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But, in order to make this work, you will need to pair the camera to your Di2.

It took a little finesse, but here are the steps to make it work.

Just tried it, finally got it to work. Here’s the secret to pairing.
1) Update phone app software (latest 1.3)
2) update camera firmware (latest 1.2)
3) update e-tube project software (latest 2.10)
4) update Di2 components on bike to their latest versions
5) turn on camera and its Wi-fi
6) connect phone to camera Wi-fi
7) bring up camera app on phone and go to settings | pairing sensor setting
8) disconnect di2 battery (on bike) and leave unplugged for 30 seconds
8a) or disconnect/unplug EWW01
9) reconnect battery or eww01
10) shift FD a couple times to make sure di2 is awake
11) slide PAIR Di2 on phone app

That should do it!!!

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Here are the official changes….

Version 1.3.0(2015/7/10)
For even greater ease of use, the following SHIMANO SPORT CAMERA functions have been added or changed:
◦It is now possible to turn on the camera, connect it to a smart phone and change camera settings etc., even when a memory card has not ben inserted.
◦Smart phone application can be used even when the camera’s Wi-Fi is not connected.
◦Wi-Fi with the camera remains connected even when the smart phone application is running in the background.
◦New video modes.
HD (1280 x 720): 60fps/30fps has been added.
WQVGA (640 x 360): 120fps/60fps/30fps has been added.
◦135° as the default angle of view (180° available as an option).
◦Lamp (left) for indicating charging status has been changed.
Version 1.3.0 / Charging in progress: Flashes yellow, Charging complete: Lights up green.
Old version / Charging in progress: Flashes red, Charging complete: Turns off.
Connect wireless unit SM-EWW01 to the camera, and use the remote switch of ST-9070 to start and stop recording.
      Double click right switch: Start recording.
      Double click left switch: Stop recording.
◦Preview videos with audio.
◦New function for calibrating crank-based power meter data.
◦New mirror image mode for Live View.
◦New help manual function.