While out on your bike, you should carry everything you need to do some roadside repairs. The best bike saddle bags provide you with the perfect storage solution to hold everything you need to repair a puncture (Multi-tool, innertube/repair kit, tire levers and Co2 canister or mini pump).

Nestled under the seat saddlebags are an excellent way to carry your essentials without getting in the way or being too cumbersome.

Best Bike Saddle Bags

WOTOW Saddle Bag Bicycle Repair Set

WOTOW Saddle Bag Bicycle Repair Set

Best Value for Money

The WOTOW saddle bag is the perfect choice for beginners. This saddle bag comes equipped with everything you need to keep your bike on the road. If you do not already have a multi-tool and puncture repair kit, then getting this all in one solution is a no brainer. You will still need to buy a pump or CO2 canister, as it does not come with anything to reinflate your tire.

The handy 11 in 1 multi-tool includes Allen keys 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm, slotted and Phillips screwdriver, T25 Torx key, and a key attaches hole. The 10 in 1 hexagon wrench with holes size from 6mm to 15mm. This kit includes 2 tire levers and patch kit, 1 Metal rasp, 2 Woods valve rubber bands to help repair a puncture.

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It comes with a quick mount and easy release system using the velcro straps attached to the bottom of your saddle and the seat post. Inside the bag, it has a handy mesh pocket so that you can separate small items such as keys from the main compartment for easy access.

Capacity: 1 L Bike Seat Saddle Bag

Material: 600D Polyester

Product size: Approx. 4 * 3.2 * 5 inch (L*W*H)


  • Great value for money and everything you need to keep you on the road
  • Compact


  • The velcro straps mean that it is relatively easy to remove, but also a bit fiddly to attach to the bottom of the saddle
  • The bag itself is not as high quality as others on the list (but still great value)

SYNCROS Speed 180 Saddle Bag

SYNCROS Speed 180 Saddle Bag
Source: Competitivecyclist.com

Best for Lightweight and Discreet Design

The SYNCROS Speed 180 Saddle Bag is perfect if you are looking to save weight and still carry around the essentials. With a tiny volume of just 0.18L, do not expect to fit too much in this small bag.

However, there is enough space for a spare tube, tire levers, and a couple of CO2 canisters. It has one main compartment, elastic loops for tire levers, and a CO2 cartridge.

Designed for “speed,” as the name suggests, this saddlebag sits snugly under the saddle and is connected via just one strap to the bottom of your saddle.

Capacity: 0.18L

Material: 210D Polyester and Tarpaulin

Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 2 inches


  • Small and compact
  • Relatively cheap for the high-quality feel


  • It is only water-resistant
  • You will struggle to get much else other than a puncture repair kit in

Electra Doodle Saddle Bag

Electra Doodle Saddle Bag
Source: Trekbikes.com

Best for Style and Easy Access

The Electra saddle bag collection has been designed to look good, not just improved aerodynamics. The doodle pattern is one of the most popular. The other designs include multicolored leopard print and reflective charcoal for the more discreet.

It fits directly under the saddle via a velcro strap and is easily accessible. However, this bag has a zip that runs around its side, so be careful that everything does not fall out when you open it up.

This saddlebag is perfect for a hybrid or town bike and is ideal for holding snacks, keys, or other valuables that you want easy access to.

Capacity: 0.18L

Material: 100% Woven Polyester

Dimensions: 16cm (l) x 8cm (w) x7cm (h)


  • Beautiful pattern
  • Easy access to everything in the bag, rather than a small opening like most saddlebags


  • The bright colors and design are not for everyone
  • It is only water-resistant

Lezyne Caddy Saddle Bag

Lezyne Caddy Saddle Bag
Source: Moosejaw.com

Best for Organizing and Quick Access

The Lezyne Caddy Saddle Bag may look a little bulkier than others on this list. However, the separate compartments and ease of access make this an excellent and functional saddlebag.

It has an external, quick-access compartment perfect for a multitool, which saves you from rummaging to the back of the bag (or giving up and emptying the contents in the road). Also, it comes with reflective logos and a loop to help increase visibility at night time.

You will be able to fit everything you need; whether you choose to have the multitool or a chocolate bar in the quick access pocket is up to you! Due to the extra deep design and velcro fitting, if you are used to throwing your bike around, this bag’s movement might get on your nerves.

Capacity: 0.5L

Material: Woven nylon construction

Dimensions: 5.1 x 2 x 3.1 in.


  • Great for keeping your tools and valuables separate
  • Durable and high-quality materials and zip


  • As it is deep and only secure with a velcro strap. It can wobble from side to side mid-ride

ORTLIEB Micro Two Saddle Bag

ORTLIEB Micro Two Saddle Bag
Source: Competitivecyclist.com

Best All-Rounder

Ortlieb is renowned for its high-quality waterproof bags. They have not disappointed with this aptly named micro saddlebag. The roll-top closure keeps water out, and this little saddle bag has a waterproof rating of IPX6. Perfect if you get caught out in the rain and need to keep your valuables dry.

This saddle bag comes in either light green, signal red, or black. These all have reflective strips that will catch any passing motorist’s eye in low visibility conditions.

The fixing plate on this saddlebag mounts to the saddle rails for a secure fit, resulting in less movement than the others on this list that are secured with velcro straps.

Capacity: 0.5L, 0.8L

Material: rip-stop nylon, PU-coated

Dimensions: [0.5L] 2.8 x 4.7 x 4.7in [0.8L] 3.5 x 4.7 x 5.5in


  • High-quality waterproof material
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Hi-visibility material and reflective strips
  • Very secure fit and easily removable


  • Only one compartment

Buyers Guide

Size Matters

You are not buying a saddlebag to fit your worldly belongings. A saddlebag is designed to hold all the essentials you need on your bike ride, negating the need for you to take a backpack or overstuff your jersey pockets.

The smallest on the list, the SYNCROS Speed 180 Saddle Bag holds the bare essentials and nothing else. You will even struggle to fit a hand pump in there. Realistically you need a saddle bag that has a capacity of 0.5L or above if you are not too concerned by the negligible additional weight.

If you need more space, then you could invest in this monster of a saddle pack, the ORTLIEB – Seat Pack Saddle Bag. This bag is designed to carry everything you need for a cycle tour instead of a day ride.  It has not appeared on the list because saddle bags are designed to be discrete and easy access storage solutions for your essentials.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Nestled under your bum, you would think that your saddlebag is safe against the elements. Although this is true to some extent, water has a nasty habit of getting into places you do not want it to. If you do not have a mudguard installed, the spray from a wet road will constantly be flicked up and hit your saddlebag.

Water-resistant bags will not keep your belongings safe and dry. However, the importance of getting a 100% waterproof saddle bag depends on what you intend to keep in it; If you are only planning to keep your multitool and puncture repair kit, it does not matter too much if they get a little wet. If you want to keep your phone and wallet dry, you should get a 100% waterproof saddle bag with a minimum IPX5 rating.

IP stands for “ingress protection,” and the higher the number, the better the product is at preventing water ingress. IPX5 and above materials and products are perfect for withstanding heavy rainfall.

ORTLIEB Micro Two Saddle Bags material and rolltop opening will keep your belongings 100% dry!

Saddlebag Attachment

Some people fall into the trap of thinking because saddle bags with unique patent-pending fitments are more expensive, they are more secure and safe than the more popular velcro straps.

There is a reason that velcro straps are so popular for saddle bags. Due to saddle bags small capacity and minimal weight (even when fully loaded), velcro straps are more than strong enough to keep the bags in place without the risk of them falling off mid-ride.

You should not get too hooked up on the attachment mechanism. Velcro straps are sturdy, easy to remove, and much more lightweight than a complicated plastic contraption bolted to the bottom of your saddle.


Why do I need a Saddle Bag?

Saddle bags are convenient and discreet ways of taking your essentials with you on your bike ride. Even if you carry a backpack with you, a saddle bag is ideal for separating greasy tools and puncture repair kits from your clothes and belongings in your backpack.

What is the difference between a saddle bag and a saddle pack?

This list includes the best saddle bags – characterized by their compact and discrete size.

However, if you are looking for a large storage solution to fit on the back of your bike (without the need to install a pannier rack), you should look at saddle packs. They have a much larger capacity. Here a few of the best ones on the market:

ORTLIEB – Seat Pack Saddle Bag

  • 100% Water Proof
  • Boasting a capacity of 16.5L (with the option to reduce the size using the straps that keep the pack compact)

Lixada Bicycle Saddle Bag

  • Water Resistant (with four waterproof zip pockets for valuables)
  • 10L capacity. With the addition of Bungee strings on the top, to strap additional items on the outside of the pack


Although it may not be top of the list for your next upgrade, buying high quality and durable saddle bag is an investment that you will not regret. Once you have bought one, you will realize how convenient they are and no longer question why so many cyclists have a little bag dangling under their seat!

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