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Great company that offers special purpose shoes and insoles. Two types of insoles offered:

  • SLIM: for low volume footwear; cycling
  • FAT: for higher volume shoes; running, work boots, work shoes

US Sizes Offered:
– Men’s: 4-13
– Women’s: 5.5-12

Features: Insoles come in 3 arch heights: low, med, high – all featuring a large metatarsal bump.

How obtained: Sample from company

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  • Low volume that fits extremely well
  • Well thought out design
  • Nylon top layer is durable as well as prevents feet from slipping around
  • EVA foam layer is comfortable without sacrificing performance
  • Deep heel cup ensures foot stays planted
  • Comes in 3 arch heights (low, med, tall)
  • Hard plastic foundation support supports heel, arch, outer foot and forefoot
  • Large metatarsal bump relieves overuse pressure from cycling
  • Second lightest insole in previous test


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Icebug Cycling InsolesLast year, we here at Bike Test Reviews performed a comprehensive insole test rating all cycling specific insoles currently on the market.

When the test was complete, one clear winner emerged – the ICEBUG SLIM insoles for Cycling. The test can be viewed by clicking here, (PART I; PART 2).


So for this Long Term Test Report, I will cover 2 aspects
  • How do these insoles feel and do they really work?
  • How are they holding up to daily use in the rain and the sun?


Before getting too far ahead, let me say that I’ve continued to learn more and more about insoles, specifically cycling insoles, and I truly believe that ICEBUG insoles provide the best bang for the buck.


What About Custom Insoles?

During the custom molding process, the fitter relies on either a ‘pillow’ to help mold the heated insole to the cyclists’ foot, or uses a crushable foam that the cyclist steps into making a 3D impression of the foot that is then sent to a lab.

These processes require the cyclist to stand either on a heated insole which is placed onto a molding pillow, or, step into a box of crushable foam which takes the impression.

The problem with these processes is that normally, a cyclist doesn’t stand much. We do A LOT of sitting, but not too much standing so there appears to be an inherent error built into the custom cycling insole molding process.

Couple this with the fact that many custom insoles start at $250 and go up from there. Go to a podiatrist and you should expect to pay $500-$600 for an insole that is really more geared for a running/walking/golfing shoe than a cycling shoe.


One company that has addressed this issue is Cyclesoles. They use an on-bike insole molding process to specifically mold an insole while the cyclist is in the seated position. In fact, you are actually on your bicycle. It’s recommended to get a bike fit done first and here’s what their website has to say;


Designed specifically to create an insole that works for cycling, the platform puts the cyclist in the power forward position of the pedal stroke. The molding pillow is comprised of a multi-density lay-up, which creates a proper power channel of support for the mid arch to the forefoot. To ensure proper alignment of the talonavicular joint and the knee, we created an alignment wand to fix the knee in the proper position during the molding process, and a pivot plate under the molding pillow which allows us to balance the talonavicular joint.

Certified Foot Technicians can shape the custom molded insole to any thickness and tilt (to adjust for inversion or eversion of the foot) and the Power Plus Platform, which is unique to Cyclesoles™ custom footbeds, provides the insole with enhanced ergonomic arch support, very much like the systems used by orthotists to produce prescription foot orthotics.


Cyclesoles insoles work very well, but again, unless you don’t really need a custom orthotic or don’t want to spend the $250 starting price, thenIcebug Cycling Insoles ICEBUG’s are again the answer.



Icebug Cycling Insoles
As of 6/15/2016, I’ve been using ICEBUG’s for 10 months. It’s been fairly dry in SoCal this past winter so I’ve only had about 6 rides in the wet. During this time, I’ve logged a good 5,000 miles on the ICEBUG’s and about 3,500 combined miles with the other insoles.

So far, the ICEBUG’s have been the most comfortable insoles I have ever used, and that’s right out of the box. Not only that, as you can tell from the pictures, they are holding up very well! ICEBUG got everything right with this design including the extra-large metatarsal bump. Prior to ICEBUG’s, my feet would go numb from time to time. As mentioned in the previous article, this was due to the crushing of some of the nerves and artery that feeds the front part of the foot. Adding the metatarsal bump was ingenious as it solved my numb feet immediately and completely.


So far, not a single complaint. They offer the perfect amount of support, yet have enough cushioning so that you can ride for 6 hours without any foot pain. And, as can be seen by the included pictures, even after 5,000 miles, they are showing very little wear. Yes, they are holding up very well.



I am a USAC certified coach specializing in Power Based Training as well as certified bike fitter. My coaching/fitting company is called BIKE FITNESS COACHING.
My clients come in two distinct groups,Icebug Cycling Insoles
  • Those I do bike fits for and who usually need new insoles. Not only are they using their original 4-5 year-old non-supportive pieces of floppy thin foam, but their insoles have numerous holes worn all the way through.
  • Those that are seeking out a solution for numb feet. Every customer that has purchased ICEBUG’s from me has been extremely satisfied and happy. So far, every customer has reported back with no more numb feet.



ICEBUG’s are indicated in men’s sizing but a women’s equivalent can be found in the sizing chart to the right. For example, if you wear a women’s size 10 you will want to order the men’s size 8 ICEBUG.
Support, Comfort and Performance. Well worth the price. They did everything well and are highly recommended.


The ICEBUG SLIM’s get a 5-star rating!


 Icebug Cycling Insoles