phone Case Mount

Moreover, the Out-Front Bike Phone Case Mount can inwardly or outwardly mount to the handlebar resembling a cycling head unit to log your rides or record videos hands-free from your smartphone.

The magnetic bike phone case mount comes with a set of handlebar fitting spacers and a thumbscrew, allowing you to adjust it to your preferred angle without the need for any tools, ensuring a quick and easy installation. Our only concern is to be cautious when securing the thumbscrew to avoid scratching your bike.

Additionally, you can mount action cameras and headlights underneath, provided they are compatible with the GoPro mounting system. We’ve tested the bundle on both paved and off-road paths, and we can confidently assure you that it provides optimal recording stability and visibility without jeopardizing any of the mounted accessories.

The Ecosystem

The Peak Design Mobile ecosystem allows the smartphone case to be compatible with their accessories like the magnetic wallet, tripod, and even the car mount, each sold separately. You can store your credit cards or have a stand to take pictures or answer a video call.

If your smartphone is incompatible with the current case options, you can buy the Universal Adapter that goes on top of your smartphone case to use it with the ecosystem.

The ecosystem magnetic compatibility ensures a quick and seamless approach to their customization. Switching from the magnetic wall mount to the wallet enhances the overall use of your phone, unlike the obstructive off-brand accessories. 


If you log your rides with your smartphone instead of a dedicated head unit, or if you’re a commuter who needs to secure your smartphone, then the Peak Design magnetic smartphone case and mount bundle are ideal.

For a premium price, you unlock numerous mounting options. The case never stops to impress people with its elegant and functional design. Having used a twist-and-lock smartphone case before, I assure you that these locking systems are almost impossible to lock on the first try.

On the other hand, the website doesn’t make it clear to know the indicated phone case for you. Visit your phone manufacturer’s website to find the correct phone case model to save time and money.

In addition, their lack of colors may deter those looking for a case in their favorite color. They only offer Charcoal and Sage color options.

Peak Design Mobile will let you invest in a cycling head unit for a fraction of what an actual setup would cost. It’s reliable and versatile for my daily commute and mild rides when I don’t feel like using my Garmin.

It has become my everyday case, and I don’t see myself turning away from their ecosystem anytime soon, and it’ll certainly do the same for you.

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