Cycling is an amazing sport, and one of the best things about it is the bikes. They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are thousands to choose from. In modern times when a bike is released, you don’t often get many color options, and many cyclists take it upon themselves to change the color.

Although an easy way of doing this is to grab a spray can and try doing it yourself, but it doesn’t often end well. The other option is powder coating, and here at BikeTestReviews, we get asked about this a lot. In this article, we are going to be telling you what you need to know.


What is Powder Coating

Powder coating is a great way to change the color of an item. It’s a process similar to paint where you strip it back to its bare metal, and then you can powder coat it for protection or even change another color.

How does it work?

Powder coating has to be done in various stages for the perfect finish and for it to do the job it needs to do. Here’s the basic process.

Step One: Preparation

Typically, you would start by preparing the item, in this case, the frame. It will typically be heavily cleaned or shot blasted with sand to remove any dirt or old paint that might be on it. Any oil or dirt can have a nasty effect later.

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Step Two: Application

The normal way people powder coat is with a specialist spray gun. Typically, many places use an electrostatic powder spray gun, which is used in a similar way to if you were using a paint spraying gun.

Step Three: Application

The final step, and by far the most interesting is after the metal has been powder coated, it needs to be cooked. It goes into an oven at around 400f for about 10 minutes. Once pulled outside, it is left to settle.

Pros and Cons of Powder Coating

Powder coating has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you can expect;


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    The coating is very strong, and it even has a level of flexibility

  • It can be done very quickly compared to painting
  • Environmentally friends and produces low toxic fumes
  • You get amazing colors and finishes
  • It’s typically very cheap to do


  • Requires specialist equipment to do
  • You will struggle to do thin coats
  • Some powder coating can get damaged by UV light
  • Powders can’t be mixed like paints
  • It needs to be baked in an oven

What can be Powder Coated?


In general, most modern metals can be powder coated. The metal needs to be able to hold an electrostatic charge and tolerate high levels of heat for it to work properly without damaging the metal. You also are only going to want to use a tough metal that is in fairly good condition.

There are a lot of different metals that you can use, such as aluminum, and lots of different types of steel, like galvanized, stainless, electroplated, and mild. These are perfect for powder coating, providing they are all in good condition and not rusted or damaged.

What can’t be Powder Coated?

Many materials can’t be powder coated, and it’s not just because it’s not tough enough but because they can’t withstand the heat. Materials like wood, plastic, rubber and anything else with a lower melting point don’t powder coat well.

Should I get my bike frame powder coated?

We think getting your frame powder coated is a great idea. It gives a superb finish and offers a level of protection that paint can’t. The cost would be very high if you wanted to do it yourself, but taking it to a special place that can do it for you would be ideal.

On some bikes, it can be challenging, as some people who powder coat bikes say the smaller gaps can be hard to get into. So frames like full-suspension mountain bikes don’t always finish so well, and the paint doesn’t always stick as it should. An experienced powder coater will be able to tell you beforehand if it will work properly.

How much does Powder Coating cost?

When it comes to getting a frame powder coated the cost massively varies depending on where you are. Some places will charge as little as $50 if they can fit in with other projects, and others will charge as much as $300.


We recommend getting a frame powder coated, providing it is made of aluminum or steel and can withstand the process. It gives the frame a lovely finish and a great amount of protection compared to typical painting.

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