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Highly Reflective, almost blinding when hit with a flashlight. High quality construction. Waterproof. This product really works!

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  • Mens REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket (XL)
  • REFLECT360 Backpack Cover


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Source: PRO NET CYCLING webstore

Made In: China

Features: 360° Highly Reflective Visibility, zippered air vents, large rear pocket.

Dimensions: XL=Standard USA XL

Weight: Mid-Lightweight Jacket


  • CEENA71 360° visibility Reflective
  • Material.
  • Can be seen over1/4 mile (1320 feet, 402 meters) away
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Built in air vents,
  • Adjustable waistband and Velcro® cuffs,
  • Seam Sealed
  • Machine washable


  • So far no downside
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PROVIZ, a company located in Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom, started in 2009 with a passion to design and 6adevelop affordable visibly bright and reflective cycling clothing and accessories.

Due to the lack of light-reflective clothing available for cycling, motorcycling and runners, PROVIZ has developed a number of unique, high visibility products that are at another level altogether.

Today, PROVIZ continues to grow their product range in new application specific markets by introducing light reflective jackets and vests, motorcycle jackets, a complete kids line, light emitting accessories and even reflective helmets.

This review will concentrate on the REFLECT360 cycling jacket and REFLECT360 backpack cover.


REFLECT360 is a super-reflective technology designed as the super reflective stripes on safety vests for public works agencies and construction workers. 3M™, a US-based company, offers a similar technology called Scotchlite™. I say 471Boxtechnology since it can be built into almost any fabric. 3M™ Scotchlite™ 8910 is available in larger sizes such as 1270mm (50”) x 100m (100 yards) sizing. 3M™ builds to a US ANSI/ISEA standard and PROVIZ builds to a European standard CE EN471. Both companies solutions are highly reflective and can be seen at great distances in the dark.

SUGOI has recently announced a new reflective product collection called ZAP, which includes jackets whose fabric is comprised of only 25% micro-glass reflective bead coverage which makes this product not nearly as bright as the REFLECT360 line of products. Two other offerings are currently available called illumiNITE and Reflec illumiNITE but are far less reflective than SUGOI’s ZAP. Nike is also making a reflective jacket (lower half is reflective) and is a recent addition to their line.

As of this writing, I could not find any other manufacturer making active-wear clothing from 100% reflective fabric. Every other manufacturer who claims that they make reflective active-wear does so by using only a few strips of 100% reflective material sewn over a day glow yellow, lime, or orange base material. Minimally adequate at best for being seen at night.

NOTE: REFLECT360 is NOT CE EN417 certified. This is because EN417 requires the article of clothing to stand out in daytime and nighttime. To be EN471 compliant, the clothing needs to be predominately made from a fluorescent 5or day glow base material with reflective strips sewn over the top. See images to the right. The vest in the middle is EN471 certified, the other two are not.

Is this a bad thing? Actually no. Riding at dusk or night, I would rather have the entire jacket made from this highly reflective material than just a couple of reflective strips sewn over a day glow yellow material. Remember, a car CANNOT see day glow at night but they CAN see REFELCT360!


As a motorcycle enthusiast and commuter myself, about four years ago I had the same idea for a backpack (see photos of my prototype backpack to the right). A motorcycle specific backpack was a natural follow on product to the IMG_4082backpack that I designed and built for the US Navy EOD and Special Operations forces.

I bet you also didn’t know that I designed and built the US Navy SEALS non-magnetic highly-alloyed titanium multi-purpose knife! As an engineer and designer, I am always looking at what can be built and if something is built, how can it be built better.

When commuting by motorcycle, everything you need to take with you has to be put somewhere and the best place is inside a backpack. The problem is that when wearing a backpack, everything underneath it is covered, including any reflective clothing. What’s needed for maximum conspicuity is both a reflective jacket AND a reflective backpack or backpack cover. And that is exactly the high quality products that PROVIZ makes!

THE HURT (motorcycle accident) REPORT

The HURT REPORT analyzed 900+ motorcycle accidents summarizing the findings into a 55-point list which lists types, causes and contributing factors of accidents. Bicyclists will NOT want to skip over this section. Causes and types list whether the accident was a motorcycle & vehicle, or a solo motorcycle, was there oil in the road, was weather a factor, etc.

As for the motorcyclist, 6 of the 55 points deal with conspicuity – the fact that the driver of the car could not see the motorcyclist. Eight of the 55 points deal with (a) either one or both involved were driving impaired, or (b) the motorcyclist being young and inexperienced – 16 to 24 years old, little to no formal training, and less than 5 months or riding. Lastly, 12 of the 55 points discuss the fact that motorcyclists wearing safety equipment (certified helmets, protective jackets, pants, gloves, boots) fared much better than those who did not.

Fast forward to 2014. Over the past 10 years of commuting by motorcycle, my first hand experiences seeing others crashing around me boils down to 2 points, (1) the motorcyclist is going way too fast splitting cars, clips a side mirror and crashes hard, and (2) the driver of the car didn’t see the motorcyclist.

Point 1 above can be addressed and solved through better training and education.
Point 2 can be addressed by wearing day glow + reflective clothing during the daytime and 100% reflective clothing during dusk and dark hours. The PROVIZ REFLECT360 jacket and backpack cover is the perfect solution for commuting during dusk and dark.


What bicyclists can take away from this is (a) not to ride over your ability, hold your line, pick safe routes, always wear your helmet, and (b) wear bright colored clothing during daytime riding and reflective clothing during dusk and dark – along with a powerful headlight and taillight.


ReflectionThe science behind REFLECT360 is called RETROREFLECTION which occurs when any device reflects light back to its source.retroreflective-diagram-N

Currently, there are two techniques for implementing retroreflection. The first is building micro-prisms into the base material you want to reflect light. This technique is used for example, in street signs where the designed angle of these micro-prisms can be modified so that they reflect light back to the drivers line of sight versus the light source which is the headlights. {Images courtesy of 3M and Safety Signs.}

The second technique is placing micro glass beads into the fabric. This is the most common technique when building soft articles such as clothing. The incoming light is reflected directly back to the source.


The REFLECT360 cycling jacket is the world’s first cycling specific jacket designed using a 100% reflective outer-shell. During daytime, the jacket color is dull gray and will still reflect any light shined its way, but, at night, when hit by headlights, BAM, it lights up like it’s DAYTIME – Yes, it really is that bright!

The jacket’s outer shell is made up of micro glass beads which in no way hinder any movement. I would put the jacket 1into the lightweight category (XL=1.4lb. / 22.5oz / 640g) with warmth that you would get from a medium weight jacket.

The outer shell is very soft and the inside is a nylon mesh material ensuring that you don’t stick to the inside of the jacket. Although Proviz claims that it is waterproof, I would say water resistant.

It will keep out rain for quite awhile, but, on a long and wet commute, it will start letting water in through the unprotected zippered area. As can be seen from the photo to the right, the rear of the jacket is extended to protect against rear wheel spray.

There are multiple vents – the main zippered front, another large one that reaches all the way across the upper back and a zippered vent under each arm. The internal mesh coupled with the vents ensure that you also don’t overheat. But, when the vents are closed, you will stay plenty warm, especially when exercising. And, saving the best for last, it’s machine washable!

Rounding out the features are 2 zippered chest pockets plus an additional inside chest pocket, a large rear zippered pocket for larger storage, 2 pull tabs to keep the bottom of the jacket tight to the body and Velcro™ wrist fasteners.

The cut of the jacket is meant more for a cycling commuter, runner, outdoor activities and can even be easily worn over a motorcycle jacket.


The jacket is available in the following sizes – Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large. I received an XL. If you do any cycling, you know that there is European XL, and then there is American XL. European sizing tends to run much smaller than US sizing.

I usually wear a Large jersey so I thought that an XL Jacket, especially European XL would probably fit snug. When the jacket arrived, I was pleased to see that the cut is actually American XL. Ample room for wearing over clothing and/or even a leather motorcycle jacket. So when you order your jacket, note that it will fit like American sizing and not European.




Proviz makes many other Cycling products including Helmets, Bags, Backpacks, Jackets, Pants, Vests, Shirts, Gloves, 2bSocks, Shoe Covers, Shorts, Bike Lights, as well as other items for running, Motorcycling and Horse Riding. They also make many items in kids sizes. Check them out at


As mentioned above, a backpack will cover up everything on the backside of a jacket. So it’s an absolute necessity for the backpack to have retroreflective properties and, for those who already have a backpack, the REFLECT360 backpack cover is the perfect solution.

At less than 1/2 the price of a REFLECT360 backpack, it is not only cost effective, but lights up the night just like the backpack does.

This cover is dual layered. The outer shell is made entirely of the REFLECT360 material, the other layer is a waterproof nylon which will  help keep the backpack and its contents dry. It will fit over any backup up to a size Large using 2 elastic strips of material and snap fasteners. On the outside is a small loop where a rear facing light can be attached.

This too is a MUST HAVE product if you do any bicycle or motorcycle commuting.


This unique product really works and, is very affordable. I highly recommend these high quality products.

PICTURES OF JACKET FROM 1/4 MILE AWAY (402 meters, 1,320 feet)WO2

PROVIZ states that the REFLECT360 jacket can be seen up to 1/4 mile away. Sounds like a long way to me, too good to be true? I decided to test this.

SETUP: My daughter and I drove down the block to Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California. I wanted an unobstructed 1/4 mile long flat area where I could test this claim. My daughter used her cell phone camera and a strong flashlight (3W LED ‘Spotlight’) taking a before picture with the flashlight pointing down and an after picture with the flashlight pointing directly at the jacket.

While she was setting up, I drove to a bridge 1/4 mile away and climbed the three sets of stairs to the top. To the left and right of me is a set of dual-bulbed fluorescent lights which you can see in the distance.

In the unzoomed photo to the right, a red arrow points directly to where I am standing, the lights can be seen to either side. Notice that I don’t show up in the photo since my daughter is pointing the flashlight towards the ground.

The below shows two zoomed in pictures of the jacket with flashlight pointed down and flashlight pointed up at the jacket. The red arrow again shows where I am standing. With the flashlight pointed up and at the jacket, it can be clearly seen to reflect the light of a 3W LED flashlight from 1/4 mile away!

When PROVIZ states 100% retroreflective, it really is!!!