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Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Product Tested: Posà work station
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Features: Stable, sturdy, adjustable anti-slip work station.


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  • Been looking for something like this for a long time.
  • Ultra-sturdy, easily holds a large 6-pound laptop
  • 2 angle adjustments guarantee that the stand is in the perfect position
  • Compact and easily portable


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ELITE Posà Workstand is a rubber insulated steel work station that can easily hold a full-sized laptop, a tablet, notebook or smartphone and has Bike Coaching Bike Sizing Bike Fitting ELITE POSAgot to be one of the best ideas since sliced bread!


A rubber pad on top protects your device from scratches and also doubles as a non-slip surface. The rubber piece covering the base helps keep the Posà from slipping and sliding. With its steel construction, the Elite Posà Workstand is very stable and very sturdy. Even my old 6-pound (2.72kg) laptop couldn’t deflect the Posà. The Posà weighs about 9.5 lbs. (4.31kg) with a standing height of about 40” (101.6cm). Most of the weight is at the base.

In fact, the balance point is only 14” (35.56cm) from the base, which is 13” (33.02cm) square and the top is 10” x 12” (25.4cm x 30.48cm). Two fully rotatable injection molded pieces secure to each end of the main support pole allowing the stand to be placed in virtually any position. When not in use, the Posà can be easily moved, folded and stored.

I’m a USAC level 2 coach as well as an experienced bike fitter and have recently acquired a Serotta Size Cycle to help my clients with bike sizing and bike fitting. When I received the Size Cycle, it had a busted Minoura load motor. I called Minoura to see if they had anything that would bolt on and they said “sorry, we don’t have anything that will work.” So, I picked up a Computrainer load generator and fabricated my own adapter bracket.

The size cycle also sports a set of Vari-Cranks and a Vari-Stem which is perfect for my bike sizing, bike fitting and coaching purposes. I have since purchased a set of (electrical) cables from Racermate that allow me to interface the Computrainer load generator to a PC. I already have a laptop running SpinScan but, until now, I had no place to set the laptop so the client could watch their pedaling.


The perfect solution. I position my Elite Posà Workstand directly in front of the Size Cycle and set my old 6-pound full-size laptop on top of the Posà. The Computrainer is connected to the laptop and via the laptops wireless capability talks to the wireless router which gets it out to the Internet.

So, when I am working on bike sizing with a client, I can easily bring up the manufacturers geometry chart(s) and configure the Size Cycle with the exact seat tube angle, and stack and reach that the client is interested in evaluating.
Going further, I then look up the specifications so I can set the crank arm length, handlebar width and stem specifics including spacers. When the client climbs onto the Size Cycle, they can rest assured that the Size Cycle represents the exact bike they are considering purchasing.

ASIDE: In my opinion, bike sizing is the most important part of the total bike purchasing experience and is where local bike shops will drop the ball which completely lets down the client.Bike Coaching Bike Sizing Bike Fitting ELITE POSA

In this specific case, I am working directly with a progressive local bike shop that views the client as #1. For example, this LBS does not have a bike sizing program so they started sending their clients to me to make sure the client is completely satisfied with their bike buying experience.

This client was in the process of purchasing a 2017 Trek Domane but didn’t know if he needed a 54cm or a 56cm. He wanted to make sure that he was getting the right-size frame before plunking down $6,500. After completing an initial assessment, I measured his flexibility then dialed in a 54cm Trek Domane into the Size Cycle. After an adjustment to the seatpost, it was a perfect fit. A nice flat back and he felt very comfortable and relaxed on the bike. In fact, he was so happy with how he was treated and supported by the LBS that he ended up buying a 2017 Trek Émonda as well!

The Posà helped with this process by allowing the laptop to be at fingers distance from the bike sizing activity. The client could watch the process proceed via the camera output on the laptop’s screen.

For bike fitting, I load Pandora into a browser and have some classic rock playing softly in the background. This helps the client relax. So far, everyone loves this nice touch. I split the laptops’ screen in half with SpinScan on the left side while the right side is running the output of my 120-fps video camera into motion capture software. Angle measurements are highlighted and marked and with the Posà, everything is right in front of the client. They can see how they are pedaling and how a bike fit allows them to pedal more efficiently and at a higher wattage.


The Elite Posà Workstand is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s a fantastic addition to bike sizing, bike fitting and especially when using a trainer. With the Posà you don’t need to have the trainer near a television, just put the Posà in front of you wherever you are, power up the laptop and watch your favorite training video, DVD or TV show.

A truly necessary product if you spend any time on a trainer.

A true 5/5 star rating!